Can a Case Render Will iPhone 11 Pro Pencil Support Into Existence?

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The short answer is probably not. We know pretty much everything there is to know about the iPhone 11 Pro at this point. The heavy hitters have weighed in and given us all kinds of inside scoop, with Mark Gurman of Bloomberg polishing it all off with a detailed report last week. However, other than a single mention from a lone analyst with no track record, Apple Pencil support hasn’t been among the credible rumors.

Out of nowhere, an iPhone 11 Pro case with an Apple Pencil holder from Olixar appeared on the MobileFun UK site a few days ago. Everything about this is odd, frankly. The Pencil holder doesn’t look all that easy to use. The location on the back is strange. The Pencil itself is quite small, and also has a metallic finish, rather than the white Apple has stuck with for the last four years. It just doesn’t strike me as a realistic Apple product.

Even though I have wanted Apple Pencil support on the iPhone for a few years, I gave up last year and this case picture doesn’t do anything to ignite hope. In my opinion, if we were going to get Pencil support, it would have come with the iPhone X or the XS Max. I just don’t think we will see a Pencil for the iPhone until there is another major shift in the device.

There is another thing to consider here. As much as I want a Pencil that works with my large-screen iPhone, there is an issue that Apple can’t ignore here. Samsung has staked out this territory for several years with the Note, so Apple can’t afford to enter it with a half-baked Pencil offering, even if it just an option. When they rolled out the original Pencil with the iPad Pro, it bested Samsung’s Note tablets and the Microsoft Surface in terms of specs and performance. If Apple is going to bring out a Pencil for the iPhone, they have to match the high bar of the current Note smartphone and its S-Pen. To not do so would be a huge mistake and there is nothing about the picture above that shows me that.

Again, I would love to see Pencil support come to the rumored iPhone 11 Pro. If I am wrong and it does, I will be first in line to get it. Hell, I might even buy this mediocre looking Olixar case as a tip of the cap for the leak. However, unless Mark Gurman, Ming-Chi Kuo and other credible leakers suddenly line up behind this, I just don’t believe it.



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