Where to Watch The Apple / iPad Event Live Today

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iPad Event October 2014

Well, there’s only a little over 30 minutes to wait until Apple’s iPad, or iPad + Mac + Yosemite, special event kicks off today.

With any luck within about an hour and a half we’ll know a heck of a lot about new iPads coming, presumably, this month. Apple is live streaming the event and it is set to start at 1:00PM Eastern.

Here’s where you can watch the live stream of the full event as it happens:


There is also supposed to be an Apple Events channel on the Apple TV that will also be streaming the event – though I’m not seeing that yet on my Apple TV.

And of course, we’ll be sharing our thoughts on new iPads as today rolls on – so you can just stay tuned here if you like.

Happy New iPad Day 2014 to you all.

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One thought on “Where to Watch The Apple / iPad Event Live Today”

  1. Thanks for info, but if the leaked info is true, we will hardly see anything new, sadly…I hoped for something more innovative from Apple, but it seems that all their latest products are just the old version, somewhat upgraded in the hardware and amybe a bit polished – nothing revolutionary there

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