Quick DE Dawg Update: Back to Himself

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DE Dawg on the Mend

Many of you were so kind when I posted last week about my big pal, the Deputy Editor Dawg, and his surgery to remove an object that was lodged in his intestine. Thanks very much for all your comments and concern.

So I thought I’d offer a short final update on his status. This morning I removed his cone of shame and he gave a huge head shake and rubbed his head all over me. His incision area has healed up very nicely and is nice and clean. He’s got his appetite back and I’d say he’s back up to about 80% of his normal self.

He needs 5 more days of bed rest and then we can get back into our normal routine of long morning walks and chasing tennis balls in the evening. Basically, he’s happy and just about back to his old self.

Patrick Jordan

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6 thoughts on “Quick DE Dawg Update: Back to Himself”

  1. Good news, indeed. And by the time that D. E. Dawg’s tummy fur has grown in, all this won’t even be a memory anymore. Thanx for the update!

  2. Great, it is such a joy to see our best pal going back to full power ! I also had mine under medication for a month and now he is also doing fine…..they are a huge part of our life and we should always keep in mind how much love they give us every day!

  3. Thanks again to all of you for the kind words. And yes, it really is great to see him feeling so much better and nearly back to 100% again.

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