Two New iPads Certified by Bureau of Indian Standards, Should Be Released Soon

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According to MySmartPrice, two new iPads with the model numbers A2124 and A2133 have been certified by the Bureau of Indian Standards. This is the same site that revealed that new iPads had shown up in the Eurasian Economic Commission back in January, so kudos to them for the keen eye on the supply chain and regulatory channels.

What does this mean? We are getting very close to a release date for a new 10″ iPad and a new iPad Mini. Finally. With an Apple event rumored to be taking place on March 25, it could really be any time between now and then.

According to many current reports, this upcoming event will be focused on Apple’s new news and video services, so no time for iPads. When Apple pulls the trigger, expect a simple press release rather than a spiel on a stage. On the good side, this also means that these new iPads aren’t necessarily bound to the 25th as an announcement date. Maybe Apple will throw us as bone and release them earlier.

Whenever they arrive, its good to know that new iPads are on the way and will be here soon. I will be picking up and reviewing the upgraded iPad Mini as soon as I can get my hands on one.



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