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iPhone and iPad Leaks Continue to be a Moving Target

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iPhone 11 Pro

First the iPhone 12 was coming in October. Then it was September. Now we have a report form a reliable (if less than likable) source saying that its October again. I guess it comes down to which leaker you trust the most.

No matter what you think of Jon Prosser, you can’t ignore what he says. He was pretty much undefeated going into WWDC, when he finally took it on the chin. However, he still has one of the best track records among Apple leakers, so when he says something, you have to accept that the odds are still in favor of him being right.

So he weighed in today, saying that the iPhones 12 and new iPads are coming in October:

Well, that’s a little disappointing. Prosser didn’t specifically say there won’t be a September release window for new Apple gear, but he was clear that the iPhone isn’t coming then. At least he didn’t shoot down the report of the new AirPods Studio coming in a few weeks.

I am a little intrigued that Prosser mentioned iPads plural coming in October. He never answered any of the many questions about that after his Tweet, and that’s probably on purpose to keep the fish on the line. However, these questions are pertinent: What iPads models can we expect to see in October? There have been plenty of rumors of an iPad Air, so we can assume that’s probably one of the two.

Since Prosser didn’t specify that this other iPad will be a new Pro, I’m sticking to my guns and saying that isn’t happening (again) this year. A Mini refresh is also rumored to be coming next 2021, so I don’t think that’s the one. That only leaves the base model iPad, so I’m sticking with that one until proven otherwise.

Back and forth we go. Where the rumor-go-round will stop, no one knows. If nothing else, it should be a very interesting next two months. Just look at all of the back and forth we’ve had this week.

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