Deals: PDFpen 8 All-Purpose PDF Editor for Mac at 50% off

PDF Pen for Mac

Today’s featured deal is perfect for anyone who needs a fast and seamless way to edit PDF’s on their Mac.  With PDFpen  from the great folks at Smile Software, you can edit, export, scan and electronically sign a document. In addition, you can synch your PDF’s with Dropbox so they are available on both your iPad and iPhone.  For a limited time you can purchase PDFpen at a savings of 50% off.  It’s a great deal that will run you only $37 – instead of the standard price of $74.95.  Here’s some info about PDFpen and how you can take advantage of this deal while it lasts…

PDFpen has everything you need to power your productivity with seamless PDF editing. Fill out forms, electronically sign documents, change text, and more without needing the original document. You won’t find a better price on the market for a quality PDF editor–now is the time to add PDFpen to your Mac app toolkit.

  • Add text, images, signatures & markup to your PDFs
  • Scan or take a photo of text, and PDFpen’s OCR tool will turn it into completely editable text (copy, paste, search, etc.)
  • Make changes & corrections in the original text of a PDF
  • Store PDFs in the Cloud & edit wherever you are
  • Export PDFs to Microsoft® Word format, which also open in Pages
  • Block, redact or erase sensitive information
  • Store frequently-used signatures & images for reuse
  • Use Dropbox to sync w/ PDFpen for iPad & iPhone
  • Proofread OCR text from scanned documents
  • Search & replace text

To see more details, and to place an order, visit this iPad Insight Deals page.

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Typing In Portrait Mode On The iPad Pro

It actually never felt completely natural for me to hold an iPad up in bed to read because it felt too heavy to hold. Only the iPad mini 2 (around 0.75 lbs.) ever reached that weight threshold that felt forgettably light. But one way I’ve worked around that with the heavier iPad Pro (1.5 lbs.) has been to rest the entire device on my chest in portrait mode, for comfortable evening reading. I scroll so that text is always on the top third of the page, and there’s very little fatigue because I’m just angling the iPad, not holding it.

However, because I now use the iPad Pro in bed so often, I’ve run into another issue: it’s downright difficult to type on when you’re using the iPad in portrait mode. You definitely won’t write long messages (fair), but it’s not even suited for quick messages or URL in Safari.
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“Hey Siri” on you iPad is capable of so much more than you thought


What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Siri?  A dictation assistant?  A way to get help with directions?  Someone to talk to and ask all sorts of ridiculous questions?  Well, turns out, she is all that and so much more.  When Apple introduced the “Hey Siri” feature in iOS 9 it increased the popularity of the service and made it a more personable interaction–as if you were having a conversation with a friend.

I have to admit, I’m a little old fashioned.  I never have really taken full advantage of Hey Siri.  Instead, most of the time I choose to physically interact with my phone rather than use voice commands to initiate actions.  Perhaps it’s because I never took the time to discover all that Siri can do.  When you launch Siri on your iOS device, but don’t initiate any dialogue right away, Apple pages through a series of  lists that contain popular use cases.  That’s good and well, but how useful is that for the average user–and will you really remember them in the future presented this way?  Probably not.

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iPad App of the Week: Dunkers

Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 2.11.25 PM

Who doesn’t like great iPad apps? At iPad Insight we definitely do. With that in mind, we offer up a quick review of an excellent iPad app, or a few great iPad apps, here each week.

Our picks for Best iPad App of the Week are published here every week.  Check out all out picks below and you’ll soon have a collection of stellar apps for your favorite tablet.

This week’s pick is Dunkers by Colin Lane.  I stumbled across this game on Facebook this afternoon, and was immediately sucked into the charming 8 bit graphics, amusing theme music and crazy addictive gameplay.

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Deals: Titan Travel MFi-Certified Lightning Cables at 24% off

Titan Travel MFi-Certified Lightning Cable

Today’s featured deal is perfect for anyone who needs a fast and convenient way to charge their iPad, but who doesn’t want to worry about tangled cords getting in the way.  The Titan Travel MFi-Certified Lightning Cable is a convenient option for those times when you need an extended charging solution.  For a limited time you can purchase your own Titan Travel Cable at a savings of 24% off.  It’s a great deal that will run you only $22.49 – instead of the standard price of $29.95.  Here’s some info about The Titan Travel Cable and how you can take advantage of this deal while it lasts…

Life moves pretty fast, if your charging cable snags, wears, or tangles, you’re gonna miss it. Titan Travel charging cables are built tough and designed never to tangle. Two layers of flexible, high-strength steel protect your industrial-grade cabling so anywhere you go, you’ll know your charging cable is up to the challenge.

  • Keep your devices safe w/ MFi certification
  • Loop to your keychain, belt loop, bag, etc.
  • Easily extend to your USB port & plug in
  • Enjoy durability of industrial strength steel
  • Avoid dealing w/ frayed ends & damaged connector housings
  • Carry in your backpack, briefcase or purse w/o taking up too much space

To see more details, and to place an order, visit this iPad Insight Deals page.

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Can No One Topple the Smart Keyboard?

It’s struck me recently that I haven’t really heard of any other iPad Pro keyboards that might the dominance of the Smart Keyboard. I’m still pretty happy with my Smart Keyboard, but it would also be nice to have a viable third party alternative by this point in time.

Logitech’s Create Pro is still around and offers a more stable platform for lap typing, but at 2.5 lbs. for the keyboard alone, it’s just too darn heavy to be an everyday carry option for me. The same goes for the newly announced Razer Mechanical Keyboard Case, which promises tactile and clicky keys and a hinge to prop the iPad up at different angles. Typing with a mechanical keyboard would be loud, but it also sounds like it could be a lot of fun. Unfortunately, the Razer is also out of the question for my daily carry becuase it brings the total weight to 4 lbs.

The only other iPad Pro keyboard I know of is the ZAGG Slim Book, which mimics a MacBook’s clamshell design. Unfortunately it still doubles the weight of the device to a total of 3 lbs.

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Learn How to Code on your iPad with Swift Playgrounds

Swift PlaygroundsDuring WWDC last month, Apple introduced an amazing new App that will be available to iPad owners running iOS 10 this fall.  The App is called Swift Playgrounds, and it presents a unique way for users of every age and experience level to easily learn how to code in Apple’s Swift coding language at their own pace.  iPad owners can follow through the lessons in natural progression, or jump around to specific topics depending on there interest level.  In addition, every level can be repeated in any order at any time.

Even if you have no idea what coding is about, or have zero experience writing code of any kind, Swift Playgrounds makes the learning process extremely easy, intuitive and immediately rewarding.  There will be additional Playgrounds/Lessons available after the official launch along side iOS 10.  However, users who have access to either the Public or Developer betas will automatically have the app downloaded to their iPad and be able to immediately start exploring and mastering the concepts in this interactive programming Playground.

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Deals: TigerVPN Full Lifetime Subscription at 93% off

Tiger VPN

Today’s featured deal is perfect for anyone concerned with keeping their internet experience safe and secure. The internet is a playground of sorts where you can accomplish just about anything you choose to do.  Unfortunately, though, the internet is also a place where your identity is most likely to be compromised.  If you aren’t taking steps to protect yourself, you are more likely to become part of the statistics of those who have been successfully perpetrated against.  That’s where Tiger VPN comes in and makes the internet a safe place with anonymous and unrestricted browsing.  For a limited time you can purchase a full lifetime subscription of Tiger VPN at an incredible savings of 93% off! It’s a great deal that will run you only $49 – instead of its standard price of $799.00.  Here’s some info about Tiger VPN and how you can take advantage of this deal while it lasts…

The Internet can be a scary place, packed full of hackers, government spies, identity thieves, and other degenerates. TigerVPN protects you from cyber crimes, and guarantees that your internet activity stays anonymous and protected. Especially with TigerVPN’s FULL plan. You can connect to any of the 40 servers worldwide to get fast, private access–free from location restrictions. Yes, that means you can have your Netflix and watch it too, no matter what country you’re visiting.

  • Provides top-notch security
  • Encrypts all your browsing w/ a 256bit SSL encryption
  • Includes 10Gbps servers optimized to limit latency globally
  • Offers access to 40 nodes in 25 countries
  • Doesn’t limit your data; plus bandwidth health detection maintains performance at peak times
  • Includes easy-to-use mobile apps as well as desktop for Windows & Mac
  • Allows for a choice in encryption protocol – PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN, etc.
  • Comes w/ 2 simultaneous connections to connect multiple devices at the same time

To see more details, and to place an order, visit this iPad Insight Deals page.

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Lightroom 2.4 for iPad: RAW Editing, Keyboard Shortcuts, and More!


Lightroom 2.4 for iOS came out last week, and I’ve been using it quite a lot over the past few days. The big breakout features are RAW edits and local adjustments, so let’s dive right into those.


RAW files are big and harder to process than JPEGs, but they provide a lot more room to edit colours, highlights, and shadows. Until this update, there really hasn’t been any elegant way to manage and edit them on the iPad. So the simple fact that Lightroom can now handle RAW files — on iOS 9 no less — is awesome. I would have really enjoyed having this capability during my Japan trip (although it probably would have meant staying up later processing photos).

My 128 GB iPad still lacks the storage space to keep everything on board, but it definitely has enough room to download my shots after a few days of shooting. This matches the way I approch RAWs very well, since I tend to keep just the JPEGs, and only bring a RAW file out when I’ve messed up exposure and need more leeway for editing.
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Quick Look: EasilyDo Mail

EasilyDo Mail

Email clients come and go with great regularity these days.  There’s always someone working hard to come up with the next big thing.  In an already crowded category, it’s increasingly hard to stand out.  We all use email–it’s a necessary task that we all partake in until someone comes up with a better system.  Unfortunately, the biggest sticking point for many new email clients is that, to get the best  experience out of them you have to fully invest in the platform.  This “all in” mentality can become frustrating when even some of the most popular email clients haven’t stood the test of time.  I’m looking at you Sparrow & Mailbox.

My newest favorite email client is non-specifically called Email–which seems a little weird.  It’s already hard to stand out in this crowded category.  A strong name could go a long way in setting it apart form other apps.  Having said that, it’s also referenced as EasilyDo Mail, incorporating the developer’s name that also designed EasilyDo Assistant.

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Deals: Magnetic Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless Sport Headphones at 37% off

Magnetic Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless Sport HeadphonesToday’s featured deal is perfect for anyone who loves the convenience of having earphones, but who doesn’t like to have to deal with long cords that get in the way, or turn into tangled mess . With it looking more and more like Apple is getting ready to ditch the headphone jack on the next iPhone, now is the perfect time to find an affordable option that you can get behind that won’t break your pocketbook.  For a limited time you can purchase a set of Magnetic Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless Sport Headphones from Armor-X at an awesome savings of 37% off! It’s a great deal that will run you only $24.99 – instead of its standard price of $39.99.  Here’s some info about the Wireless Sport Headphones and how you can take advantage of this deal while it lasts…

Wires are a nuisance, especially when they’re on your headphones. Therein lies the power of Bluetooth, and what sets these headphones apart from the crowd. Magnetized so the earbuds are easily kept together, and with awesome Bluetooth 4.1 technology, you’ll be able to stream your music, video, podcasts–whatever–directly from your favorite device without getting any annoying wires stuck on anything.

  • Exercise w/ less hassle
  • Use headphones up to 30 feet away from your Bluetooth device
  • Enjoy music for up to 5 hours w/o charging
  • Carry headphones w/ you on-the-go easily w/ the included storage case

To see more details, and to place an order, visit this iPad Insight Deals page.

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