App Icons in iPadOS 13- Do You Want Bigger or More?

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Developer Beta 5 of IPadOS 13 dropped today and includes a new feature that is worth mentioning. Apple has included a new setting that allows users to determine the amount of icons shown on the screen. While this isn’t a major addition, it is worth noting considering how long Apple left the iPad’s Home Screen alone.

While iPadOS 13 has allowed users to put more icons on the screen by implementing a new grid layout with more rows and smaller icons, users now have the ability to customize how the grid appears on the screen. The “More” choice allows you to have 30 icons on a screen with a 5 down by 6 across grid. The “Bigger” option displays 20 icons using a 4 down and 5 across grid.

This feature was around back in the good old days of the jailbreak, but it’s nice to see Apple adding some visual customization options to their mobile OSs over time. That said, it is possible that this is just a experiment on Apple’s part. The fact that it showed up fairly late in the beta process makes me wonder if it will stick around for release. Apple will occasionally try out new features in betas that end up getting shelved or bumped to a later OS update. Only time will tell, but I am hoping that this feature does stick around.

This new icon grid toggle is joined by a few other subtle new features in iPadOS 13 Beta 5. There are now more Volume levels, up to 34, adding more granular control. Apple has also broken the new Share Sheet into sections for Favorites, the current app and other actions, as well as adding the ability to put Shortcuts to the Favorites of the re-designed Share Sheet. There is also a new choice to try out the new Dark Mode right from the initial device setup after upgrading.

One fix to the new Beta 5 is the reappearance of Open in New Tab to Safari.

I was confused when I noticed this feature was gone in Beta 4 and am happy to see it back so soon, since I use it all the time.

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