Quick Look: Sena Burnished Magia Wallet for iPhone 6S Plus

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In the past few weeks I’ve been obsessed with the idea of placing my iPhone 6S Plus in a wallet case. My previous favourite on the iPhone 4S was the TwelveSouth BookBook, but as lovely and durable as that case is, it’s a little bit too large for my tastes with a 6S Plus. I wanted something slim, but which could still help me keep 3 cards + cash on-hand. After a bit of research, I decided to pick up the Sena Burnished Magia Wallet while it was on sale for $30.

Reliable Sena Leather

As is par for the course with Sena, the quality of the leather is wonderful. It feels rich and soft, and the burnished quality should only improve with more friction. Like many other wallet cases nowadays, this Magia Wallet uses an adhesive to keep the iPhone 6S Plus in place. You align the phone with the camera hole and the bottom of the case, and press it gently into place. That’s it. Once it’s there, it really won’t move unless you very purposefully peel the phone off. The corners are protected from everyday bumps, but I don’t think I’d trust this case for a drop, because the leather isn’t very stiff. That’s OK by me, because not every case is meant for drop protection (and if you’d like that from a wallet case, the BookBook really is a better solution).

That Magnet…

One thing that attracted me to the Magia Wallet was its inclusion of a magnet to seal the case, instead of relying on gravity or a button snap to hold the lid shut. It’s a pet peeve of mine when the covers on wallet cases stay ever-so-slightly open when you lay them on a table. I want the phone and wallet to look compact and flat on a desk, and the magnet really helps clean up that look, but is easier to use than a button snap.

As a wallet, this case affords a fair amount of space. There are three card slots along the left side, as well as a stash pocket for cash, receipts, or extra cards. At its fullest, I jammed 3 cards into the front slots, an extra transit card in the back, and folded three bills as well. The magnet does a great job of holding everything in place. even when 3 cards and a few bills are stuffed into the cover.

Unfortunately, this magnet also seems to mess with the compass and/or GPS effectiveness. There was a certain “floating” quality to my coordinates while I used the Magia Wallet, and it definitely went away after I took the iPhone out of the case. This could well be why these cases are now on sale for 50% off on Sena’s website. It doesn’t look like this is permanent damage (the magnet is probably too weak for that), but if you rely upon GPS often, this case isn’t for you.

Not Quite My Style

I used the Magia Wallet for about two weeks before ultimately giving up on the idea. I thought that I’d relax about having to open a cover every time I wanted to use my phone — especially because my iPhone is no longer my main camera — but this is still a really important aspect to me. I want to be able to just take my iPhone out of my pocket or holster, and use it immediately. Opening the flap and balancing the phone with just one hand is a surprisingly tricky operation, and I was always a little scared that I’d drop the 6S Plus flat on its face.

Then there’s the issue of storage. An iPhone and slim wallet can easily fit into my front pockets, but a Magia Wallet with 3 cards is a little too bulky for a front pocket. I do carry my iPhone alone in the back pocket on occasion, but I’m far too paranoid about stuffing a phone/wallet combo into a single exposed pocket. One quick swipe and I’d be saying goodbye to my ID, iPhone, and credit cards.

I still like the idea of a wallet case, but I think my next one might be a slimmer one where the cards are placed into slots along the back. I won’t be able to carry as much, but the 6S Plus should still be able to fit into a front pocket easily. As for my current Sena Magia Wallet — it’s probably going up on Kijiji soon.

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