Deputy Editor Dawg – Enjoying Presidents’ Day

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Baz and Ball 1

Perfect ending to a holiday Monday here. My daughter invented a new game called ‘Nose Ball’ and apparently my big Deputy Editor pal is aces at it.

It’s a simple game. We throw a big silly ball in the air somewhere in the region of Deputy Editor’s head and he makes like a trained seal and noses or head butts the heck out of it and sends it flying. He enjoyed it big time and we couldn’t stop laughing.

Hope you all are having a great Monday too. I’ll be back to normal iPad posting service in the morning.

Patrick Jordan

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4 thoughts on “Deputy Editor Dawg – Enjoying Presidents’ Day

  1. Great pic! If you took this with your ipad mini im sold. Always enjoy your info/ victoria bc canada.

    • Thanks, and glad to hear you enjoy the site. I didn’t take this one, my wife did on her iPhone.

  2. The only thing I enjoy more than your reviews, suggestions and tutorials is news and highlights of deputy dawg.

    Thank you for the smile

    Susan Lurvey