The New 16″ MacBook Pro May Arrive Tomorrow

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Mark Gurman goes on these streaks of Apple reporting sometimes. He will string together articles over the course of multiple days leaking all kinds of goodies. He is at it again right now, as after spilling the beans on Apple’s upcoming AR plans yesterday (which I also wrote about here), Mr Gurman delivered the goods on the new 16″ MacBook Pro today.

First off, Gurman says the new laptop could be announced/revealed as early as tomorrow. Even if it doesn’t arrive then, it will be released soon. So if you are looking to buy a new MacBook Pro, keep an eye on tech twitter tomorrow. Being this late in the year, it will likely go on sale as soon as the release hits.

Second, Gurman confirms that this new model does in fact have an upgraded keyboard design. There have been lots of rumors regarding Apple moving away from the butterfly keyboard mechanism that it has transitioned its laptops to over the past few years, but there wasn’t any certainty as to when it would happen. There have been plenty or reports saying that the new keyboard would come next year and there has been a lot of back and forth over whether it might come ahead of that on this new 16″ model. Gurman giving confirmation this close to release is good enough for me and this is great news for anyone who wants an Apple laptop but doesn’t want to put up with the troublesome butterfly keyboard.

Gurman also had one more nugget for us today. Toward the end of his article, he confirmed that the Mac Pro will also be coming this year, as promised. It will arrive sometime in December. He also mentioned at the end that these two Pro computers will close out the year for Apple hardware.

That is interesting, as there were strong rumors that we would be getting Apple’s rumored AirTag tracking tags and new Smart Battery Cases for the current crop of iPhones before the Holidays. Maybe those items are smaller than Gurman is worrying about with this article, but I have a feeling that his wording may close the door on any other new hardware or accessories from Cupertino this year. Even though both seem like timely stocking stuffers, I think we won’t be seeing them until 2020.



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