Survey Says: Amazon Tablet Already Looking Like a Good iPad Rival

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A recent Retrevo survey of potential tablet buyers and those planning to buy a tablet found Amazon to be the Number 1 manufacturer amongst Apple rivals. When asked which manufacturer they would seriously consider buying a tablet from, a whopping 55% of responders said Amazon. Samsung and Dell were a distant second at 38%, and RIM scored a paltry 24%.

Amazon is a very strong and very well thought of brand, so that result doesn’t seem shocking to me; rather it’s a bit of further evidence that if they can bring out a good device they may immediately become the iPad’s first worthwhile rival.

A few other bits that caught my eye in the survey results:

This question strongly suggests that buyers don’t see Android tablets being attractive at anything like the same price as an iPad:

iPad Vs. Android – Retrevo Asked: Would you consider buying an Android tablet with similar features over a base model $499 iPad?
– 79% of people would if it cost less than $250
– 48% of people would if it cost less than $300
– 31% of people would if it cost less than $400

iPad is still the clear leader in the minds of those who are planning to buy a tablet”

What are people planning to buy? Of people planning on buying a tablet this year:
– 50% said they were planning on buying an iPad
– 21%  said they were planning on buying an Android Tablet
– 10%  said they were planning on buying some other kind of tablet
– 19%  said they were planning on buying more than one of these choices

Here’s the one result that I find very surprising. Those who are planning to buy list low price as the most important feature for the tablet they’ll buy. I think the last 15 months have clearly shown that people want to buy iPads more than tablets.

Features – Of people buying tablets, the feature that they found "most important" in the next tablet they buy was:
48% Said low price
28% Said high resolution display
20% Said better input features like keyboards, speech recognition, etc.

And here’s the info on the survey itself:

The Retrevo Pulse is an ongoing study of tech industry trends conducted for the consumer electronics shopping and review site, The data for this report came from a study of online individuals conducted exclusively for Retrevo in June of 2011, by an independent panel. The sample size was over 1,000 distributed across gender, age, income and location in the United States.

What do you all think of these results? Is Amazon the frontrunner when it comes to rival tablets? Is low price anything like the biggest factor when buying a tablet?

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3 thoughts on “Survey Says: Amazon Tablet Already Looking Like a Good iPad Rival”

  1. Amazon is probably one of the few companies that can rival apple in respect to the amount of credit cards on file and one click buying.

      1. Same here. To me, Amazon Prime is one of the best things to ever happen to online shopping.

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