Quick Look: Spigen Thin Fit Hybrid for iPhone 6S Plus

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Spigen Thin Fit_-5

The Spigen Thin Fit Hybrid was the first case I picked up for my iPhone 6S Plus, but it’s actually the case I use the least. That has little to do with the build quality or the ergonomics, and everything to do with how the matte white appears in the everyday.

When I purchase products in white, I want them to look white in most circumstances. The finish on the Spigen Thin Fit Hybrid looks all right in ambient light, but the moment you hold it up to sunlight (or have it under a lamp on a desk) you’ll see that the coating is pearlescent white, rather than a pure white. It’s tricky to capture on camera, but there’s definitely a yellow tint to the case under bright light. I was disappointed to find this out, as I think it cheapens the look of an otherwise clean design.

TPU and Polycarbonate

I’m a fan of TPU in cases, and I like that Spigen used it for the front bumper. It’s soft to the touch, but case designers can still carve some strong lines into the material to give it some interesting shapes. It’s also not nearly as fuzzy or lint-prone as soft silicone. The way you’ll install this Thin Fit Hybrid is to place the TPU bumper onto the front of the phone, and then click the rear polycarbonate plate into place. The case fits like a glove over the phone, and you’ll never hear any creaking as you turn it over in your hands.

Spigen Thin Fit_-4

I’ve had the case for a few months now and have thrown it into pockets with spare change, and the package still looks like new. The iPhone is definitely a little larger due to the the polycarbonate shell, but on the whole it feels a lot easier to grip. The TPU has grooves built into where your fingers can find a little more purchase. This makes it easier to read with, and the extra grip makes me comfortable taking pictures on the 6S Plus without fear of dropping it.

Spigen Thin Fit_

Little Extras

The chrome volume and power buttons are a delight to press — just enough give that you can feel a click, but not so tough that you’ll miss having a naked iPhone. The tolerance on these buttons is excellent, and I’ve never felt them wriggling in place (something that happens often with cheaply-made cases).

Spigen Thin Fit_-2

I also like the extra large cut-out for the 3.5mm jack, which allows me to use any of my earphones with the Thin Fit Hybrid. The Lightning port is also easily accessible, but it’s a little too deep for my little Belkin iPhone dock to handle. So if you’re a person who relies on an iPhone dock at your desk or bedside — you’ll likely have to return to a cable when you’re using this case.

The forward speaker grill works very well. It pushes the sound forward so you can hear videos more clearly, and you’ll never have issues with accidentally blocking the speakers because of the way you hold your iPhone.


I usually love Spigen cases, and although the Thin Fit Hybrid is just $20, it’s still a very well-made accessory. The only thing that marred the experience for me is the strange pearlescent-white colouring. I really wish this were more of a matte white that didn’t show any hints of yellow in bright lights. All things considered, I would probably have enjoyed the black version a lot more.

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