Review: Apple’s Silicone Case in Midnight Blue

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Review Apple Midnight Blue Silicone Case 3

Apple’s Silicone Case wasn’t actually my first choice for a case. I bought their leather Saddle Brown case and used it for about a month. I loved the way the leather felt and looked on the device, and I thought the warmer-looking Saddle Brown was a huge improvement over the basic Brown leather case. However, I also like to wear jeans most days of the week, and the Saddle Brown dye did not appreciate that in the least. It didn’t take long for me to sub out the leather case for a silicone one.

The white case was actually most appealing to me, but I was worried of repeating the blue staining I’d experienced with the leather case, so I went with Midnight Blue. I’ve had about six months with this case now, and although it isn’t exactly exciting, it’s definitely a keeper.

The Looks Department

The Midnight Blue case is very inoffensive dark blue. It isn’t daring and it won’t add a splash of colour to anything, but it’s also the kind of colour that isn’t easily stained. I’ve kept the iPhone in jeans for months in my back pocket, and aside for a small scratch along the back, the case still looks as good as new.

Review Apple Midnight Blue Silicone Case 1

One thing I’ve read a lot about in other silicone case reviews is that Apple’s version can be a real lint and dust magnet. I have experienced that with other cheap silicone cases, but Apple’s is actually quite good in this regard. I have no complaints about dirt on my iPhone when I scoop it out of my back pocket, and although I will wipe it down for oils, I never feel the need to do so for dust or lint. This would probably be a lot more noticeable on the white or red versions of this case, but as long as you choose a darker shade, the silicone cases really aren’t any more of a dust magnet than plastic cases.

I don’t drop my iPhone very far or very often, but there have been a few drops from pocket height to the floor. The case has taken these falls with aplomb, and I haven’t ever felt scared about finding cracked glass afterwards, thanks to the extra lip around the screen. The buttons are really pleasant to press through the silicone, and the headphone jack and Lightning port are still perfectly accessible.

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I also like the extra coverage around the camera — not so much for scratches, but for smudges. It’s really easy to grease up an iPhone camera lens as you use the phone, so having a lip around the camera also means my lens is cleaner more often.


What this case really provides is grip. It’s a night-and-day difference. The iPhone feels secure in my hand when it’s in this case. I don’t have any worries about it slipping forward or sliding down my palm as I cradle the phone in one hand.

There is a rubbery quality to the texture, but it’s a nice soft-touch feel. It isn’t slippery like hard plastic or aluminum, but it’s not sticky to the touch like softer, cheaper silicone cases. I do have a bit more trouble fetching the phone from a front pocket, but a back pants pocket or jacket pocket are fine.

When I first picked this case up, I was worried that this soft-touch finish would wear off in a few months, like it did on the band of my Apple Watch. But while my Sports Band for the Watch now feels closer to a plastic shell, but my iPhone case still feels as good as it did when I bought it. I actually really wasn’t expecting this level of durability from the case, but I’m really happy that the soft-touch finish is holding up so well.

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If you’re looking to buy one of Apple’s official cases, I’d say that the silicone case is the better buy for most. The leather cases can hold up well if you choose a really dark colour, but I just wasn’t interested in anything but their Saddle Brown case. You’ll also need to go out of your way to take care of them and make sure they don’t touch any oils or get too wet.

The silicone cases are simpler, and although their looks aren’t exactly inspired, they provide a superior grip and a similar amount of all-around protection as their leather counterparts. There’s also very little upkeep involved, aside from the occasional wipe down with a cloth. I wouldn’t say that I love this Midnight Blue silicone case, but it’s also the one case I keep returning to month after month…and that must mean something.

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