Review: Jisoncase Genuine Leather Case for the iPhone XS Max

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When someone from Jisoncase reached out to me about taking a look at their new Genuine Leather Case for the iPhone XS Max, I will admit that I was skeptical. I’ve seen what a lot of inexpensive imported leather and faux-leather cases look like in-person, and it often isn’t pretty. I knew Jisoncase plays in that price range, so I didn’t have much confidence.

However, after doing a little research online, I saw some very positive reviews of their other cases. Because of that, I decided to go ahead give this case a shot. I’m glad that I did, because it turned out to be a lot better than I expected. There is a lot to like about this case at such a reasonable price point. Let’s get into the details.

Design and Construction

One of the worst aspects of a cheaply made leather case is the smell. When you unbox it, you are usually hit with a strong and equally awful chemical scent that is unmistakable. It always tells me one thing- you just got what you paid for. Well, that was not the case here. At all. My first indication that Jisoncase isn’t the same as other companies playing in this price range was the fact that there wasn’t any chemical or processing smell when I took the case out of the box. When I lifted it to my nose, it smelled just like a leather case should.

I then ran my fingers over the case and looked it over thoroughly. It looked very much like an Apple Leather Case, which is solid praise, especially when you consider the $23 price differential between them. The leather isn’t quite as soft as an Apple model, but there is a more textured feel and more visible leather grain which I actually prefer, personally. My biggest complaint with Apple models has been that they are so smooth and “processed” that you can hardly tell that they are leather. The Jisoncase’s design is similar, but the feel is more unmistakable, and I like that.

The inside of the case has a softer lining, which is ideal for use with a glass-backed phone.

It feels smooth and consistent across the inside surface. I also took note of how clean and smooth all of the inside edges are.

Like the Apple Leather Case, the Jisoncase is quite thin and light, adding very little thickness or weight to the iPhone. The flip-side is that it only provides basic protection from scratches, dings, and short drops, but that is par for the course for any slim smartphone case.

As you can see, the bottom of the iPhone is exposed for access to the speakers, mic, and Lightning port.

This is pretty common design choice for thin leather cases, so I don’t see it as a deficiency. The rest of the iPhone is covered, with the only openings in the case being for the Camera and the Mute Switch.

As you can see, the cut-outs line up properly and look good, which is a good litmus of for manufacturing quality and attention to detail.

Jisoncase decided to use secondary buttons on the outside of the case for the iPhone’s Power and Volume Buttons. They line up with the real buttons underneath and work reliably. The only negative thing I can point out is that the two Volume Buttons are angled ever-so-slightly.

This is incredibly nit-picky for any case, especially one in this price range. However, it’s one of only two very small complaints that I had with the iPhone Leather Case. The other is with the embossed logo on the back of the case.

I actually think the logo itself looks fine and doesn’t distract from the feel of the leather on the back of the case. However, I don’t understand the need for the Registered Trademark symbol next to the name. That just feels a little distracting and out of place on the back of a case to me. Those two very small things are the worst I can come up with, which means this case is very good for the price.

One other limitation of this case is that it’s only available in two colors. I tested out the Brown version, as I usually prefer the more traditional leather look. It is also available in Black. I like the look and coloring of this case, so no complaints there.

Since the similarities between this case and its Apple counterpart are unmistakable, one area where Apple does have a big advantage is in color selection. They have eight different versions available to Jisoncase’s two. If I could give this company two small suggestions, it would be to ditch the “R” on the logo, and to add a few more color options. Other than these small things, I came away liking Jisoncase’s design and workmanship very much.

I will mention here that, while I reviewed the iPhone XS Max version of this case, Jisoncase also has a version for the XS, as well. There is also a separate “slim” version of the case available for the iPhone XR. Both are also limited to Brown and Black only at this time.  However, there are a few Red leather versions among their older iPhone leather models, so maybe that color will come to the newer iPhones eventually.


I have been using the Jisoncase on my iPhone XS Max off and on over the last three weeks, and have no complaints. I tend to use a little heavier case while I am working, so there were times when I took the Jisoncase off in favor of something that offered more protection. However, I had no qualms using it when at home or working around the office. It offers enough protection for normal, everyday use, which means it will likely work well as an everyday case for many iPhone users.

As for my own use, the case held up great and shows no sign of wear. It feels good in the hand, and I did like how thin and light it is, even though that won’t work for me all the time. The texture on the back makes it easy to grip this case when moving it around or getting it in and out of a pocket. All around, I had no issues with how the case feels and works in normal use.


I have reviewed several high-quality leather cases over the years, including two models from Pad and Quill just last week. I absolutely love the look, feel, and smell of high quality leather and appreciate the artisan-level workmanship that goes into these kinds of cases. However, that level is going to run you between $50-$200 per case, and that is far beyond what most iPhone users are going to be willing to pay.

As such, there is a lot of room for good quality affordable leather cases that fall into a more accessible price range. The problem is, there just aren’t that many good options out there. There is no shortage of cheap crap littering Amazon and eBay, but that isn’t what I’m talking about. Jisoncase, on the other hand, seems to fit the bill perfectly. Their iPhone Leather Case looks and feels far better than its $25.99 price tag. I would recommend this case to anyone who likes the look of Apple’s Leather iPhone Case, but isn’t willing to part with $50 for it.

This review has been a good lesson in not judging a book by its cover, or more accurately in this case, by its price. I originally assumed that Jisoncase’s Genuine Leather Case for the iPhone XS Max would have questionable quality and construction because of what I am used to seeing in this price range. I am glad I gave this case a shot, because my assumption was wrong. Jisoncase’s Leather Case is a great option for someone who likes a leather case, but doesn’t want to part with a lot of money to get a good one. Based on this experience, I look forward to trying out some of Jisoncase’s cases for other Apple products in the future.

The Genuine Leather Case for the iPhone XS Max is available from Jisoncase for $25.99.

The Genuine Leather Case for iPhone XS Max was provided for review on iPad Insight by Jisoncase. For further information regarding our site’s review policies, please see the About page.

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