How to sort and report junk iMessages with iOS 8.3 on your iPad


Apple update iOS software to version 8.3 yesterday in advance of the Apple Watch launch.  To update your iPad open the Settings app and go to General–> Software Update.  The list of enhancements and updates is quite extensive.  Highlighted by improved performance for

  • App Launch
  • App responsiveness
  • Messages
  • Wi-Fi
  •  Control Center
  • Safari Tabs
  • 3rd-party keyboards
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Simplified Chinese keyboard

and fixes for the following

  • Wi-Fi & Bluetooth
  • Orientation and rotation
  • Family Sharing
  • CarPlay
  • Enterprise
  • Accessibility

Followed up by an extensive number of additional improvements and bug fixes too long to list.

As with most iOS updates, there are always less talked about improvements that are welcomed changes. Sometimes we’re really lucky, and these improvements solve nagging issue that have existed longer than they should have.  This is one of them.  Now we can sort and report junk Messages thanks to iOS 8.3–here’s how.

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iOS 8.3 Now Available  for iPad 

iOS 8.3 is now available for download and there are a few reasons this release might be particularly exciting for avid iPad users:

  • iCloud Photo Library is now out of beta, and the Photos app for Mac is also available in, so you can give the service a try across all of your Apple devices now
  • Performance improvements have been announced across the board for first party apps, third party  keyboards, and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Messages now has more powerful anti spam features for those who suffer from unwanted texts
  • A new emoji keyboard is now available with easier access and a more inclusive set of icons for people of different races and orientations
  • Many more bug fixes and under the hood improvements

I’m glad that this update is out so that my family can also try iCloud Photo Library across all of their devices, but I’m disappointed that I’m still seeing keyboard crashes. You’d think six months would be enough time to iron out the kinks…

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Geometry was never this fun: Ultraflow for iPad

IMG_0615Ultraflow is a unique puzzle game that combines the gameplay of bumper pool, min-golf, Breakout, and some of its own chops in one fast-moving milieu. While the play can be very hectic with lots of moving parts and bouncing around, the color palette is subdued to give your senses some calm place to rest.


The object of each of the 99 puzzles is the same: use your finger to launch a small circle so it bounces into a larger circle. There will be myriad types of obstacles in your way: bumpers as in pinball, brick walls to break down, energy-sucking barriers, or one-directional energy boosters that speed your ball on a one-way path. On each level your ball has only so many bounces allowed before it explodes. For simpler puzzles that number is very low, maybe 3 or 4. For complicated puzzles such as those with the bricks, your allowable bounces range well into the double digits, sometimes 40 or more.

The gameplay is very quick: you either solve the puzzle or die within a very few seconds. Some of the puzzles are easy, which provides a nice mental respite from the puzzles that can be frustratingly difficult. As with most puzzle games, once you figure out a geometric trajectory that creates a win, it seems obvious after the fact. There is a merciful hints function that you can turn on or off. Hints take pity on you when you’ve died many times in a row: a suggested path shows up on the screen.

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Deals: Innori 22400mAh Portable Battery Pack at 42% Off

Innori Portable battery Pack

You can’t have too many options when it coms to keeping your iPad and mobile devices powered. The Innori 22400mAH Portable Battery Pack is another good one, and it’s our featured deal today. It’s available for $39.99 – 42% off its standard $70 price.

Here’s the quick intro on this big fella and its key features:

The Innori Portable Battery Pack will fuel your gadgets time and time again with its impressive 22,400mAh of power, and trio of USB outlets for simultaneous charging. Get incredible bang for your buck with this stylish, effective, and highly-reviewed power bank.

  • Total of 3 outlets: 2 optimized for smartphones, 1 for tablets and other USB-powered devices
  • LED light w/ a lengthy lighting distance of 20 meters for convenient night charging
  • Helpful LED light indicator functions: flashes on while charging/off when fully charged
  • Intelligent charging, recognizes your devices and allocate the right current automatically

You can see more details and place an order at this iPad Insight Deals page.

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How to record your iPad screen using QuickTime Player on your Mac [UPDATED]


While I was surfing around the internet the other day, I came across a procedure that allows you to record the screen of your iOS device using QuickTime Player on your Mac.  As someone who could really benefit from this feature for demonstrative purposes, my curiosity was definitely peaked.  Add to that the fact that it is built into every Mac running Yosemite and that it’s completely free, and I knew that some of you, too, would really appreciate knowing how it works.  Here’s a quick tutorial based upon Aaron Douglas’ Blog post on The Dangling Pointer.

Benefits of using Yosemite & iOS 8 to record your iPad screen

  • QuickTime is already built into your Mac
  • High quality recording since you are hard wired
  • Capable of recording audio

How to record your iPad screen using QuickTime

iPad Screen recording 04-06-15, 10.50.43 PM

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Review: Nintype Keyboard for iPad



Nintype is an incredible keyboard concept, and I think it could prove to be one of the very best ways to type on a tablet screen. I’ve always thought that an awesome touchscreen keyboard would involve a mix of tapping and swiping, which is exactly what Nintype offers. But the most innovative feature of this keyboard is that it can accept taps and swipes within the same word.

Other keyboards like Swype require that you complete an entire word by tracing a single line through multiple letters for a single word, which can be very clumsy for words that are longer than five characters long. Nintype addresses this by allowing me to write by using combinations of taps and swipes, in whatever order I like.

For example, typing the word “keyboard” starts with a tap on the letter “K”, then my left thumb taps “E”, my right thumb traces a line from Y-B-O and then my left thumb finishes by tracing through “A” then “R” then “D”. Working with Nintype is a lot like learning a dance. There’s a rhythm and order to the process, and it’s confounding to witness for the first few minutes. However, the really impressive thing is that this idea actually works out in practice… and it’s really fun to use.

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iPad Art: Mis extraños amigos

iPad painting My Strange Friends

Our featured iPad painting today is titled ‘Mis extraños amigos’ – or My Strange Friends in English.

It was created by Albert Viladrosa, one of our big favorite iPad artists, using the Paper by FiftyThree app.

This iPad painting grabbed my attention and kept it as soon as I saw it in our Flickr group. I’m gripped by the angles in the strange friend’s face, the orange hat, and the colors throughout the image.

You can see lots more of the prolific iPad painting work by Albert Viladrosa by visiting his Flickr stream.

If you want to browse a broad selection of incredible iPad paintings by a number of great iPad artists, check out our own iPad Art section.

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MLB At Bat iPad App Updated for Opening Day

MLB At Bat iPad app

MLB At Bat, the official Major League Baseball app for iPad and iOS, has been updated right on time for Opening Day of the 2015 season.

The app was updated to Version 8.1.1 yesterday and is looking great and all set with previews of tonight’s opening matchup of the Cardinals vs the Cubs and all the rest of the slate for tomorrow’s games too.

Here’s the change list for the 8.1.1 update:

• General Performance Improvements
Version 8.0.0
• Apple Watch: Introducing support for At Bat on Apple Watch, beginning April 24, 2015, to get live scores, statistics, pitch tracking, player cards, notifications and news
• Pre-Game Lineup (iPhone)
• Up-to-the-moment game analysis feed with play tracking data, game tweets and inline video highlights (iPhone, requires Premium subscription)
• General Performance Improvements

And here’s an App Store link for MLB At Bat; it’s a free app with subscription options starting at $2.99 per month, and a universal app designed for both iPad and iPhone.

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Deals: Movo Wave Fitness Band at 28% Off

Movo Wave Fitness Monitor

Our featured deal today is the Movo Wave Fitness Band – a simple, elegant fitness tracking band that won’t bust your budget. It’s on offer for $24.99 – 28% off its normal $35 price.

Here’s a bit of intro information on it and a key features list:

The team at Movo said good riddance to useless extra doodads (and dollar bills) to bring you what you really want from a fitness tracker. The Wave tracks steps, distance traveled, and calories burned all from one sleek, affordable wristband. Simply unlatch it from your wrist and plug it directly into your smartphone or device to see a day-by-day summary of your activity.

  • Use for about 2.5 weeks without charging
  • Track steps, distance, and calories burned
  • View your stats in the free, intuitive Movo Wave app
  • Change out your color band w/ 5 extra choices
  • Monitor your progress through daily snapshots and monthly charts
  • Don’t be afraid to sweat a little on to its water-resistant design
  • Pair daily activity with a photo on your camera roll to give context to your movement

To see more details and place an order, visit this iPad Insight Deals page.

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iPad App of the Week: Mr. Jump for iPad – a retro, addictive jumper that does freemium right


Mr. Jump is a side-scrolling jumper that has great retro graphics, super-responsive and simple controls, and stands out from a crowd of similar games with its addictive “one more try” gameplay. Yes it has in-app purchases, but in this case they don’t detract at all and make the game free.

In Mr. Jump, you control a little character who inexplicably has no head, just a blank white square on his shoulders. Mr. Jump runs to the right, and you control his jumps to avoid chasms, pointy rocks, and other obstacles. The controls couldn’t be simpler: short tap for a short jump, hold the tap longer for (you guessed it) a longer jump. Each time you miss a jump and land in the water or on the rocks, you die and start over. At first restarting from the same place seemed boring, but it’s an important part of the game. You begin to subconsciously remember the harder jumps and you get further along each level. When you reach the end of a level (100%), you unlock the next level and start learning a new course. There are 12 levels total. I can’t over-emphasize how addictive the game is. What seems like a five-minute time waster has eaten up more of my schedule than I’ll admit, as I crash and die and mumble “do’h! I can make that, just one more try!”

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The (5) best ways to maximize battery life on your iPad


Expected battery life has always been one of the most important factors for consumers when they deciding on what mobile devices to buy.  Admittedly, iPad’s have always excelled in this category.  However, we often want and/or demand more out of our iPad’s then they ultimately can deliver–at least for now.  As a result, we routinely try to find ways to extend the battery life of our iPad’s. To that end, here are the (5) best ways to maximize your battery life on your iPad.

1>  Make sure your iPad is running the most up-to-date version of iOS software.  The main reason this is important is because newer software will include the most recent version of energy saving technology.

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