Notable New iPad Apps: Favs – Favorites Aggregator

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Favs is a new iPad app that hails itself as the app for your likes, stars, social bookmarks and favorites.

It was originally an iPhone app and has just been updated to a universal app with a full iPad version today. The apps premise is that we’re all out there marking things as favorites (though sometimes they’re called Likes or Bookmarks etc.) on a large and growing number of social networks and services, and Favs is the best place to aggregate and enjoy those favorites.

Here are a couple of the app’s notable features:

Find Favorites
Instead of spreading your favorites across different networks, use Favs to sync them to your iPhone. Don’t waste any more time on searching for your favorite content – Favs has a powerful search feature build right into the application that makes finding what you like a breeze.
Follow Favorites
Many favorites are public, for example on Twitter, Flickr or Vimeo. This allows you to follow the favorites of persons you like and just see their hand-picked articles. For those sources Favs marks new entries as ‘unread’ and you can use Favs as a sophisticated Reader app.

Favs Pocket Article

Another of Favs’ strongest features is its broad range of supported services for reading favorites:

Delicious – private bookmarks
Dribble – public likes/heart
Facebook — private likes
Flattr — public flattred things
Flickr — public favorites/starred
Github — public watched repositories
Google Reader — private starred items
Instagram — private likes/heart
Instapaper — private likes; a paid Instapaper subscription is required
Pinboard — private and public bookmarks
Readability — private favorites/star
Pocket / Read It Later — private articles
StackOverflow — public favorites/star
Twitter — private and public favorites/star
Vimeo — public likes/heart
YouTube — public favorites
Zootool — public and private bookmarks

The app’s interface is quite basic and easy to work with. You’re prompted to allow access to your Twitter account on first launch of the app, and then you just tap the + button to add whichever further services you like.

I’ve only just installed the app this morning, so I’m still getting to know it and figuring out how I want to use it / which services I really want to see in it – but it looks promising as a central place to keep favorite items from various sources.

Are any of you Favs users on the iPhone, or on the new iPad app? If so, which services do you use with it?

Here’s an App Store link for Favs; it’s priced at $2.99.

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