Review: Due 2.0 for iPad


In the world of increasingly cross-platform services, there are very few apps that really tether me to iOS. If I left for Android land (or perhaps Windows 10? Hah!), I know that my 2000+ Evernote notes would follow me. My photos and videos could go into Dropbox and my calendar and contacts would sync through Google. However, if I left iOS, I’d be leaving Due behind, and that would really suck. A lot.

If you aren’t already familiar with Due, here’s the elevator pitch: it’s a gorgeous system designed to bug the crap out of you until you finish what you said you’d do. One of the awesome things about Due is that it usually gives you a few ways to manipulate its UI.

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Spout is the Prezi for social network feeds


I was introduced to Spout at the start of the week and it was one of those apps that I was immediately wowed by. Pictures won’t really do it justice, it’s the movement and animation that really sell this app. The way to describe it is it is rather like watching a Prezi of your social network feeds.

Upon launching the app, you can configure your social network feeds and attach Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and Instagram. Within this you can opt to display certain hashtags. If, for example you put #ipaded into the stream, Spout will only display tweets with this hashtag. As well as this, you can add custom text which will animate. It could be used as a message if your iPad is connected to a screen for example.

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Deals: Neutron S Phone & Tablet Mount at 16% Off

Neutron S Phone and Tablet Mount

Easily Mount Your Phone or Tablet to Any Surface

The headline deal today in iPad Insight Deals is the Neutron S Phone & Tablet Mount, on offer for $24.99 – 16% off its standard price.

This is a handy little accessory for mounting any iOS or Andrpid smartphone or tablet on just about any surface from kitchen to living room to car and more. Here are some of its standout features:

  • Easily mounts to any surface
  • Crafted from sold aerospace aluminum
  • Contains a permanent neodymium magnet
  • Strong enough to hold any phone or tablet (under 1 lb)
  • Use it in your car, at your desk, or anywhere around the house
  • The Neutron S works with any Apple or Android phone/tablet. It can also be used as a mount for your keys, kitchen utensils, etc
  • Requires 3M tape to mount (included)

To watch a demo video, see more details, or place an order, check out this iPad Insight Deals page.

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Khan Academy for iPad Updated: Brings 150K Learning Exercises & More

Khan Academy iPad app

The wonderful Khan Academy iPad app has been updated this week, to Version 2.0.

This is a major update for an already superb educational app. It brings access to everything that’s available at Khan Academy online – including some 150,000 learning exercises as well as personalized recommendations.

Khan Academy is a great educational tool for all ages; the iPad version has always been a great app – and now it’s even better.

Here’s an App Store link for Khan Academy – it’s still a free app, and also a universal app designed for use on both iPad and iPhone.

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How to watch Super Bowl XLIX on your iPad for free


In less than two weeks now, on February 1st, the greatest show on earth will be plastered across the majority of TV sets in America and around the world.  This year, NBC has the honor of broadcasting the gala event.  As part of their TV Everywhere content promotion of Super Stream Sunday, NBC is offering 11 hours of free online programming.  The day’s events will include Super Bowl Sunday pre and post-game shows, the Super Bowl itself, and the half-time show featuring Katy Perry.  In addition they will also include a feature presentation of The Blacklist.

All this programming will be offered free of charge.  Users will able view all the Super Bowl content offered without even having to create a username or password.  The streamed content will be available on iPads (tablets) and via desktop computers.  However, mobile users on carriers other than Verizon will have to pay to watch the Super Bowl on their phones due to an exclusive deal.

The NBC Sports Live Extra app is available for the iPad in the App Store for free!


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What to do if you lost or forgot your iPad passcode

So you created an awesome passcode for your iPad.  You were extremely proud of this passcode, too.  For once, you selected one that wasn’t a birthday, or anniversary or special day that was easy to remember.  You finally listened to all the published articles about how important it is to use arbitrary info with a combination […]

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iPad Art: Rhino

I love this iPad painting, love Rhinos, and love the theme of this series of iPad paintings by Jaime Sanjuan Ocabo. It’s just titled ‘Rhino’ and here is the artist’s own intro to it and to the series””: This is the fourth painting in the series dedicated to endangered species. Now is the turn of […]

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Deals: Blumoo Bluetooth Universal Remote

Control Your Home Theater Equipment from Your iOS & Android Devices + Free Shipping Today’s featured iPad Insight deal is the Blumoo Bluetooth Universal Remote, at $84.99 – 34% off its standard $130 price tag. This little beauty looks like your new best friend when it comes to being entertained at home. Here’s a little […]

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iPad App of the Week: The Daily Cut

Who doesn’t like great iPad apps? At iPad Insight we definitely do. With that in mind, we offer up a quick review of an excellent iPad app, or a few great iPad apps, here each week. Our weekly picks for Best iPad App of the Week are published here every Saturday. Check out all out […]

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