Analyst Predicts the Fall 2018 iPhone Lineup Price Points

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While several reputable Apple prognosticators, including both Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman and KGI’s Ming-Chi Kuo, have predicted that we will see three new iPhone models in the Fall, now we have a price prediction that I think makes a lot of sense to go with them. Amit Daryanani, an analyst with RBC Capital, has made an interesting prediction about the new price points for the three devices that will replace the current iPhone X.

Daryanani believes that the new larger screen 6.5″ iPhone will take over the $999 price point, the 5.8″ model, which will be the same size as the current X, will come in at $899, and the new 6.1″ LCD screen phone will end up at “$700+.” Considering the complaints over the $999 starting price of the iPhone X, and the fact that the coming 6.5″ OLED model will have to be priced higher than the next model down, this move makes perfect sense.

First off, consider that the existing entry level iPhone 8 costs $699, with the 8 Plus coming in at $799. The predicted price of the 6.1″ LCD phone puts it right between them, but with Face ID and a bigger screen than either. This should spur far more upgrades than either the 8, which looked the same as the three previous iPhones, or the X, which costs quite a bit more. If this price prediction is correct, the rest is just gravy. This phone would likely be a huge hit.

Well, if existing X owners who upgrade yearly through Apple’s iPhone Upgrade Program, or those who passed on the X because of its high price take the plunge thanks to $100 being knocked off the price, then it certainly won’t hurt overall sales. With better internals and Face ID 2.0 at $100 less, it will look like a better buy than it does today.

While the big boy 6.5″ model likely won’t move anything close to as many units as the 6.1″, Apple would be wise to avoid going over the $999 mark to start. If this reports turns out to be true, then they listened and got the message thanks to the iPhone X. Even though this phone would carry the same starting price, the larger screen and other potential new features (Apple Pencil support, please) will help to soften that blow. If nothing else, Apple’s impressive early sales of the X prove that people like myself who want the bigger screen and are willing to pay to get it will pay the same to get more in a heartbeat. Add that to a hit 6.1″ device and a cheaper 5.8″ model, and Apple could possibly kick off that super cycle we were all talking about last November.

I guess we can expect this report to be the first of MANY such rumors, reports, and predictions of prices and options over the coming months. I just hope that this one proves to be correct, as these prices would likely make the 6.1″ LCD model a huge hit, and the $100 price cut on the 5.8″ X-sized model would get some of the critics off Apple’s back. Well, actually it wouldn’t. They will just find something else to gripe about, but I digress.

James Rogers

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