Deals: 30% Off the Lazy Couch Laptop & Tablet Stand

Our highlighted deal today is for the Lazy Couch Laptop & Tablet Stand.  This tiny, lightweight (1.8 ounces!) stand looks very promising. It’s made by Just Mobile, makers of some of our favorite ever iPad stands.   It’s on offer for $13.95 – 30% off the standard price of $20.

Here’s the Deals store intro and features list for the Lazy Couch Laptop & Tablet Stand:

Laptops and tablets have us constantly hunched and bent in positions that are bad for our health, and plain uncomfortable. Place these lightweight, portable stands under your laptop to raise it to the ideal ergonomic typing level, while also allowing airflow to prevent overheating. Kind of a Netflix addict? Use your Lazy Couch stands to get the ideal viewing angle of your tablet before you dive into your next series marathon.

  • Constructed w/ high-quality aluminum

  • Fit most laptops & tablets

  • Designed specially for MacBooks & iPads

  • Snap together as one unit for easy storage & traveling

  • Provide ventilation for laptops & tablets for cooler, quieter operation

  • Improve viewing & typing angles

Check out this iPad Insight Deals page to see more detail and place an order.


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How to turn your iPad into a MacBook

IMG_0566After the recent WWDC, Apple made it much easier to teach its programming language, Swift, in schools. In iOS9, you can run apps created in Swift on an iPad without the need for a virtual machine which means students can test, change a bit and test again with ease. They’ve also released some great looking iTunes U courses to help you learn. I look after the 1:1 iPad program in my school and I’d really like to take advantage of this for my students. The problem is I need to learn how to program in Swift and to do this I need a MacBook. Unfortunately I don’t have a MacBook. Everywhere I look, other teachers, students, everyone seems to have one of those sleek looking MacBooks, but I don’t. As I wipe my tears away at the prospect of all of my money going on nappies for the newest member of the Potter family and not a new MacBook, I turn my attention to making one from what I already have. Here is what I came up with. Continue reading

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Six-month update: iCloud Photo Library Has Sped Up     

I posted an update two and a half months ago about the state of iCloud Photo Library, after having decided to store all of my photos and videos in Apple’s cloud. At the time, I was having issues with devices not syncing properly and cloud videos streaming in very, very slowly. However, something seems to have changed in the past few months.

I haven’t had a single issue with my devices dropping out of sync since my last post. As long as my iPad has had time to stay on Wi-Fi, I know I can turn it on and see full-resolution versions of the photos I just took on my iPhone earlier in the day. This alone is worth the price of $4/month for me. 

However, video streaming and playback has also improved dramatically. It used to take upwards of 10 seconds for a video to start playing, and even then playback would still be a little choppy. On a decent connection (LTE or Wi-Fi that’s 20+ Mbps) my videos will start playing within about three seconds and allow for me to scrub through them. I tested this on videos that were 10 seconds and for videos over 1:10, and both started equally quickly. I was really thinking that all future devices I’d need would require 128 GB, but the increasing reliability of iCloud Photo Library has me feeling that 64 GB could be just fine for quite a while. 

The last little bonus observation is that iOS 9 seems to have also improved the photo browser within apps like iMessage and photo editors. Trying to send a picture from within iMessage on my Air 2 usually took several seconds on iOS 8, but it’s noticeably faster on iOS 9. It’s not instantaneous, but I’m welcoming the improvement. 

If you’ve been interested in iCloud Photo Library as your one stop shop for photos and videos, now is a pretty good time to jump on board. The service had some growing pains, much like iMessage did when it first launched, but it’s gotten better and is definitely feeling reliable now.

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Apple introduces a new News app in iOS 9; will it replace your favorite RSS reader?


At the World Wide Developer Conference last week, Apple introduced their all new RSS reader app called News.  In all honesty, I see it as a good move on their part–it makes sense.  By offering a free news aggregator that automatically is included in iOS 9, iPad owners are much less likely to go outside the Apple ecosystem in search of a an alternative.  This move to provide a more comprehensive, all encompassing experience on iOS will be a good hook for new iPad and iPhone users.  However, after talking with some current users, many of them were not as impressed.

Will the News app be a viable alternative to much more established and successful RSS readers like Feedly and Flipboard?  Yes, and no.  Traditional RSS reader advocates will likely stay with their current choices.  However, new iPad users looking for a way to consume content more easily, and all in one place will likely find News to be the first and perhaps their last choice since it will be pre-installed on their device.  Never underestimate the power of convenience.

Sites like Facebook and Twitter seem to be absent from the list of available feeds that can be included in the News app–which might be a little discouraging to some users.  I for one, won’t miss them, as that is not the way I consume social media content.  I’d rather just read those kinds of posts from within their respective apps; and I would bet that the majority of Facebook and Twitter users would feel the same way.

Continue reading

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Deals: 25% Off Decibullz Custom Molded Earphones

Decibullz Custom Molded Earphones

Today’s featured deal sounds great, or more like it will help you listen to things that sound great. :) It’s Decibullz Custom Molded Earphones – on sale for $44.99, 25% off their standard price of $60.

Here’s the rundown on these little guys and their best features:

Every ear is different yet earphones are generally “one size fits all”—the designers at Decibullz aim to solve this dilemma with their 100% custom, moldable earphones. Easily and quickly mold the included material to the unique shape of your ear with just hot water, then combine it with a specially-selected silicon tip to get a noise-isolating, custom-fit listening experience. Say goodbye to ear discomfort and loose earbuds, and hello to custom perfection.

CES 2014 Innovations Design & Engineering Award

  • Upgraded premium sound engine for a rich full sound

  • In-line remote & mic for taking calls

  • Flat tangle-resistant cords

  • A double seal for top-notch noise isolation

  • Instructional video for easily molding your earphones

To see more details and place an order, visit this iPad Insight Deals page.

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How to breathe new life and increased performance back into an iPad that has become slow and sluggish


So, you’ve got an iPad and it’s starting to get a little slow on you.  Stop me if this sound familiar– first, you do your best to free up as much storage space as you can muster by deleting old, unused apps.  Next,  you decide to offload your photo library and data to iCloud, or whatever other preferred cloud service you choose.  Still not enough?  While these are very intuitive, and useful steps, there are still a few additional methods available to you to bring your iPad back to life and make it feel like it’s a newer device once again.  In no particular order…

Make sure you are running the latest version of iOS

This might not seem like a big deal, however in reality it can be a deal breaker.  Whenever Apple updates the latest version of iOS, they take extra care to optimize it for the most recent hardware.  In addition, they _also_ optimize the new software for older versions of iPad hardware.  Making sure you are running the most recent version ensures that your iPad will run as efficient as it can.  To ensure you are running the most recent version of iOS, first go to

Settings–>General–>Software Update.  If your iPad is up-to-date it will disclose this info to you–otherwise, it will alert you that a more recent version is available to download and install.

Continue reading

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(Sponsor) The Mobile Cloth Duo

Mobile Cloth

If you are a new iPad user or a seasoned veteran you are very aware of the constant fingerprints and smudges clouding up your beautiful “retina” display. MOBiLE CLOTH is easiest, fastest, safest solution. A few swipes with our unique cloth and your screen will look like it just came out of the box! Patrick J. of included MC in a top ten accessory list. Canada’s largest iPhone/iPad blog exclaimed “it’s the best cleaning cloth I’ve ever used” and Beatweek Magazine gave MC “5 out of 5” stars.


The MOBiLE CLOTH DUO gives you the best of all worlds and powerful weapons in the battle against fingerprints. The nano 4″ x 4″ is built for super speed and compact power when a dirty touchscreen situation arises. In case you need some backup we have included the nano’s bigger brother MC Classic! At 9″x 9″ the Classic won’t back down to any fingerprint or smudge no matter the odds. To top off this dynamic Duo we have included our NEW slim line case to keep everyone safe, clean, and ready for action! At only $11.99 Dad will be proud of your economic sensibilities!

All Dad’s Love A Great Deal! 
enter promo code: ipadinsight 
at check out and receive 25% Off any order …( Also for any order over $25 you will receive Free Shipping) 
limited time offer, cannot be used for custom product, free shipping USA only
Shop here: 
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Bring a New Dimension to the Classroom – Verso for iPad


There are so many educational apps for iPad out there, many are total rubbish, some fall into the category of “Cool, but not quite good enough to give me a tangible educational benefit”. A select few though are real bankers and very occasionally, an app comes along which enables me to change something for the better in my classroom. Verso is one such app. The central premise of Verso is that it will collect responses, or answers to a stimulus and allows other people in the group or class to see them anonymously, which takes the worry out of who is saying what. The teacher, or group creator can see individual names of respondents so can see who as or hasn’t responded. Continue reading

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Would A Force Touch Keyboard On The Next iPad Be Practical?

Images of a scaled-up software keyboard in iOS 9 from developer Steven Troughton-Smith hints at the existence of a larger iPad. This new keyboard has more keys, larger key sizes, and more symbols and numbers available at the surface level. The conclusion most people are making is that this layout could only feasibly be executed on a larger screen than the iPad has now. 

This is interesting news on its own, but it got me thinking that a real breakthrough would be a software keyboard with a localized implementation of Force Touch (which is used on the Watch and new MacBook). One of the things that makes typing on the iPad different is that you can’t place your fingers on the keys when you want to rest them, and I think Force Touch could be an interesting solution to this issue. Imagine if you could rest your fingers on the area of the screen displaying the keyboard, but no keystrokes would be registered unless you apply more deliberate pressure to the screen. 

The caveat here is that I don’t know if Force Touch could be designed to only work for a portion of the screen (depending on what’s displayed), and this kind of input would probably need some form of haptic feedback to help me feel when I’ve applied enough pressure to actually trigger a key press. The iPad has also never had a vibrating motor, let alone haptic feedback, and it could prove too noisy with the iPad on a desk. 

However, if we’re going to see a larger iPad and a modified keyboard to suit it, I’m hoping to see more of the innovation that went into designing the keyboard and trackpad on the new MacBook be applied to the input mechanisms on a larger iPad. 

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iPad Art: The Bad, the ugly, and the mollo

iPad Painting The Bad The Ugly and The Mollo

Our featured iPad painting today is titled ‘The bad, the ugly, and the mollo’.  It is the work of Álvaro Tajada Portalo.

I think it’s a great, dramatic image showing the critical moment in a gunfight. It’s listed as ‘in progress’ so I’ll look forward to seeing the final version as well – though it certainly doesn’t feel like it lacks anything major as is.

You can see more of this artist’s work at his altapor Fickr stream.

And of course you can browse through numerous great iPad paintings in our own iPad Art section.


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Deals: 33% Off Braided 10-Foot MFi-Certified Lightning Cable

10 Foot MFi Certified Lightning Cable

Stretch Your Power, Not Your Wallet with This Long, Apple-Certified Charging Cable

Today’s featured deal is an ever-popular accessory for iPad and iPhone users – the Braided 10-Foot MFi-Certified Lightning Cable. Ideal for replacing a shorter, standard lightning cable.

It’s on offer for $19.99 – 1/3 off the normal price of $30. Here’s the rundown on this cool iPad and iPhone accessory and some of its notable features:

Just say no to cheap, non-MFi Lightning cables, and yes to supercharging your Apple devices with this premium braided cable. Covered in durable, nylon braiding, this cable is tangle-free, contains high-quality copper wiring, and is conveniently extra long to support charging and syncing as you go about your business.
Extremely durable
Tangle-free, oxygen-free copper wiring
100% compatible w/ all Lightning devices
Contains a unique Apple-verified serial number & authorization chip
Extra long (10 feet) for charging from bed, the couch, or at your desk

To see more detail and place an order, jump over to this iPad Insight Deals page.

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