iPhone Plus Owners- Are You Willing to Downsize to Get the Latest and Greatest?

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I have been a Plus owner since Apple first went big with the iPhone 6 Plus, and I haven’t looked back. There is no way I would return to the traditional size iPhone at this point. The bigger screen fits the way I use the phone perfectly, especially when I am in the field at work. Also, the fact that the bigger phone also comes with a bigger battery has meant I haven’t needed a Mophie battery case for the last three years. After my time as a Plus user, I am completely sold on the concept of the large-screen phone.

As an Apple fan, I’m always following whatever is going on with the company and its products, no matter what. However, as a writer, I have to at least attempt to step back from the fandom a bit and keep an open mind and focus on what needs to be covered, as opposed to just what I like or am particularly interested in. I bring this up because I’ve been covering what I will refer to right now as the iPhone Edition without being overly passionate about it. It’s the biggest Apple news right now, so I’m covering it often because of that.

Also, since I need to be able to review the most current accessories and any exclusive hardware and software features, I almost always get the latest Apple devices when they launch. Other than going with the Series 1 Apple Watch rather than the more advanced Series 2, I have pretty much stayed at the leading edge, including the new 12.9” iPad Pro that was released a few months ago. I have been assuming that I would continue on this course when the iPhone Edition is released. Not only will it be the new flagship, but it will have many features that are new to the iPhone, and one or two that may even be new to smartphones in general.

However, the image above says it all in regards to my slightest reservation. While the new features sound great, I am actually very happy with the size and functionality of the phone that I have. Other than the possibility of getting an iPad on iOS 11-like Dock on the new phone, none of the rumored features are absolutely can’t miss for me at this point. Cool, yes, but not things I am just dying to have. What has made me feel a little more conflicted about this recently as I have thought about it more is that upgrading to the iPhone Edition also means downgrading slightly when it comes to overall screen size. 0.35 inches may not seem like a big deal, but giving back any of that extra real estate will be an adjustment for me. If I had the option in an iOS device, I would go even bigger, not smaller.

All that said, it is unlikely that I will deviate from my usual course. The iPhone Edition will be the first iOS device to lose the Home Button and depart from the typical form factor we have known for ten years, and shake things up with new gestures and navigation. Despite the size downgrade, I don’t think I can do my job here nearly as effectively missing out on that. However, if the early rumors of an even bigger Plus version of the Edition for next year are true, I will be first in line to get one. 6.46” of iPhone screen sounds just about perfect to me.

What I am really interested in is what all of you who are iPhone Plus users think. Are you interested in the iPhone Edition? Are you seriously considering upgrading to one? If so, will the decrease in size be an issue, or not a big deal to you? Are there any of you who will stick with your current phone, or move to the new iPhone 8 Plus, instead? If so, are the size and form factor the reasons, or does the Edition’s likely high price have more to do with it?

I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Let me know in the Comments section below, on Flipboard, on our Facebook page, or on Twitter @iPadInsightBlog. Oh and it’s T-Minus one week remaining until we all know what’s up, so all you Apple fans buckle up and enjoy. New toys are just around the corner!

James Rogers

I am a Christian husband and father of 3 living in the Southeastern US. I have worked as a programmer and project manager in the Commercial and Industrial Automation industry for over 19 years, so I am hands on with technology almost every day. However, my passion in technology is for mobile devices, specifically Apple's iOS and iPadOS hardware and software. My favorite is still the iPad.

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9 thoughts on “iPhone Plus Owners- Are You Willing to Downsize to Get the Latest and Greatest?”

  1. If the screen is the same or close in size I would want it ASAP. I have had the plus 6 and 7 and tried to downsize but couldn’t do it. The overall size however bothers me every day.

    1. If you dig into the rumored specs, the coming device’s screen is actually both bigger and smaller, depending on what you’re talking about. The screen is actually 5.8”, but the usable space is rumored to be just 5.15”. The rest would be reserved for gestures and absorbing Home Button functions and whatever we get for a Dock at the bottom of the screen.

      So if you are focused on media and photos, the new phone will likely be as good or better. I am more concerned with the usable space, especially width-wise. I have large thumbs, and typing is just barely feasible on my Plus. I do about 70% or more of my email work on my phone, so that’s an important thing for me. If we shrink down much more I will start to struggle again.

  2. I like the size of the Plus phones and am disappointed that Apple is going smaller. I will still consider the iPhone Edition, but will be sad to lose my big phone.

    1. I do too. I will be very interested to see how much losing .35” of usable space will affect the user experience in reality. That doesn’t seem like much until it’s in front of you.

  3. I was under the impression that the screen on the iphone 8 is larger than the plus screens are but on a smaller phone. Isn’t that better?

    1. I guess I should have clarified in the article that it’s the useable space that’s smaller. The Edition screen will be 5.8”, but only 5.15” will be usable space. The rest is for the new gesture area that replaces the Home Button. The Plus screen is 5.5”.

  4. As soon as it became clear the plus version was being held over till next year I knew there was little chance I’d bother.
    Perhaps I’ll get the new watch or maybe the upcoming A11 powered iPadin the meantime.
    Selling the 7s

  5. Allright, I wrote a comment yesterday about the heafty pricetag on the new phone… My comment is not showing or got deleted. What’s up with that? I will repeat that a starting price of over a 1000 dollar is not doable for a lot of people. Guess I and a lot of others will happily stay with iphone 7+.
    It’s a phone for godsake, why does it have to be that expensive? I have been using macs since early 1990, have had all the upgrades. It does not make sense to me to swap to android. But again: 1000+ for a phone is just killing me…

    1. I apologize for whatever happened to your previous post. I am the one who moderates all posts, and I didn’t send anything from you to Trash or Spam. I only do that when absolutely necessary. I don’t see anything from you on either place, so it looks like your previous attempt didn’t make it from your browser to WordPress for some reason. If you ever have trouble like that again, my email is [email protected], or you can find me on Twitter @jhrogersii or @ipadinsightblog.

      As for the price of the phone, if you look back at the news yesterday, it was all about how the high price is Samsung’s fault due to the cost of their displays. Well, the new displays do cost Apple twice as much, but that’s the free market and Apple has had plenty of time to try and address a move from LED to OLED. That’s on them.

      Whoever’s “fault” it is, this is a big reason for the higher price tag. Apple makes their profit by pricing at a high margin. I can’t really complain about that, because I do the same thing when I price a job. It’s going to be at a 30% markup if at all possible. If a company wants to make money, you either have to do this, or you have to have insane volume. Worldwide, Apple does well, but not as well as Samsung in this regard. They make their money on that high volume.

      So, after the report yesterday, I’m not surprised at the price. Apple basically just applied their normal markup to a phone that just has a much higher bill of material to manufacture. It should come down a bit in future years if they can get alternate OLED display sourcing.

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