iPhone 12 Pro Max

Still Waiting for That iPhone 12 Pro Max

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iPhone 12 Pro Max

I was expecting my new iPhone yesterday, but it didn’t work out thanks to my impatient local UPS driver. Well, that and a son who didn’t follow my instructions so well. Or maybe it was all because of my dead doorbell. This is far from a disaster, but it was frustrating at the time because I thought I had everything covered.

One thing I will note right here in case you aren’t aware- iPhone deliveries require a signature, at least here in the US. That can make the process a pain for working families. It is easy to miss in the tracking info page that this is a requirement, but they are pretty strict about it from what I can tell.

As I said above, our doorbell is out and I’ve been thinking about getting a smart video doorbell to replace it. That’s one of the few smart home gadgets that I really care about. However, I’m not too keen on Ring devices because of the privacy implications of using one. Plus, if I already have all of the Apple infrastructure to run in their ecosystem, it’s probably better to go in that direction. Anyway, I figured I would do a little research during the one bit of extended holiday time I expect to have off between now and the end of the year- Thanksgiving week.

Unfortunately, that didn’t help me yesterday. I still thought I was ok because my wife was off work and my oldest son was also home in the morning. UPS’s Follow my Package feature, which lets you see the truck coming to you on a map, was originally saying the iPhone would come my 11 AM, so I thought I was good. I let my son and wife know it was on the way and my son said he would listen for them. His bedroom is only a room away from the door and our dogs would surely hear the driver, as well. They make excellent temporary doorbells when they are awake.

Unfortunately, the delivery time slipped until late in the day and I found out my son had to leave for work before the iPhone would arrive. I asked him to put a signed paper on the door saying it was ok to leave the package there. This used to work for required delivery signatures. I also asked him to let my wife know to keep an ear out. Unfortunately, none of this happened. he forgot the note and didn’t saying anything to his mom. She took a nap in the back. The dogs napped with her. My other two kids even passed out for awhile right after school.

And of course that’s when UPS showed up. I can’t remember the last time I actually heard one of these guys knock either, but it is what it is. Whether they did or not, everyone in the house was asleep. The driver left a note and by the time I was leaving work to head home, the UPS app let me know they had attempted delivery and failed.

I am proud of one thing. There was a time when this would have ruined my night and I would have been no fun for anyone to be around the rest of the evening. I was pretty frustrated with my son when it first happened, mostly because he’s been asking me to keep a watch for is new Xbox that’s supposed to arrive today. But he apologized and that passed quickly. We all went out and had dinner after I got off work and had a good time. I guess age has mellowed me a bit and that’s a good thing. It’s just a phone, after all.

One other thing to note here if this happens to you is that UPS should leave a note indicating that they attempted delivery. The note has a place on the back where you can sign so that the package will be left at the door when they make their second attempt. I think a signed note on the door for the first attempt will still work, but signing the note they leave you after the first attempt definitely will.

I live in a house, but obviously many of you out there don’t. If not, then you should make a UPS account and look up your iPhone (or any other expensive Apple device) tracking number in advance. You can leave delivery instructions there. For example, if you live in an apartment complex with an office, you may be able to have the package left and signed for there for you to pick up later. You can also have delivery diverted to a UPS Store, where you can make the pickup at a time that’s convenient for you. You also have the option of pickup at a local Apple Store if the one near you is open right now.

Just be aware that there is a bit more to getting an iPhone delivered than you might realize. I knew the delivery signature would be required and still didn’t get mine yesterday because things didn’t line up just right. That, and I haven’t replaced my doorbell yet. At the end of the day, that part is on me.

I should be set for today, though. The tracking info states that the UPS driver will return on Monday, but the note at the bottom of page under Package Progress says they will try again today. Hopefully that is correct so I can get the new phone up and running over the weekend. My signed UPS notice is on the side door waiting for them, so I will hopefully get my iPhone today, even if they don’t knock on the door.

James Rogers

I am a Christian husband and father of 3 living in the Southeastern US. I have worked as a programmer and project manager in the Commercial and Industrial Automation industry for over 19 years, so I am hands on with technology almost every day. However, my passion in technology is for mobile devices, specifically Apple's iOS and iPadOS hardware and software. My favorite is still the iPad.

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6 thoughts on “Still Waiting for That iPhone 12 Pro Max”

    1. Interesting. I guess some drivers are more strict about it than others. To be honest, I can’t remember having an issue with this last year, but a coworker did. His also arrived the next day.

      Mine was delivered about 5 minutes after I posted this article, so the signed note definitely worked. The driver didn’t knock, but they did open the storm door and no one in the house or the dogs heard them. I’ve really gotta get that doorbell.

  1. I just had it sent to a shipping store. They received it and I picked it up after work. Sooo, it can be pretty easy.

    1. Yes it can. It should have been in my case. I learned a lesson trusting my family to make sure it was delivered.

      It’s also not a given that the driver will care. A previous commenter said they just left his iPhone at his house. My co-worker who had an issue with his iPhone delivery last year said they just left his at his door this year.

  2. I was checking the ups app on delivery day, and at some point in the afternoon while I was working from home, the app said they tried to make a delivery but no one was there. I do have Ring, and at no point in the day did a ups truck ever drive past my house, no one came to my door at the time they said I missed the delivery, and they didn’t leave a delivery notice. So the driver outright lied, likely because he was behind schedule, and didn’t even bother trying. UPS is utter junk in my books.

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