Piper Jaffray Teen Survey Shows That the iPhone Still Has Room to Grow

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Piper Jaffray has released the results of its Spring 2018 Taking Stock with Teens Survey, which contains some very good news for Apple. According to this general survey of 6,000 US teens with an average age of 16, 82% of those surveyed own an iPhone, and a whopping 84% plan to make an iPhone their next smartphone purchase.

These are very impressive numbers, no matter the sample size or how you slice them. When you consider that these two metrics among teenagers have gone up for four straight years (as seen below), it shows that Apple still has a powerful brand that isn’t diminishing the way some in the tech press continue to predict.

Photo Source: Business Insider

These same kids are soon going to grow into adults who will be more likely to use Apple products, so maybe the iPhone still has a little growth potential after all.

Another interesting revelation from the survey is that teens are also interested in the Apple Watch. The industry-leading smartwatch and wearable isn’t just for adults who run or work out, as 20% of those surveyed said they plan to buy an Apple Watch within the next six months. 20% may not seem like a lot, but this is a potential growth area for Apple. If 20% of all younger iPhone owners are buying Watches, that works out to a lot of additional device sales and profits.

Apple was also the second most desired brand among more affluent teenagers. According to Piper Jaffray, they came in second only to Rolex in popularity. This is good news for Apple, because even as they have been able to push toward mass market appeal, their brand is undiminished and is still seen as premium. That is a very difficult balance to strike, so Apple’s marketing team definitely deserves kudos for growing the iPhone’s market without sacrificing its branding.

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