Early iPhone X Plus Rumors Are Gaining Steam

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Photo Source: MacX

Over the last four days, we have had two different reports on the 6.5″ iPhone rumored to be coming this year. The first, which came from Asian site MacX, shows a 6.5″ screen and digitizer that is reportedly from a trial run of production equipment.

Photo Source: MacX

The parts and their corresponding numbers bear enough resemblance to the iPhone X to be credible, so this may very well be an early version of the screen we will see later this year. One very important detail is where the parts reportedly come from- LG. While Samsung handled the OLED displays for the iPhone X exclusively, it looks like Apple will be diversifying as they expand their iPhone lineup.

This probably shouldn’t come as a big surprise, since Apple invested several billion dollars with LG last year to help them get their mobile phone OLED production up to speed. Let’s hope that Apple’s money was well spent, because Google had a bit of a rough go using LG OLED panels on the Pixel 2 XL. That phone had lots of early issues with early burn-in, ghosting, and poor color representation. Apple can’t afford that level of fit and finish issues with their coming top of the line iPhone.

Earlier today, Bloomberg reported that Apple will offer three new iPhones this year. This isn’t exactly news, as KGI’s Ming-Chi Quo has been saying the same since late last year. However, when Mark Gurman speaks about Apple, that is a different ballgame. If he is saying Apple will release three models of iPhones styled after the X this year, then that’s about as good as we can get at this point in the process.

Speaking to Bloomberg, Gene Munster called this news “a big deal,” comparing the situation with the predicted lower cost LCD screen version of the iPhone to the release of the iPhone 6. He goes on to predict that the iPhone “supercycle” that didn’t materialize last year with the iPhone X, will actually happen this year. Mr Munster believes that it will be especially big in Asia.

There are a couple of other interesting tidbits that are mentioned. First of all, Apple may be considering adding dual-SIM capability for the 6.5′ model. This is a feature that is common overseas that makes it easier to switch carriers, especially while traveling. However, there is no confirmation of this feature’s inclusion.

The other interesting aspect of the 6.5″ iPhone that is mentioned is the reported resolution. It is said to be 1242 X 2688. It should also have 400 to 500 pixels per inch, which puts it in the same league as the current iPhone X. If LG nails the OLED display, this should be a very impressive device.

There is still plenty that we don’t know, and I’m sure that will be the subject of plenty of rumors and debates in the coming months. However, for now, I think we are safe in the assumption that we will see three new iPhones this Fall. Now, if we can just get Mr Gurman to confirm Apple Pencil support for the large-screen version.

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  1. Guys finally I know what the problem is!!! It has been 11 months since this issue thrown and I just figure it out today. Firstly, I dont know anything what to do to fix my iPhone. I started to search on google and many sites said that It was because of the battery. Then I bought a new original battery from amazon then a month later the battery finally arrived at my house (because I live in Indonesia). I also bought a toolkit (a set of skrewdriver) for any types of phone brand which includes a skrew for iPhones bolt. Of course I make a research how to open iPhones case as well by watching tutorial video on Youtube. But it wasnt the battery. It still did the same thing. I charged my iPhone for 4 hours and it still didnt go through the homescreen. Then I started to give up. I bought a new phone and I let my iPhone forego as it is. On early December, I finally brought my iPhone to the repair shop (unofficial, it is no longer warranty) and today it has just finished. The repairman told me it is because of the IC part. It is the main power supply of the phone. So without it, you cant turn on your phone. He said that dont let it overcharged like left your phone charged when you sleep over a night. I have to pay around 50US$ for the repair. But I am happy that all of the data inside is not gone. It didnt damage the storage. But currently Im still thinking about using this phone again. It was a very great phone, unforgettable memories, I used it for 2 years.

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