Very Late to the New iPad Party This Year

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New iPad Air 3

This has been the strangest year yet for me when it comes to the launch of new iPad models. I’ve been under the weather for the last week is my only excuse. I didn’t manage to keep track of exactly when the new iPad Air 2 would be available in Apple retail stores – I kept only seeing details for pre-orders online and store pickup for those who went that rote.

I’ve never been a fan of doing the pre-order routine. I’m lucky enough to have a very nice Apple Store a 10 minute drive from my house, so I have always chosen to go line up (in the years when you needed to) or just get to that store early on launch day morning. It seems less stressful to me that way – no constantly checking package tracking status or watching out the window for Fedex or UPS.

Well, this week I was apparently off kilter enough to not even take notice when the new iPads became available in stores – and didn’t realize they were until I got a promo email from Apple. Then I ordered one for local store pickup right away with the Apple Store app.

Anyway, long story short, I acquired the new iPad Air 2 last night – a 64GB Space Gray WiFi + Cellular model.

Even though I’m still not feeling all the way back to normal, I’ve had time to get the new iPad Air 2 setup and give it a bit of use. It’s the first time I’ve used a full-size iPad in a few years – and I’m enjoying it.

Hope you’re all enjoying your new (and old) iPads this weekend too.

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One thought on “Very Late to the New iPad Party This Year”

  1. Thank for so much details – I hate preordering too, so maybe will wait more, but I love to order the minute the product is avaliable and have it delivered quickly. Will be looking forward to your new iPad review

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