Will the Coming iPad Mini Have Apple Pencil or Smart Keyboard Support?

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I thought Apple was going to make an inexpensive iPad Mini this time around. Now we have a fresh report from the oh-so-generous Steve Troughton-Smith on the iOS 12.2 Beta that may be saying otherwise.

According to his latest post on Twitter, there is a possibility that both coming iPad models will have Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard support.

Wow, While the standard iPad already has Pencil support, Apple has refrained from adding a Smart Connector to this point. The iPad Mini has obviously never had either Pencil or Smart Keyboard, so this would be huge news for fans of that form factor, if true. These additions would definitely add a new and very useful dimension to both of these “non-Pro” iPads, especially if they come in at the same price points we have today.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure we can just take this post at face value. Mr Toughton-Smith makes it clear that it is difficult to get much information on these iPad models. That makes me wonder if this report is just conjecture on his part That is fine, as he is still feeding valuable information to all of us Apple fans. The wording here just doesn’t make me think he is completely convinced this is happening.

Troughton-Smith also talks about whether the new iPads will or won’t include TouchID or Face ID. It certainly looks like the code points to neither feature being a part of the new iPads. The lack of Face ID wouldn’t be a surprise, but Apple removing TouchID without a replacement would be.

I know one thing- I am ready to see these new iPads, especially if they do come with new goodies!



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