There’s Nothing Cryptic About Apple’s March 25th Event Invite

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Apple usually gives us some hints as to what’s coming on their event invites, pointing the way to what’s right around the corner. Sometimes they are very subtle hints that spark interesting theories and discussion. This time around, not so much.

There have been rumors for over a month that Apple will be announcing their subscription video streaming service at this event. With a tagline like “It’s show time,” I don’t think we have to  guess about that anymore. Now the only mysteries is what that service will look like and cost, and then what else will be on the agenda two weeks from today.

The other long running rumor has been a subscription-based News service based on Apple’s acquisition of Texture last year. This could include multiple magazines and content from other paid subscription news outlets, such as national newspapers and other periodicals. Considering the consistency of the rumors and that Apple usually does something with their acquired products and technologies about a year after purchase, a News announcement seems like pretty safe bet for this event, as well.

That is where certainty ends. These two services could be all that we get on the 29th. If that is the case, it will interesting to see how Apple presents them and how long the event is. The only other subscription service that has been mentioned this year is gaming, but that one popped up back in January and hasn’t been repeated since. This leads me to believe that a gaming subscription is either a future offering or was considered by Apple and then abandoned.

Another possibility that hasn’t been specifically rumored but would really make sense would be the announcement of a subscription bundle to go with these new services. As an Apple users who already subscribes to an iCloud data plan and Apple Music, I would certainly appreciate a price break for taking on two more and I am very sure that I’m not alone in that. I also take advantage of Apple’s iPhone Upgrade Program, and would love it they gave a little extra credit for that. I think if a bundle of some kind isn’t announced, Apple will deservedly take some criticism for it.

So what about hardware? Unfortunately, nothing that’s been rumored or reported lately leads me to believe that any of Apple’s coming hardware will grace the stage on the 25th. I think the best we can hope for is that Apple announces a new iPad, iPad Mini, AirPods and AirPower either Friday the 22nd or the morning of the 25th before the event. The earlier the better. If something hasn’t happened by the end of the event, then it will be anyone’s guess when new hardware will finally drop.

However it shakes out, we will have lots of new Apple goodies in just two weeks. Apple’s March event will take place in the Steve Jobs Theater on the Apple Park campus at 10 AM Pacific (11 AM Mountain, 12 PM Central, 1 PM Eastern) on Monday, March 25th. The event will be streamed live here.


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