Two New iPad TV Ads: ‘Alive’ and ‘Together’

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Apple has released tow new TV ads for the iPad over this past weekend. They’re called ‘Alive’ and ‘Together’ – and on YouTube both carry this strapline:

With over 300,000 apps, iPad is up for anything you are.

Both ads are quite different to all the previous iPad ads I’ve seen. They features a rapid-fire display of keywords on a plain white screen, and a focus in on 3 words per ad. Each of the highlighted words is accompanied by a series of sort of app action clips that represent the word. So, for instance, in the Together ad the word ‘wild’ is represented with an Oscar Wilde title being opened in iBooks and a dinosaur crashing against the glass of its enclosure in the Dinosaur Zoo app. The montage for the word ‘together’ finishes off with FaceTime.

It’s good to see the ads are still very much focused on great iPad apps, though I have to say I don’t like them quite as much as the previous, slower-paced, iPad TV ads. Maybe these will grow on me over time/

You can check out both the new ads at this Apple page. What do you all think of them? Do you like the change in style and tempo in these ads?


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