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Everything-changes-with-iPadimages: Apple

Last week Apple released a video highlighting the versatility of the iPad under the umbrella title; Everything Changes with iPad.

iPad can change the way you do things every day. Take on a new project, pick up a new skill, or start a new hobby. We put together some of our favorite apps and ideas to help you get started.

There were six sections in all, and they covered topics from cooking to small business–traveling to learning, and even redecorating.  Each section covered one main topic and explored how using apps, accessories and tips & tricks geared toward those topics can enhance the lives of those who use their iPads in these creative ways.  With bright, colorful images and recommended apps with links to download them directly from the App Store, Apple showcased what they do best–present solutions and suggestions to real problems and questions people ask everyday.


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Deals: 14% Off the FLOTE Orbit Universal Tablet Stand

Flote Orbit Universal Tablet Stand

iPad stands are one of my favorite (and most used) types of iPad accessory. And the Flote Orbit is my favorite iPad stand – the one that’s used every day at my home office desk and elsewhere around my house.

Today it’s our featured deal – available for $119.99 – 14% off its standard price of $140.

Here’s a little of what you need to know about the Flote Orbit universal tablet stand, and some of its top features:

The ORBIT FLOTE is designed to hold your tablet just where you want it, so you can go about your business hands-free. Use it in the kitchen to display a recipe, around the house to stream Netflix, or in the office to share a presentation. With its sleek design and durable build, the ORBIT is a reliable accessory for any environment.

Named to the Forbes Magazine’s “Gadgets We Love List”

  • Allows for hours of hands-free, discomfort-free ergonomic use of tablets & e-readers
  • Orients your tablet in virtually any position freely & easily w/ magnetic ball joint
  • Includes a round weighted base & reversible clamp 
  • Designed cleanly & elegantly to compliment any setting
  • Crafted with all-metal components for durability
  • Compatible with virtually all tablets on the market (with or without a case)

You can see more product photos and details, and place an order at this iPad Insight Deals page.

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How to create a HTML signature and add it to your email accounts on your iPad


File this one under something I’ve thought about many times, but never actually looked into how to complete.  I came across this tutorial from our friends over at iDB from last week, and thought that it was such a useful feature, I wanted to share it with everyone here.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve often thought about creating an email signature that had links in it to direct people to my personal or work social sites.  Previously, I would simply create an image in my signature with the important information saved within the image, and perhaps a logo.  Now that works fine for providing the information you might want to share with recipients of your email.  However, you can make it a lot easier on yourself and those you email by simply creating a HTML signature on your computer and saving it to your iPad to use for the account(s) of your choice.

How to create an HTML signature on your computer

Start by launching your favorite email app on your computer.  For demonstrative purposes, I am using Gmail in my Safari browser.  Create a new message and list yourself as the email recipient.  Next, choose the style and content of your email signature, and then add a link right on top of each item you would like to link to.

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MLB Manager 2015 Promo Codes Contest: Winners

MLB Manager 2015

Here are our winners for the recent MLB Manager 2015 Promo Codes contest:

Grady, Dave Busch, and James

Winners – please keep an eye on your Inbox and spam folders, as we’ll be emailing you your promo codes very soon.

Thanks to all who took part.

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Paper for iPad Updated With Think Kit Tools

Paper by FiftyThree continues to be on the cutting edge of modern iPad app design. The incredible ink engine and drawing tools were already incredible, but these new shape, fill, and cutting tools really complete the package.

It could easily be argued that “it’s about time” that these features made it to Paper, as they’re readily available in many other popular note-taking apps, like Penultimate and Noteshelf. However, no other app really delivers as great an experience as Fifty Three does with Paper. I haven’t had very long to play with the new tools, but they are exactly what I’ve always wanted out of this app.

The Shape tool makes it easy to create quick, good-looking diagrams with smart shapes that I can move around at will. The fill tool helps me colour-code quick graphs or mock-ups. The cutting tool lets me move any element, as expected, but it also functions as a clone tool as well. That last feature make it so much easier and more fun to use Paper as a design sketchbook. It’s now dead simple for me to duplicate a base design and quickly create small variations, without having to re-draw everything each time.

Finally, Paper has become an even better place to share work from. I don’t use the built-in Mix platform very much, but I’ll definitely use the new export features to create PDFs and PowerPoint files from my drawings.

The only wish at this point would be the ability to embed or import pictures so that I can mark them up within Paper.

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iPad Art: Mis extraños amigos – Mascara

Mis Extranos Amigos Mascara iPad painting


Our featured iPad painting today is titled ‘Mis extraños amigos. “Mascara”. 2015’. ‘My Strange Friends: Mask’ in English.

It’s part of the excellent My Strange Friends series, and the second iPad painting we’ve featured from the series, by Alberto Viladrosa. It was created on his iPad using the Paper by FiftyThree app.

I love the colors and shading on this one, and also all the non-expressive but somehow still gripping facial expressions in this image and in the series as a whole.

To see more of this artist’s lovely work, check out his Alberto Viladrosa Flickr stream.

Our own iPad Art section showcases incredible  iPad paintings from  a number of great iPad artists.

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Mobile Cloth: Removing Germs & Fingerprints On Your iPad Screen

Mobile Cloth

My thanks to Mobile Cloth for being a site sponsor this week. These are still my favorite iPad accessory, and still keeping my iPad and my smartphones free of fingerprints and smudges, not to mention some nasty germs.

I discovered Mobile Cloth way back in 2010. I’ve tried a bunch of other cleaning cloths since then, and Mobile Cloth still does a better job for me than any of the others.

Check out the video below to see it in action.  And don’t forget the exclusive offer for iPad Insight readers – receive a Free slim metal case, 25% Off  and Free Shipping with the purchase of any purchase of $15 or more.

mobilecloth.com use promo code: CASE

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iPad App of the Week: Flickr


Who doesn’t like great iPad apps? At iPad Insight we definitely do. With that in mind, we offer up a quick review of an excellent iPad app, or a few great iPad apps, here each week.

Our weekly picks for Best iPad App of the Week are published here every Saturday. Check out all out picks below and you’ll soon have a collection of stellar apps for your favorite tablet.

This week’s pick is Flickr.  A classic iPad app that recently went through a major update.  With Flickr you can upload, access, organize, edit, and share your photos from any device, from anywhere in the world.  Flickr has always had a special place in my heart as I initially used it to share all of our baby photos with family members when our first son was born over 12 years ago.  Since then, there have been so many other resources available to store your photos, especially in the cloud, that I haven’t used it in years–that was until the recent version 4.0 update caught my eye.   The newest update brings with it a welcomed addition of features to an already powerful app.


• Put your free 1000GB to work like never before – auto-uploadr now grabs all photos and videos on your device, privately storing them in your Flickr camera roll.

• A timeline view with improved browsing, organization and sharing.
• Flickr got a facelift with an all new elegant, approachable look and feel to match your spiffy new camera roll.
• Unleash your creativity with photo edits straight from your Flickr photos.
• New and enhanced photo filters to help get your snaps share-ready.
• Share to Instagram.

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Deals: 74% Off Blur Premium Privacy Protection: Lifetime Subscription

Blur Premium Privacy Protection

Today’s featured deal is all about getting some online privacy – a hot topic these days with everyone from government agencies to random bad citizens out on the internets look to infringe on it. On offer is the  Blur Premium Privacy Protection: Lifetime Subscription, at a massive 74% off.  So you can get it for $49.99 instead of its standard price of $195.

Here’s what you need to know about the Blur Premium Privacy Protection: Lifetime Subscription and its notable features:

Blur brings you the ultimate online privacy solution by allowing you to create temporary, masked email addresses, credit card numbers, and phone numbers so you’ll never have to give your personal data to online merchants again. You won’t just be keeping your data safe from hackers, but avoiding that dreaded, inbox-clogging spam. Also a password manager for desktop and mobile devices, Blur is a powerful, full-service information protector.

“People who are feeling uneasy about using their credit cards (…) might find solace in (Blur),” Hayley Peterson,Business Insider

  • Create disposable email addresses for required email confirmations
  • Make limited-balance, limited-duration credit card numbers (accepted anywhere credit cards are)
  • Create a masked phone number that forwards calls & texts to your real phone number
  • Auto-fill your real encrypted credit card, billing & address info
  • Create, save, encrypt, and organize your passwords
  • Save login information on mobile & desktop for easy one-click logins
  • Automatically fill out any address or checkout forms
  • Keep hundreds of companies from collecting your personal data as you browse the web
  • Utilize all features on your Android or iOS device

You can check out further details and place an order at this iPad Insight Deals page.

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Contest: Win a Free Promo Code for MLB Manager 2015 for iOS

MLb Manager 2015 for iPad

Contest Deadline: Monday May 11, 4:00PM US Central

3 Free Promo Codes for MLB Manager 2015 To Be Won

Wow, it’s been way too long since we had a giveaway contest here – and today we’ve got a sweet one to make up for some lost time. 3 promo codes for THE baseball management SIM game for iPad and iOS – MLB Manager 2015.  If you love the idea of guiding your favorite MLB team to the playoffs and beyond, this is the game for you. It’s in-depth, officially licensed by MLB, and packed with some great new features in the 2015 version.

Here’s a little about the game and the new 2015 version’s features:

Guide your favorite MLB franchise to glory! MLB Manager 2015, officially licensed by MLB.com and based on the award-winning Out of the Park Baseball series, is the most fun and realistic baseball game ever created for mobile devices.
“With a great menu system driving the entire game, excellent AI, and the ability to micro-manage almost everything you could dream of in a sports game, it’s hard to want anything else of a mobile baseball management sim.” (Touch Arcade)

“The only baseball sim I’ve ever gotten addicted to.” (Curt Schilling)
New features in MLB Manager 2015:
– Each MLB team features its actual 40-man projected Opening Day roster, along with an additional 20-25 top prospects, for a total of 60-65 real players. The player ratings are based on PECOTA by Baseball Prospectus, the best player projection system today.
– Officially licensed by MLB.com. Featuring authentic logos for all MLB franchises, including historical logos!
– Shop-a-Player feature. What will you get in return for players you want to trade away?
– Player Shortlist. Keep track of your favorite players in a single spot.
– Simulate to Date X allows you to advance in time without interruptions.
– Career Stats Leaderboards, listing the best players of all time in your league.
– Improved trading AI
– Plenty of small tweaks & improvements

Hit the jump to see how easy it is to enter for a chance to win …

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How to set-up Family Sharing on your iPad


Family Sharing is Apple’s answer to providing a family of up to six people an easy way to share all their purchases from the App Store, iTunes and the iBooks store through one main account. Now, family members can share purchases from each of their own individual accounts without having to use the same username and password. Everyone has access to all the purchases made by each and every member of the family. This provides the family with a one-stop location where they can share all of their photos, app purchases, books and calendar items—as well as their location.

In order to set-up the the Family Sharing account, one person needs to be the main account holder. This person sends out the invites to everyone that will be included in the family. He/she is also responsible for providing the credit card information for all payment arrangements made by the family. The process is initiated with email invites that family members can accept to become part of the Family Sharing account.


My favorite part of Family Sharing is that I can add my children to the plan—although you will need to create an Apple ID for your child in order to add them.  Children under the age of 13 will automatically be added to your Family Sharing Plan, and the “ask to buy” feature is automatically turned on for purchases made with their device. All purchase requests made with this feature active will have to get approval from the main account holder. This is true for free and paid purchase requests.

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