Notable New iPad Apps: Disney Animated

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Disney Animated iPad app

Disney Animated is a wonderful new iPad app that takes us into the world of Disney and their great animated films. It’s a fascinating look into Disney’s fantastic animated feature films – all the way from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs right up though an early look at their next upcoming movie, Frozen.The app offers a deep dive into the methods developed and used by Disney over decades to create films that have resonated so heavily with generations of movie goers. Of course the app is brimming with fun interactive elements – from controlling a visual effects simulator to working with 3D animated characters.Here are some of the app’s most notable features:• Read about Disney animation in a way you never could before, and work with Disney characters and technologies via sophisticated interactives.
• Reveal work-in-progress animation steps and visual effects layers beneath animated scenes.
• Zoom in on concept art, painted backgrounds, and storyboards to see intricate details as never before possible.
• Rotate treasured artifacts from the locked vaults of The Walt Disney Animation Research Library as if they were in the palm of your hand.

• Animate Vanellope from Wreck-It Ralph using a simple but powerful 3D animation package adapted from real Disney modeling software. Share your animations by email or social media.
• Control Elsa‘s magical snow from the upcoming film Frozen, using an authentic re-creation of the visual effects animation system used in the movie. Share your snow flurries by email or social media.
• Swipe through a complete timeline of every Walt Disney Animation Studios feature film, with animated clips from your favorite characters and recently uncovered trailers.
• Trace your finger over the Color Map: a single full-screen image that shows every scene from every Walt Disney Animation Studios animated feature film in thumbnail form. Never before has this complete catalog been browsable in this way.

My 10 year old daughter, like her mom and I and like so many kids, has grown up fascinated by many Disney titles and characters. I was hoping she would appreciate this app, and she does. In fact, she’s crazy about it. I showed it to her for 3 minutes on my iPad and she could not wait to get it installed on her own iPad mini.

She has spent hours creating and saving animations with the 3D characters and showing them off to my wife and I.

Here’s a good promo trailer video for the app:

Disney Animated is a rather premium priced app at $13.99 but the great content is well worth the price. It’s also a hefty download, weighing in at nearly 1.8GB.

Here’s an App Store link for Disney Animated for iPad.

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