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So I finally had an opportunity to push the battery life of my iPhone 11 Pro Max last weekend. I had to work both Saturday and Sunday out of town, a habit that has unfortunately become very common as of late. An eight hour day on a hot roof will really wear a guy out, so I was pretty gassed by the time I got back to my hotel room after dinner Saturday night.

I was gassed enough that I fell asleep without charging my iPhone after that full day at work. Oops. At least I remembered to set my alarm before falling asleep.

Since it wasn’t a work day for most people on the jobs that I am a part of, I wasn’t hammering my phone quite as much as usual on Saturday. However, I still used it quite a bit. In fact, since my LSU Tigers were playing at 11 AM, I listened to streaming audio of the entire game while at work. Then I kept up with other games later in the day when I had breaks. Unfortunately, my hotel had DirectTV, which seems to have disputes with pretty much every network right now. That meant I could only watch college football that was on ESPN on TV. As such, I streamed some games before and after dinner in my room.

Some time during that after dinner part, I passed out before connecting my phone to the charger. It was still between 40-50%, so I decided to leave it be in the morning before heading and out and see how far I could push it. I worked from 8 AM until after 1 PM and then went to lunch before heading home. I hit 20% and got the Low Battery Warning right as I got in my vehicle at 1:47 PM.

So that’s going from 7 AM on Saturday to 2 PM on Sunday without a charge with moderate usage. 31 hours is pretty strong in my book. I have no doubt that the 11 Pro Max will have the best battery life of any iPhone I’ve had, and considering how good the X and XS Max were, that’s good for me.

Deep Fusion false start

Thanks to my weekend of working on a hot roof, I still hadn’t had an opportunity to try out Deep Fusion in any meaningful way. However, I plan to start tinkering this week and then spend as much time as I can hammering away with the camera this coming weekend.

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