New Rumors of Apple’s Coming Event and iPhones Shipping Out From China

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News of Apple’s coming event is starting to hit, as German site Macerkopf has potentially let the cat out of the bag. According to their report, sources with German cell carriers let them know that iPhone preorders will start on Friday, September 14th. This date certainly makes sense, as last year’s iPhone X preorders started on September 15th.

If we assume that the 14th is the date, then we can probably expect an Apple event on either Tuesday, September 11th, or Wednesday, September 12th. They are typically on a day other than Monday, and the same week the preorders take place. For reference, last year’s event was on September 12th. Apple is even more regular with iPhone releases, as they are uniformly one week after preorders. In this case, with a September 14th preorder, all of us early risers and yearly upgraders will have new hardware in our hands on Friday, September 21st. Whether the German carrier sources have inside info or not, this all sounds pretty reasonable to me.

Another report from BGR comes from a source of dubious reliability, but also mirrors past patterns with Apple device launches. According to a Redditor with user name u/Obfuscation, who claims his mother is an import/export broker, Apple has booked up all of the air freight capacity going from China to the US for next few weeks.

My mom is an import / export broker and told me they were notified that Apple has reserved almost all air freight going from China -> USA for the upcoming weeks. And the note was “Product Launch” so either they’re placing iPhones in the states, or there is something else happening.

So it isn’t just a Redditor. It’s a Redditor’s mom. Even better.

While there is no way to know whether this guy has any idea what he’s talking about or not, the BGR article mentions that there is actually some precedent here. In 2014, when Apple first released a large screen phone, the iPhone 6 Plus, reports came in from unusual sources that Apple was booking up air freight capacity in the same way. It is interesting to note that Apple is expected to release a new larger screen variant of the iPhone X, along with two other new models. That’s a lot of iPhones to move from point A to point B.

While there are fresh iPhone, MacBook, Mac Mini, Apple Watch, and even Mac Mini rumors, all is still quiet on the iPad Pro front. This close to an event, I think that if anything else makes the stage alongside the new iPhones, it will be the new Macs. However, it could be that one or both of them simply warrant a press release and nothing more. I think we will be waiting just a little bit longer for new tablets and watches.

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