The Darkest Lie: the First Published Novel Written Entirely on an iPad

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The Darkest Lie

Here’s a big poke in the eye for all those who still claim the iPad is just a ‘consumption’ device: a novel written entirely on an iPad. It’s called ‘The Darkest Lie’ and its author is Angela Day.

Angela was kind enough to email me and let me know about the new book and its Kindle edition yesterday. I have to admit I was initially interested purely because of the written on an iPad angle – but once I read the first paragraph of the Prologue I was hooked by the writing and the story. I got through a couple chapters last night and I’m finding it a very exciting page-turner so far.

It’s also very hard not to love the backstory for this novel that Angela shared with me:

My iPad made my lifelong dream possible for me in a way that no other device could have. I’ve always wanted to be a novelist. By always, I mean it was a clear goal by the time I was 7 years old and my passion has only increased. But life was too busy for me- in college I was double majoring and we had a surprise pregnancy 6 weeks after I got married. Two children and a teaching job later, my passion has never dimmed but my time is all used up.

Getting the iPad and putting Pages on it changed everything for me. The iPad is portable, more so than even my 10″ netbook was. It doesn’t click when I type on it so I never had to worry about making noise or interrupting during a boring PTO meeting. It boots literally at the push of a button, so I could write a few sentences in line at the grocery store or waiting in the parking lot to pick up my kids. I typed everywhere. During my kids lessons, waiting in line, one handed while making dinner- internet research, spell checking, iCloud backups, everything I needed to finally write a novel in one device I could carry in my purse.

My novel, “The Darkest Lie,” came out for Kindle yesterday ( and is coming out in print on Wednesday, November 14th. It’s the first published novel in the world to be written entirely on an iPad. And it never would have gotten written without one.

Great stuff. A great achievement to have published that novel and made her dream come true. If the first couple chapters are anything to go by, I think the novel may stand out in its own right – not just as ‘the one written on an iPad., but as a heck of a good read.

Here’s the plot summary for The Darkest Lie:

15 year old Thane feels like he doesn’t belong in his own life. He isn’t good at anything, really, and sometimes all he wants to do is disappear. Then he meets Remi, an energetic girl who decides to be his friend and bring him out of the shadows of his own life. Being her friend means being noticed, and suddenly everyone is paying attention. His chemistry teacher might be trying to kill him and a secret organization is trying to recruit him.

Thane discovers nothing about him is as ordinary as he thought, including his ability to hear the music of the universe and manipulate the strings that hold it all together. But it all comes with a price. When Remi’s life and the world of the Shae are threatened, Thane has to decide whether he has the power to withstand the leviathan inside and if his song is enough to save them all.

The only burden he carries is the fate of all worlds.

The book is available now in the Kindle Store, priced at $8.99 – check it out if you have a chance.

Congratulations to Angela for making that dream happen, and for getting it done on an iPad.

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4 thoughts on “The Darkest Lie: the First Published Novel Written Entirely on an iPad”

  1. Just checked the store in iBook, ( much rather read a book in iBook than on the kindle app on me IPad ), and there is a book with this books name, but NOT the same author. Just a wee bit o’ warnin’ to all the good folk reading this site. I almost gleefully hit, Buy this book, before I checked authors. Guess I’ll just have to wait until iBooks adds it, oooooor I’ll go buy a kindle version, to read on the new mini when it finally gets here.

  2. Wonderful, inspiring story! Just bought the book from Amazon’s Kindle store — looking forward to reading it. Thanx for the tip!

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