OT: Moved House, Deputy Editor Dawg Likes New Office

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We moved house this past Friday. My wife and the movers did the vast bulk of the work. My primary role in things was to stay the heck out of the way on Move Day, and then to ask where the Apple TV power cable had got to at the most inopportune and annoying times on the day following the move.

One of the best things about the new place is that it’s bigger, and I’ve got a dedicated office room. It’s big, has a lovely view out to trees and woods, and works perfectly for me. I feel sure it will make all my articles here 27% better than before.

Oh, and my Deputy Editor is happy with the new office too. He has found at least three serious snoozing spots in it that are acceptable to him, and given it a big paws-up of approval.

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3 thoughts on “OT: Moved House, Deputy Editor Dawg Likes New Office”

  1. It is nice to hear that the move is complete.

    Now, err, did you save me a spot in the new fancy office?

    PS: The Deputy has really grown!

    1. Hmmm – there may be a spare spot, will need to check with The Deputy. He’s in charge of who enters / exits the room. :)

      He’s a big lad – 95 lbs of pure Labrador muscle and editing skills.

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