Apple One More Thing

Apple Closes 2020 Out With One More Thing Tomorrow

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Apple One More Thing

We’ve all had our ups and downs this year. 2020 has been one crazy ride and it has affected pretty much everyone, everywhere. Even Apple, one of the biggest and most profitable companies in the world, isn’t immune. However, while everything has arrived a bit late this year and we think some devices that were planned for this fall were delayed until 2021, they have still managed to get all of their most important hardware out the door.

Tomorrow, Apple closes the book on an eventful 2020 with their One More Thing event.

Apple fans have a pretty good idea what’s coming. We already got the basic overview of the new Apple Silicon processors that will power some of their new Macs. What should come at 10 AM Pacific tomorrow are some of the finer details of how Apple Silicon processors will be designed and work and the first devices we will see them in.

As for the later, it’s looking like we will get both a 16″ MacBook Pro and 13″ and 16″ MacBook Airs. That’s been rumored for several days now, but the specs and performance are left to be revealed. Then there’s also the matter of price. If Apple is using it’s own processors, maybe they will decide to cut the pricing a bit to make these new MacBooks a little easier sell.

What we don’t really know much about is how the new Apple Silicon processors will be constructed and perform. How many cores will they have? Will everything be integrated, including memory and video? What will the specs look like and will Apple even spend time discussing them in detail? The fact that the company is leading off with a MacBook Pro tells me that they don’t expect horsepower to be a problem, but it will be interesting to see how specific they get about that.

Another item that should be covered will be Rosetta 2. Using the data from the developer beta and dev kits, Apple should be able to give specifics on the kind of emulation performance and compatibility that we can expect for existing Mac apps. Hopefully they can tell us how much better it will perform with the final Apple Silicon setup, since the dev kits were limited to an A12Z. Rosetta 2’s performance is critical, as it will take a year or two before most developers port their apps over to ARM. Rosetta 2 is the key to Apple Silicon Macs being useful on day one.

Then there are the more trivial matters. What will the new processors really be called, because Apple Silicon is just a stand-in? That is anyone’s guess at this point. And will anything else be announced at this event? There is a possibility that Apple’s new AirTags will arrive, but that isn’t definite.

Based on some of the leaked specs from dev kits and the fact that there’s good reason to expect a MacBook Pro to be announced, tomorrow’s event should be quite the show. As good as Apple’s two previous streamed events were, I am expecting One More Thing to be the best of the bunch. With their chip prowess, Apple should end their 2020 hardware releases with a bang tomorrow.

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