The iPhone X Racks Up a 97% Customer Satisfaction Rate in Recent Survey

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For all of the recent hand-wringing over whether the iPhone X is or isn’t selling, it still has an enormous impact on the smartphone market. First, we saw all but three or four Android manufacturers blatantly rip off the X’s signature notch earlier this year, but without the Face ID tech that truly sets it apart. Now we have a new survey from market research firm Creative Strategies that shows the iPhone X holding up quite well among those who have purchased one.

According to the survey, the iPhone X enjoys an exceedingly high 97% satisfaction rate. Even more impressive is the fact that 85% of owners say they are “very satisfied” with the X. According to Creative Strategies analyst Ben Bajarin, that is the among the highest scores seen “in all the customer satisfaction studies we have conducted across a range of technology products.” Impressive indeed.

There were 12% of respondents who said they were “satisfied” with the iPhone X, which totaled with the 85% “very satisfied” above gives us the 97% overall satisfaction score. That leaves only a scant 3% who are unsatisfied with the device. The survey includes the responses of 1,746 people, so it is a large enough sample size to be meaningful. According to MacRumors, the survey was geared toward early adopters of the device based on a series of pre-survey questions.

What does this survey mean in regards to Apple’s current stock price volatility and reported iPhone X sales woes? Little to nothing, honestly. While these strong satisfaction numbers may get a few buyers who initially passed on the phone to take a second look, it is more a confirmation of the hardware build quality and performance of the device than a sales tool. The bottom line is that these figures come from early adopters like myself, who were likely to buy the latest iPhone no matter what, so they are unlikely to translate to Apple’s current situation, good, bad, or ugly.

However, I do believe that these numbers bode very well for Apple in the future. If price is the main limiting factor of the iPhone X, then this fall will bring more options with the same basic design at lower prices. That, or potentially a larger version of the iPhone X for the same price as the current model, which is EXACTLY what I am looking forward to. Forget this year and the “super cycle” that didn’t come to pass. If actual users of the iPhone X are still this satisfied with the device, then it points to a much bigger year for Apple next year when they will have more price points covered.

James Rogers

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