Are You Giving the Gift of Apple This Year?

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Christmas is still a day away, but Christmas Eve is the day that my immediate family gets together and exchanges gifts. At one point, that extended family was my Mom and Dad, two sisters and their husbands. Then they had kids, I got married and had kids and now my several of my nephews and nieces have kids, as well. We’ve gone from a group of seven to hitting thirty last year.

We keep our family gift-giving modest at these parties, so there definitely won’t be any Apple devices changing hands. And that’s more than fine. When it comes to family, it really is the thought that counts to me and not the dollars spent.

That said, when it comes to giving to those closest to you, sometimes Apple devices and accessories can be the gift that counts. I’ve given such gifts to my wife and kids on several occasions, from iPod Touches to iPads to iPhones. And while this job usually provides me with the opportunity to buy my own Apple devices, I have gotten some accessories that I really appreciated from those closest to me.

Along those line, are you giving anyone the gift of Apple this Christmas? If so, whether it’s tonight, tomorrow, or days after the big event, I hope you take great joy in the giving and the person you are giving to in the receiving.

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