The iPhone X Has Arrived!

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The UPS Man arrived with my iPhone X a little after 11 AM this morning, and I have been messing with it ever since. That is both a good and a bad thing. It’s good in the fact that the phone itself feels great in the hand, is buttery smooth in use, and that Face ID seems to work great, in spite of all the reservations that some, including myself, had about it beforehand. It really is an absolutely fantastic piece of hardware that feels premium as an object in a way that the original iPhone and the iPhone 4 did when first released. The iPhone X feels like more than just a phone in the hand. More on this later.

The bad comes with the fact that Apple neglected to release a version of the iOS 11.2 beta that is compatible with the iPhone X until this afternoon. This means that beta users like myself have not been able to restore their iPhone Xs from an iCloud Backup until now. I had not planned on setting my phone up as new, as the process literally takes hours, so I was not happy about this. I decided to get an idea of how long it would take and started down that path. After an hour and a half solid, and I only had my accounts set up, and the first page of apps downloaded. None of the apps are logged in or set up in any way. Only downloaded. It would have taken all weekend to get everything back, and that shouldn’t be necessary in 2017.

This has certainly thrown a monkey wrench in the experience of getting familiar with the new hardware today, which is kind of important if you want to write about it intelligently. Yeah, I know that I can file this under First World Problems. However, the reason I am really put out with Apple over this is the fact that this would have been easy to avoid. Also, the fact that the power users and developers who gravitate toward using the betas are the same people who would either get up at 12 AM PST to preorder or camp all night out to line up and get a new iPhone X on Launch Day makes this gaffe all the more confusing. Sometimes it seems like Apple is actually trying to irritate some of their best and most loyal customers. Oh well. At least they rectified it and finally got the iOS 11.2 posted. Now all of us beta users can all start the 2+ hour process of restoring and fiddling with Settings all over again.

Time to put my temporary Apple angst aside for the moment and focus on the new phone. Here are three Facebook Live videos that I shot right after getting the iPhone X covering some basics.

iPhone X Unboxing

Face ID Setup and Basic Use

SaharaCase Screen Protector for the iPhone X

If the videos don’t show up for you, you can link to our Facebook site here.

I’ll be back later this evening with some more early impressions of the hardware. I am planning on doing a running “diary” of impressions of the X, rather than a formal review. I recently did this with the Apple Watch Series 3 and I much prefer this format. It gives me time to live with the hardware a bit and discover the good and the bad.

Until then, if you have any questions about the iPhone X, feel free to let me know in the Comments section below, on Flipboard, on our Facebook page, or on Twitter @iPadInsightBlog. I will happy to try and get you an answer.

James Rogers

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