Tim Cook Talks Tablets at AllThingsD Conference

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Tim Cook did a lengthy interview at AllThingsD’s D10 conference last night, and of course he had lots of interesting things to say about many of Apple’s leading products. He had plenty of interesting things to say on the subject of tablets as well.

When Walt Mossberg asks him about Windows tablets due out later this year and mentions how Micosoft’s vision of them is as a sort of continuum from the PC – and that some of them will be ‘just tablets’, some will be clamshell from, some will turn around to make them a tablet, Cook responds that in his view the tablet and the PC are different and adds:

You can do things with the tablet if you’re not encumbered by the legacy of the PC, if you view it as different.

He also mentions that if you pull over too much of the ‘leg weight’ of the PC market then maybe you end up with something not too far off the tablet of ten years ago. And of course that’s the sort of tablet that never gained any traction with users and never had any great market impact.

Cook also talks about how Apple did not invent the tablet – but quickly adds ‘”We invented the modern tablet”.

The whole video is well worth watching, and I think Cook’s points are very well made, and to me suggest that Microsoft still doesn’t really ‘get’ the tablet arena they’re about to enter.

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