How to install a third party keyboard on your iPhone

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iOS keyboard

For years Apple would not provide an option to download and install any third-party keyboard for iPhones.  Like it or hate it, that’s just how it was–and to be honest, most iPhone users were ok with that.  In fact, I would wager that the majority of iPhone users to this day, aren’t aware that since the introduction of iOS 8, we finally have choices when it comes to what keyboard we choose to use on our iPhones. Luckily there are now options for those who want to use Swift, Flesky, Swype, or any number of other available choices.


Installing third-party keyboards

On your iPhone open the Settings App–> General–> Keyboard–> Keyboards–> Add New Keyboard, and then choose the Keyboard that you wish to install from the list of third-party keyboards.  Any third-party keyboard that you add to your iPhone will have access to all the data you type.

Once your new keyboard is installed, you will have to select it, and then choose to Allow Full Access in order to make it available. Full access allows the developers to transmit anything you type, including anything you have previously typed with these keyboards. Third-party keyboards can also access text data, which is useful in improving auto-correct functionality on your iPhone.

To select you newly installed keyboard, press and hold the Globe key  and make your choice from the drop-down menu. You can switch back to any other available keyboards in the same manner using the Globe button at the bottom.  To remove an installed keyboard, choose the Settings App–> Keyboards–> Remove Keyboard from list.

Swift iOS keyboard

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