Notable New iPad Apps: Yahoo! Mail

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Yahoo Mail for iPad

The Yahoo! Mail app was updated and revamped this week; it’s now a universal app with a new iPad version.

Here’s a few of the notable feature of the new Yahoo! Mail iPad app:

Especially designed for your iPad, this app lets you sit back, relax, and effortlessly sift through emails:
✔ Full screen “Reading mode”: Email with photos, newsletters, and shared articles now appear beautifully in full screen at the tap of a button. Flip through messages as in a magazine.
✔ Advanced options for message actions: Upon selection, messages are automatically grouped by sender, so you can keep your Inbox more organized. Delete unnecessary social media notifications, star messages from a friend, move messages from family into folders, all in a few taps.
New “Starred” folder: Conveniently find all your starred messages in one place. Available on both iPhone and iPad.

I have to admit, I hadn’t used Yahoo! Mail in quite a while – but I decided to give this new app a look this weekend. I think it looks good – better than I remember Yahoo! Mail looking on iOS anyway.

Do we have any Yahoo! Mail users here? If so, what do you think of the new iPad app?

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6 thoughts on “Notable New iPad Apps: Yahoo! Mail”

  1. I’ve heard rumors that Apple is working on more integration with Yahoo. That was a revolting thought at first, but then I realized the built-in Weather and Stocks app already pull from Yahoo. Also, Yahoo’s new weather app is gorgeous! (Except for the icon). The best offering though, is the Sportacular app. Sportacular is easily the best sports app letting you customize favorite teams across all sports and have individual alerts. Yahoo bought them years ago and the app has actually gotten better. I’d love to see this more built in. Not sure what to make of Yahoo making custom apps now for mail and weather.

    1. They used to have an HD version. Must have taken it down as it had lower reviews. The HD version didn’t seem to have the same code running underneath it. Hope they will fix it and bring it back.

          1. Cool, thanks for the heads-up. Lots of In-App purchase options in there. Just installed it.

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