iPad Sales Down, iPad Usage Share Still Lapping the Field

2014Q3 Tablet Usage Share

Apple announced their latest quarter’s financial results yesterday afternoon. In among the headline numbers in the results was the figure for iPads sold last quarter: 13.28 million.

That’s viewed as a disappointing number, and is down over 9% from the same quarter in 2013. As Apple Insider reports, Tim Cook seems as confident as ever in the iPad’s future though:

Cook also cited statistics that show Apple dominating the tablet market, and the fact that more than half of iPad buyers are purchasing their first tablet.
He also touted his company’s newly announced partnership with IBM, which will see Big Blue helping to deploy and support iOS devices in the workplace. Combined with Apple’s “legendary ease of use,” he sees great opportunities for iPad growth in the enterprise.

On the same day as the Apple results, the Chitika ad network published their latest quarterly report on tablet usage share. As you can see in the graphic above, the iPad is still dominating in tablet usage share by a huge margin.  The iPad’s share is at 78%, and the second place tablet vendor, Amazon, is at just over 7% – so it’s still a massive gap between the iPad and all other tablets.  Shockingly, those tablets for doing ‘real work’ on have a usage share of less than 2% – again.

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Screens VNC for iPad review: Ideal for Productivity and Pranking!

Mac on your iPad

Mac on your iPad

In my first teaching job, my school at the time had a remote desktop system going where I could use my dodgy old computer at home to remotely connect to a desktop at school which gave me access to all of the programs I needed to prepare my lessons. I remember thinking it was almost like witchcraft – having more than one computer on your computer! It actually worked pretty well in the early days of broadband (despite having to set it to 16 colour mode!). This was a feature that I sorely missed when I moved schools. Jump in the DeLoren and get to 88.8 mph and fast forward to today. Fast connectivity and mobility everywhere means that we don’t have to rely on a meaty central server at a place of work to provide these connections, you can do it yourself at a fraction of the price. This is where Edovia’s Screens software comes in. [click to continue reading…]

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My Incredible Body iPad Review: Like Innerspace but Educational!

If only Dennis Quad had this app in 1987.

If only Dennis Quaid had this app in 1987.

Back in primary school I remember learning about the internals of the human body by constructing a digestive system out of toilet rolls. Needless to say, that summer I probably used more toilet tissue than I needed too in an effort to get enough toilet rolls together. The results were awesome though. I plonked a marble through the cardboard oesophagus and proudly demonstrated to my parents the wonders of the human digestive system. I’m assuming my model had the equivalent of the runs as my marble got through in about 5 seconds. Now, the days of such eco-unfriendly learning are behind us and Zybright have released a great app called My Incredible Body, which I would say is aimed at ages 4-13. [click to continue reading…]

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iPad Art: Celebrity Portrait of Maurice from Planet of the Apes

Maurice iPad painting

OK, this just became my favorite ever celebrity portrait created on an iPad – and that’s saying something because there are some incredible ones out there. But how you can resist this one of Maurice, one of the stars of the new ‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’ movie (and the previous Rise of the Planet of the Apes)?

This is the work of Michael Acosta, shared to our Google+ iPad Art community – created using the Paper by 53 app and the new Adonit Jot Touch.

It’s been shown that Orangutans are able to get a lot of joy from iPads, so perhaps some of them would enjoy this piece as well. In any case, I love this one.

If you’re up for seeing lots more lovely iPad paintings, check out more of our iPad Art section.

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Mobile Digital Art & Creativity Summit: an Event Focused on All Aspects of Mobile Creativity

Cellist by Claire Iris Schencke

I’m a long-time and big-time admirer of art created on iPads, as many of you will know if you’ve been a reader of iPad Insight for any length of time. So right about now I’m wishing I lived somewhere near Palo Alto, California – so that I could go and enjoy this Mobile Digital Art & Creativity Summit.

It strikes me as both a celebration of the wonderful work done by iPad artists and also a chance for those artists, and aspiring digital artists, to collaborate and learn. That’s just my quick take though – here’s a far better introduction via the organizers of this event:

Three days of FUN, ART and CREATIVITY!
The 3-day weekend kicks off on Friday, August 1st with the Grand Opening of the 2nd Annual Mobile Digital Art Exhibition, displaying the work of over 100 artists and, once again, attracting major media attention.
The Grand Opening is followed by a two-day Summit with a packed program of workshops, seminars and masterclasses attracting artists and educators from across the country.

Silicon Valley’s Creative Hub!
The Exhibition and Summit will be held in the Pacific Art League’s newly renovated historic building at 668 Ramona Street, Palo Alto, CA 94301.

Even though I can’t go to the event, I can still enjoy some of the beautiful artwork that’s going to be on display – via the gorgeous slideshow of submitted works here. The image at the top of this post is one I’ll call ‘Cellist’ and is the work of Claire Iris Schencke

[click to continue reading…]

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Quick Thoughts On Facebook Messenger For iPad

I don’t use Facebook Messenger often, but I think it’s great that it was released for iPad. Facebook seems like one of the de facto messaging services for a lot of my friends at work and from university, and bringing the Messenger app to the iPad does show some forward thinking on Facebook’s part. Just […]

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iTunes U 2.0 iPad Review: Education for Everyone?

Being a teacher and a die hard geek, I’ve long been searching for a way to take my courses online in a meaningful way where students can engage in their work in Martini fashion (anytime, anywhere, not drunk). There have been lots of, what we might call ‘Virtual Learning Environments’ over the last ten years, […]

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Still Waiting Patiently For 2Do III for iPad

I’ve been waiting for the release of 2Do III ever since the release of iOS 7 last Fall, and I’m trying to keep from calling the third version of the app “3Do” (I blame 2Fast2Furious and its ilk for that). 2Do was one of my all-time favourite task management apps on iOS, and even though […]

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