Notable New iPad Apps: Status Board

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Status Board iPad app

Status Board is a new iPad app that lets you take advantage of the iPad’s lovely, big screen to information from a number of sources and customize what you see and how you see it. Or, as the App Store page for the app, states:

You’ve got data. Status Board makes it beautiful.

The app uses panels to display data – 6 default panels for weather, clock, calendar, email, Twitter, and news feeds. Of course you can enable or disable any or all of these per your preferences. Pro panels let you add your own data sources in JSON, CSV, or HTML format. You can also design your own panels in HTML format.

You can customize your Status Board views in portrait or landscape mode, resize and reposition panels and choose from a few options on what’s displayed in each panel. If you want to be able to display your board to even bigger screens via HDMI or AirPlay this functionality can be added with an in-App purchase for $9.99.

I installed Status Board yesterday after seeing some praise for it from John Gruber at Daring Fireball and Federico Viticci at MacStories, and like the app so far – though I really haven’t done a whole lot with it just yet. I’ve just setup the 6 default panels and placed them where I think I like each best, but I’m sure I’ll do a lot more playing with this and look at adding some custom data to it.

Oh, and the setup walkthrough for this app, complete with cheerful elevator music (Samba de Setup)to accompany it, is as nicely done as any I’ve seen.

Here’s an App Store link for Status Board; it’s priced at $9.99.

Are any of you using Status Board on the iPad yet? Have you added any custom data sources to it yet?

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