THIS Is What Makes the iPad Magical & Revolutionary

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Judy Miles and the iPad

Photo Credit: Emily Spartz, Gannett

USA Today has a story up today that offers a perfect illustration of when the iPad lives up to its ‘magical revolutionary’ billing, that Steve Jobs gave it when first unveiling it back in 2010.

The article is about a strong, brave lady called Judy Miles, who was hit and run over by a pickup truck in March of 2011. She suffered horrific injuries and died on the operating table – twice. Yet she survived and is around now, lives at a rehab center, and has clear goals for her recovery that include walking more and speaking again.

And the iPad is an essential part of her rehab:

The device allows her to do something as ordinary as order her own coffee. It’s a simple act, but liberating to Miles and others who use assistive devices in their daily lives.

"I felt very excited and relieved at the same time. I finally have a way to talk," Miles says via iPad. "It has improved my life in many ways such as being able to pick out my clothes in the morning and being able to do simple things such as saying ‘hi’ to a friend."

We can all admire the retina display, the latest mega iPad game, or a superb new productivity app – but it’s things like Judy Miles’ story and the incredible impact the iPad is having with autistic children that show what a truly amazing device it can be.

If you want a feel-good read for Easter Sunday, check out USA Today’s article about the iPad and Judy Miles here:

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