The iPhone 6 Plus As An iPad Alternative

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iPhone 6 Plus

Right now my iPhone is charging on my dock, and my iPad Air is beside it, charging on the desk. That’s two devices, two chargers, two Lightning cables, and two AC slots taken up. I also tend to upgrade my iPhone and iPad every two years, so I’ll likely be making two large purchases in the Fall of ’15.

It’s this kind of setup that could be simplified by a single mobile device, and that’s why I think the iPhone 6 Plus comes at an interesting time. Despite my initial reaction to the very first Galaxy Note, Phablets are a thing, and there actually might be some great use cases around them.

The 5.5” screen on the 6 Plus isn’t terribly far off from the iPad Mini’s 7.9” screen. For users, like my sister, who really just want to be able to browse enough of the web while away from home, a single device with a very large screen will likely do the trick and keep her happy. I also find it interesting how Apple is blending elements of the iPad and iPhone in the 6 Plus, as shown in the split-screen Mail and iMessage apps. Then there’s the financial fact that one device keeps you on a single easy upgrade cycle: one new phone every two years, and nothing more.

iPhone 6 Plus Mail split screen

As for me, I still like the idea of a larger iPad screen and a more portable and pocketable iPhone. The iPhone is easier and safer to use on public transport, and the iPad is far more fun to write on at cafes. Comics are just legible enough on an iPad mini’s screen, but they’re awesome on an iPad Air. I’m happily going to keep my current combo until next year, but I’m really interested to see how many potential iPad buyers — or even current iPad owners — decide on an iPhone 6 Plus over owning a smartphone and iPad.

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2 thoughts on “The iPhone 6 Plus As An iPad Alternative”

  1. I think te iOS 8 handoff features are going to be a great thing for iPhone users who also have iPads. The ability to make a call from the iPad through the iPhone (as long as you are on the same wireless network) is an incredible feature – and I’ve not seen anything like it on the Android side. My iPhone can be anywhere in the house and I can make and answer my calls. So when it comes to screen size – it can help people mix and match what might better fit their lifestyles. Your sister might be willing to sacrifice screen size on the iPhone, while having a bigger iPad screen. It’s all about giving everyone something that fits their own niche. For me – the smaller screen on the phone is fine while I’m out and about, and I use my iPad most of the time at home. See what I’m getting at?

  2. As an owner of the Galaxy Note 3 and an iPad 3, I have some advice for you.

    Firstly, you SHOULD get the iPhone 6 Plus. I previously owned an iPhone 4S and can say that I LOVE the larger screen. I struggled with accessories when I wanted to go jogging, but eventually I found something that let me do sports with the large device.

    Secondly, don’t try to replace your iPad with a phablet. The size really makes a difference when browsing/tweeting/playing etc. I expect that the iPad Pro will be released and people will love it as much as they love the Surface from M$.

    If you can get by without trading in your iPad for the iP6+, wait and see. If you find it doesn’t fill in the gap, consider “paying it forward”. You might just make someone’s life better by giving them an iPad you don’t want. :)

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