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Apologies for another off topic post, but after all the kind words I received yesterday about my big pal the Deputy Editor Dawg I thought I’d offer a short update on his status.

His surgery went very well and the vet says he’s strong as an ox. They removed a good-sized chunk of a ball from his intestine successfully. Running after a ball is his big obsession in life (outside of his editing duties of course) but he has never been one for chewing them up at all – so I’m convinced this was an accident when he was just savoring a ball he’d chased down.

He was pretty beat up when he came home after surgery yesterday evening – groggy and with eyes full of pain, which is always so tough to see. He was creaky and strained and not enjoying movement at all, especially with the horrible cone on to prevent him licking his patched up areas. The vet said he would be much, much better today – and sure enough this morning he woke up with a far more lively attitude and a wonderful shine back in his eyes.

He’s got a few days of very light food intake and two weeks of bed rest ahead of him and then, barring any complications, he should be back to his big,strong self.

Thanks so much to all of you who had kind words about him yesterday!

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13 thoughts on “Deputy Editor Dawg Update – Conehead”

  1. Super glad your 4-legged family member is on the mend. Was caught by your comment that you had frequently turned to say something to him, only to be jolted by him not being there. I have a lab that looks much like yours and talk to him constantly. Sometimes I feel a little silly, but I am certain that when we both get to heaven he will look at me and say, “Mom, I understood every thing you ever said to me, and it’s all okay – I love you tons too.” There is no better listener than your dog. Best to you both – Susan

  2. Excellent news!! Be sure to let him know two things. 1. We all wish him, and you, ( we all know how stressful this is on you both, ) a swift recovery. And 2. That the new funny shaped collar puts him ahead of the pack as a fashion statement!! All the finest dogs will be looking to get one just like it for the fall season. wink…

  3. The cone will be much more fun after a week or two when it’s filled with a mix of dog slobber, bits of dog food, grass, and unidentifiable bits of whatever. Our English Bulldog had one on for two weeks during a summer, and the smell was … unique, even after trying to clean it from time to time :-)

  4. Get that cone OFF his head!!! Ask your vet for a blow up pillow e-collar. They are less than a quarter of the size; much safer and mic much more comfortable. They look like those travel pillows people fly with.
    Hope he feels better soon. I have a lab that had the same surgery- he will be right as rain in no time.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion Robert – but he’s actually used to it now and not fussed about having it on. I asked the vet about those pillow ones and they do not recommend them in his case. He’s kind of a brute and they tell me he went after the IV insertion point pretty enthusiastically on surgery day. I think he needs this bigger cone.

  5. My wife and I love seeing pictures of him now and again, all blogs should have cute dogs deputy editors! Give him a cuddle from us!!

    1. Thanks Chris – and I agree all blogs should have a fearless deputy editing mascot. Will do on the cuddle.

  6. Really glad D.E. Dawg is doing so well. Sorry he must spend time in the Cone of Shame. But it does give you an opportunity to exclaim, each time he comes into the room: “Look, it’s the King of France!” Hope he heals soon.

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