Living With the iPhone 11 Pro Max: Battery and Screen

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I will admit up front I haven’t done any specific testing of the iPhone 11 Pro Max’s battery yet. These are just my observations based on real-world usage. While I haven’t formally tried to test it, I also haven’t had to think about it in normal usage. The battery life on the 11 Pro Max is so good that I don’t have to top off between work and home every day, which I used to do with my XS Max.

Here’s a little background on me and my iPhone usage over the years. A Mophie battery case used to be an absolute requirement for me to get through a full day at work with an iPhone. Then the iPhone 6 Plus came around and that changed. I still carried a backup battery to top off when needed, but I didn’t have to use it every day and haven’t needed a Mophie or other case since. I would just top off in the car to and from work and that was usually enough.

When we got fast charging with the iPhone 7 Plus, I found that I rarely ever needed the backup battery anymore. Using a fast charger in the car to and from work was enough to keep the phone going for a full day of my heavy use. This has continued with the iPhone X and XS Max. However, the last two phones still required those top-offs most days to make it to the end, especially later in the year after the batteries had worn a little. Running betas for the last few months of each iPhone’s lifecycle takes a toll on battery life, as well, especially in early betas.

The 11 Pro Max is a different story. If I forget to plug it in before going to bed, which has happened a couple of times since I got it, it’s still good to go and my USB-C to Lightning charger I keep in my work vehicle has me ready for the work day by the time I arrive. If I don’t plug in between work and home on a normal usage day, I’m still good for the rest of the night until I go to bed.

The claims Apple made about battery life have been confirmed by many who are really pushing and formally testing them. I can back those reports up in my real world usage, which is pretty high at work right now. Frankly, it feels like I haven’t even scratched the surface of the 11 Pro Max’s battery yet and that’s fine with me. Not having to worry about battery life at all is a luxury I really appreciate.

The Screen

I’ll lead this off by saying that I don’t have any issues with the iPhone 11 Pro Max’s screen. Based on my eye tests, it looks a little better than the X and XS Max, which were both looked pretty extraordinary to me and also drew rave reviews. However, this isn’t an area I obsess over or have any expertise in, either.

However, I was encouraged to check something out that other users and potential buyers should be aware of thanks to @iAm_erica on Twitter. I noticed several tweets from her about the excessive warmness of the 11 Pro and Pro Max screen a week ago and decided to check it out for myself. I would highly suggest reading through her recent tweets on this.

I still had my XS Max at the time (which is now back at Apple to satisfy the requirements of the iPhone Upgrade Program) and was able to take a look at the two screens side-by-side. I was quite surprised at just how correct Erica was. The 11 Pro Max’s screen was definitely shifted warmer than the XS Max. If you have an 11 Pro or Pro Max and another iPhone or iPad, take a look at them side by side and you will likely see a noticeable difference.

Because this isn’t something I obsess over, it isn’t something I would have normally noticed just looking at the iPhone. That’s one reason why it’s good to have so many people in the tech world who pay specific attention to certain elements. I don’t remember a single major reviewer pointing this out, so a big hats off to @iAm_erica for taking note of the difference in color balance and bringing it to the attention of the tech world.

Now, I’ll be honest. I’m not taking my iPhone back because of this. I even like my display on the cooler side normally, but the shift in the 11 Pro Max’s screen isn’t enough to put me off. However, there are some of you out there who may notice it and DO care. If you haven’t bought an 11 or 11 Pro and are thinking about it, I would definitely suggest that you go put your eyes on one before you buy.

If you already have an 11 Pro or Pro Max and are put off by this, I would wait a bit. If you take one back today, odds are the one you get in exchange will look the same. If Apple does make any adjustments to the color balance of the screens after early feedback, then it will come through the supply chain to local stores in another month or so. Your best bet if you aren’t returning outright or switching to the 11, which still has a LCD screen, will be to wait.

If you would like to adjust your screen in the meantime, you actually can. Just go to Settings-Accessibility-Display and Text Size.

Then turn on Color Filters, select Color Tint and adjust the sliders to your heart’s content.

This will allow you turn down the warmth of the screen to suit your personal tastes.

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