Greetings and Photos From St Augustine, FL!

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It’s vacation time again. My family and I are in St Augustine, FL to spend some time at the beach and see a few sights around America’s oldest city. As I did with the trip my wife and I took to New Orleans for our anniversary last year, I am going to take this opportunity to post some pictures from my iPhone X.

Last year I tested out a couple of camera lens kits from Ztylus for the iPhone 7 Plus I had at the time. This time, I am looking at three lenses from Sandmarc. Today’s pics from the boat tour and the beach feature their Wide Angle and Fisheye lenses for the X, along with a few pics from the X alone. I will be reviewing these lenses, along with Sandmarc’s Macro lens, after we return home next week.

Most of the images here were taken with the Wide Angle Lens. While it doesn’t capture as much as the Fisheye, it adds no distortion and is very sharp and consistent. This is a very capable general purpose lens for landscapes and also for video.

Take a look at just how much the iPhone can capture with the Sandmarc Fisheye Lens. Unfortunately, it captures so much that you can see a bit of the camera grip and my hand in the lower right corner. If you want to capture a wide open landscape, this lens will do it. And unlike the Ztylus Fisheyes I tested out last year, this lens only adds a modest amount of distortion to the edges of the scene.

There was a LOT of glare out on the water this morning, making pictures a little more difficult to frame with the iPhone’s screen. You can see that here, as I couldn’t tell that the Fisheye was pulling in both a part of the camera grip, and the sun. Obviously, neither are desirable. It also picks us all of the harsh glare from the water, so this lens probably isn’t the best option for taking pictures out on the water with the sun high overhead. This was the first time I used the lens, and I will have a better idea of how to apply it from now on.

Here are a few from the beach with the iPhone X alone.

A storm rolled in about an hour after we got out there today. We hung in for a while, but it eventually chased us, and everyone else out there, off.

Like I said. Everyone left.

Better luck tomorrow, I guess. I’ll be back with some more photos then. I will also attempt to do some direct comparison shots with each lens and the iPhone X alone. That really wasn’t practical today shooting from a moving boat.

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