The iPad’s Role in the Super Bowl

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The Super Bowl is coming up this Sunday, the two teams are already in New Jersey, and the iPad is already playing its part in preparation for the big game.

As Peter King reported at SI’s MMQB yesterday, the Broncos head coach, John Fox, has some suggestions for players on how to use their time on their long road trips to practice fields this week (emphasis mine):

He’s going to encourage his players to do homework on the trips. All players have team-issued tablets with scouting tape, and he’ll tell them that because so many of them haven’t played the Seahawks in a game that counts (Denver and Seattle have met once in the regular season in the last seven years, and not since 1983 in a playoff game; more on that below), they should use the time on the commutes to and from Florham Park wisely.

The Broncos adopted the iPad as their playbook in the lead-in to the 2013 NFL season – so I woul imagine that’s the tablet being referred to above.

The Seahawks may well be using iPads for some of the same purposes as the Broncos, as they were amongst a large group of teams reported to be planning to use the iPad in the run-up to the 2012 NFL season.

So there you have it. Whoever wins on Sunday, the real MVP will be the iPad – not Peyton Manning or Richard Sherman or any of their teammates. :) 

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