Navy Blue iPhone 12 Pro

A Navy Blue iPhone 12 Pro Sounds Great Apple, But Enough With the Revolving Color Door

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Navy Blue iPhone 12 Pro

Photo Source: EverythingApplePro/Max Weinbach

According to a report from Digitimes, Apple is going to offer the iPhone 12 Pro in Navy Blue this year. First off, you can count me in right now. Blue is my favorite color, and the darker, the better.

That said, I have absolutely no confidence that this color will be available next year. Apple debuted a Midnight Green variant of the iPhone 11 Pro last year to solid reviews and what looked to be strong sales, at least initially. However, if this same report and others are correct, Midnight Green is already heading off into the sunset. It’s the color I chose for my iPhone 11 Pro Max, so even though I wouldn’t repeat it this year, that isn’t because I don’t like it.

New iPhone colors often do well for Apple, so I understand the need for a steady stream of fresh ones. However, it would be nice if new ones hung around for at least a couple of years after release.Come on, Apple. Would one extra color and set of SKUs kill you?

As with Midnight Green, I have little doubt this Navy Blue option will be gone in a year, as well. If Apple ushers it out to make room for a deep purple (Geaux Tigers!!), then I won’t mind so much. However, having both colors would be even better.

What do you think of Navy Blue on a new iPhone Pro? Does it interest you, or are you sticking with one of Apple’s more traditional options this year? Let me know in the Comments section below, or on Twitter @iPadInsightBlog.


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