Survey Asks Who Poses Biggest Threat to iPad – Answer Is Nobody or the iPad Mini

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Tablet Purchase Plans

The latest Changewave survey of consumers on tablet demand shows the iPad is still the device that nearly 3/4 of users plan to buy, and no other tablet is even close. As you can see in the chart above, 73% of respondents list the iPad as the tablet they plan on buying.

Coming in a distant second is the Amazon Kindle Fire at just 8%. The Samsung Galaxy Tab is in third place, with just 6%. The Blackberry PlayBook doesn’t even merit a mention or a spot on the chart. Windows 8 tablets don’t either.

Another part of the survey that reinforces just how dominant the iPad appears to be in this sort of mindshare area is a question about a possible iPad Mini. Changewave offered respondents a likely description of the iPad Mini and asked whether they would plan to buy one for themselves or someone else (e.g. a family member) – 3% said they were very likely and 14% said they were somewhat likely.

So, for now it looks as if an alternative iPad model might offer stiffer competition than any rival tablet.

The survey also highlights at least one reason for the iPad’s success and continuing popularity – the customer satisfaction ratings for it are easily lapping the field as well.

Tablet Satisfaction Ratings

No fewer than 81% o new iPad 3 users said they are very satisfied. The iPad 2 had the second best ratings, at 71%. The Galaxy Tab was third, with just 46% – and the Kindle Fire was all the way down at 41%. The Kindle Fire also had 3% of respondents say they are very unsatisfied with it – not a huge number, but still notable given that both iPads and the Galaxy Tab scored 0% here.

The whole survey makes for a good read, unless you’re a rival tablet maker – check it out here:

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One thought on “Survey Asks Who Poses Biggest Threat to iPad – Answer Is Nobody or the iPad Mini”

  1. WHY can’t we ALL just get along? David slew Goliath with the Power of God. The iPad is NOT Goliath. It does what it does BEST because IT is not MOCKING or COPYING anyone. Lady GaGa thinks she is original, but I know Madonna, Janet Jackson, Weid Al Yankovic, Enya, Marilyn Manson, Missy Elliott and more that have done.

    My point, do your own thing, but put some “UMPH” in it. No mere tablet could DARE compare to the iPad. Because it is NOT a tablet, it is a MULTI-TOOL! And it integrates GREAT with other products. Earphones and HDTVs to be more exact. ;)

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