What Will I Be Doing With My iPad Pro Tonight?

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Watching my Tigers beat Clemson for a FBS College Football National Championship! Well, I’ll be watching the game on a tv along with my Wife, Mom and Dad, but I will be using the 12.9″ screen of my iPad Pro to keep up with some of ESPN’s other feeds for the game. They go all out for Playoff and Championship Games and my tablet will help me take advantage without the need or any channel flipping.

That isn’t all I will be doing. I am Facebook friends with several of my old college friends, and we will occasionally post out thoughts back and forth throughout the game. Then there is good old TigerDroppings, a throwback to the days before Reddit, when topical message board sites were a big thing on the earlier web. If you are a Tiger fan like me, you’ve likely at least heard of it and maybe you’ve been there. If you haven’t, well, you might want to stay away. It isn’t for the faint of heart. Trolling is priority one in the the game threads there and some of these guys take it to some insane levels. I’m there for the talk about the game, but it can devolve into pure chaos at times. Whatever I’m doing, the big screen and multitasking capability of the iPad Pro is perfect. It’s light, runs cool, has great battery life and thanks to my Brydge Keyboard, I have a keyboard just about as good as any laptop’s

Kickoff is somewhere between 15 and 30 minutes from now, and writing this bit is a nice, brief distraction from what should be an incredibly competitive game between two extremely good football teams. Time to eat a quick bite and hopefully enjoy an incredible end to an incredible 2019-20 LSU Football Season.

There’s only me thing left to say:


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