Deals: Build 20 Apps, iOS 9 & Xcode 7 Guide at 90% off

iOS 9 & Xcode 7 Guide

Today’s featured deal is great for anyone who is interested in User Interface Design, building their own iOS 9 Apps, or writing code in Swift, Objective-C and Xcode. The meat & potatoes of this course provides users with real hands-on experience building 20 apps, while learning how to code. You can develop the skills needed to become a developer and publish your very own apps to the App Store. With today’s special offer you can sign up now and receive a 90% discount! This is  a great deal that will run you only $19.99 – instead of its standard price of $199!  Here’s some info about the iOS 9 & Xcode 7 Guide, and how you can take advantage of this deal while it lasts…

You can spend all the time in the world learning the theory behind coding apps, but the most effective path towards mastery? Getting your hands dirty building real, working apps. This course walks you through the essentials: programming in Objective-C and Swift, using the Xcode IDE, and much more. You’ll apply those lessons in creating 20 iOS 9 apps throughout the course—a giant step towards building the next hot app to light up the iTunes Store leaderboard.

  • Build 20 iOS apps using Objective-C & Swift 2
  • Create a wide range of apps: simple games, random value generators, etc.
  • Develop your apps within the Xcode IDE
  • Purchase a developer’s license, create an app ID, build on the iOS simulator & more
  • Master all objects, actions & outlets possible in app development: displaying text, using if statements, detecting shake gestures, etc.
  • Customize apps w/ visuals, audio, social media integration & more
  • Effectively monetize through ad integration
  • Publish your app to the App Store

To see more details, and to place an order, visit this iPad Insight Deals page.

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The current status of the iOS 9 Jailbreak


Mention the word Jailbreak, and you’ll typically receive a very polarizing response from readers. Those in favor of Jailbreaking their iOS devices are generally very supportive. Those who are unfamiliar with the process, or think that the need for Jailbreaking no longer exists, generally could care less or are worried it will void their iPad or iPhone warranty.  Of course, there are those in the middle, like myself, who used to Jailbreak their iPhones and iPads, but are no longer interested. Apple has added enough features to iOS to dilute some of the excitement for me.  In addition, I’m typically an early adopter and/or beta tester, and as a result, I’m compelled to update to the newest available version of iOS. Regardless of how I feel about Jailbreaking my iOS device, if you’re reading this post, you’re obviously interested in learning when we might see an updated tool.

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Quick Look: Outlook 2.0 for iPad


I used Outlook full-time in early 2015 and liked the Exchange integration, but the Mail app got so much better in iOS 9 that I just went right back to it. However, with the recent Outlook 2.0 overhaul, I decided to give the app another shot. I’ve been really impressed with how quickly Microsoft iterates on their iOS offerings, and although the app doesn’t quite have feature parity with Mail app, I do believe it’s only a matter of time until it mirrors and supersedes Mail’s feature set.

I’ve mainly used Outlook as a mail app, but I’ve dabbled with it as a calendar as well. I’ve written about it as a Gmail user, but you could also add any other Yahoo!, iCloud, IMAP, or Exchange account to the app. Here are a few rapid-fire thoughts on the past few weeks of use:

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Deals: NES30 Pro Bluetooth Game Controller at 26% off

NES30 Pro Bluetooth Game Controller

Today’s featured deal is great for anyone who loves to game on their desktop as well as their mobile devices. With the Universal NES Controller you can play all your games on any device and still have full button use. You can pick up one of these awesome NES inspired bluetooth controllers with today’s special offer and receive a 26% discount! This is  a great deal that will run you only $36.99 – instead of its standard price of $50!  Here’s some info about the NES30 Pro, and how you can take advantage of this deal while it lasts…

This sleek, powerful, and portable controller is your ticket to crushing through games on any platform like you once did on the original Nintendo. Don’t let the retro design fool you: from its compatibility with iOS and Android games alike to its ergonomic construction and lightning-fast CPU, the NES30 packs quite the punch.

  • Play your favorite games on different platforms: iOS, Android, PC, etc.
  • Connect & use multiple controllers in multi-player mode for iOS/Mac
  • Use w/ 3rd-party game platforms on Baidu, KO Gaming City, etc.
  • Take advantage of the high-speed CPU & zero lag time
  • Add expansions in the future using the upgradeable firmware
  • Enjoy the retro, NES-inspired design
  • Take anywhere due to its sleek, slim construction

To see more details, and to place an order, visit this iPad Insight Deals page.

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How to delete unwanted stock apps from your iPad


Let’s be honest, we’ve all got them–those annoying stock apps that we never intend on using that come pre-installed on our iPads.  Each of us have our preferred way to deal with them.  Some of us seclude them on the last of our Home screen pages, while others cram them all in one folder so you don’t have to look at them again.  While these are perfectly acceptable solutions for many of us, there is a large percentage of iOS users who would rather get rid of them, or at least out of site, forever.  We’ve got the solution for you–sorta…

There currently exists a method to hide these undesirable apps.  It’s more of a stop-gap for now, since Apple currently doesn’t let you remove stock apps from the iPhone, but it works none-the-less. First, if you don’t have one already, create a folder with 2 or more apps you would like to remove. This was easy since I already had created such a folder.  Next, hold down one of the apps until it begins to wiggle just like you would if you were going to delete it.

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Little Details in iOS 9.3

Apple doesn’t often publicize dot-releases. They’ll go out of their way to talk about big releases like iOS 7, 8, and 9…but you won’t often see them make a big deal about anything but their major software releases, or a dot-release that enables some sort of new hardware tie-in (like the introduction of CarPlay).

All of that is why iOS 9.3 so interesting. There’s no new hardware that’s rumoured to be released alongside iOS 9.3, so this really does seem to be a pure software update. However, unlike the iOS 9.1 and 9.2 before it, this update isn’t just about bug fixes and stability. iOS 9.3 brings some awesome marquee features with it, and it even has its own dedicated preview page. I’ll let Apple’s preview page speak for the major features, but I wanted to cover some of the smaller details of the beta.

Little fixes

Living day in and day out with an iPad Pro gives you a lot of time to get acquainted with the tiny, annoying, everyday bugs. John Gruber pointed out one of them out in his initial iPad Pro review: the spacebar didn’t work properly in Safari. A tap of the spacebar was supposed to scroll about 3/4 down the webpage, but leave you just enough context to keep things easy to read. This wasn’t the case with iOS 9.0-9.2. Thankfully, iOS 9.3 has fixed this and tapping the spacebar within Safari acts much like it does on OS X. Between this change and the new keyboard shortcuts added in iOS 9, it’s actually really pleasant to surf with a keyboard in Safari now. I love it, and there’s basically nothing I want to do that I can’t already accomplish with my Smart Keyboard.

Home is where the Command Key is

iOS 9.3 also changes the shortcut for getting back to the Home screen. In previous versions, you had to press CMD + Shift + H to get back Home. Evidently, people were finding that this was one key too many, because the shortcut in iOS 9.3 is simply CMD + H. This works really nicely and makes it very easy to trigger the shortcut with either your right or your left hand. I’m not entirely sure this change will stick, though, as some apps (like OmniFocus 2) already use the CMD + H shortcut. We’ll have to wait a few betas to where we net out. 

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Deals: NetSpot Pro Wi-Fi Optimizer for Mac at 87% off

NetSpot Pro Wi-Fi Optimizer

Today’s featured deal is great for anyone who is looking to optimize their network connection in your home or office. With NetSpot Pro Wi-Fi Optimizer for Mac you will be able to map your Wi-Fi signal and locate dead zones making it easier to decide where to install your Wi-Fi router. With this special offer you can pick up NetSpot Pro at an amazing 87% off discount! This is  a great deal that will run you only $18.49 – instead of its standard price of $149!  Here’s some info about the NetSpot Pro, and how you can take advantage of this deal while it lasts…

NetSpot lets you visualize, optimize, and troubleshoot your wireless networks with any MacBook so you can get the best connection possible at all times. Use the mapping feature to view dead zones and optimize hotspot placement, and use the troubleshooting tool to identify connectivity issues. With NetSpot Pro, you’ll never miss a beat, post, or important email even when your Internet is acting up.

  • Reach maximum Wi-Fi efficiency
  • Easily assure that hotspots are placed correctly & radio channels are assigned properly
  • Visualize your wireless network w/ maps so you can see where to best increase connection strength
  • Point your location on the map to starts collecting Wi-Fi data around you
  • See dead zones without coverage
  • View any number of Access Points (BSSIDs) simultaneously
  • Utilize flexible grouping of APs by SSID, channel, vendor, security, etc. & custom groups
  • Choose from multiple export possibilities, including new customizable advanced reports
  • Run Internet download & upload speed tests

To see more details, and to place an order, visit this iPad Insight Deals page.

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iPad App of the Week: Calvertr2 – Calculator with Converter


Who doesn’t like great iPad apps? At iPad Insight we definitely do. With that in mind, we offer up a quick review of an excellent iPad app, or a few great iPad apps, here each week.

Our picks for Best iPad App of the Week are published here every week.  Check out all out picks below and you’ll soon have a collection of stellar apps for your favorite tablet.

This week’s pick is Calvertr2 – Calculator with Converter by r3app, Inc.  Calvertr2 is so much more than just a simple conversion app.  The user interface is easy to use, highly customizable and very intuitive. With the most comprehensive list of unit conversion categories I have ever come across in an app, Calvertr2 will replace every converter app you have previously downloaded to your iPad.

Calvertr2 was developed for a wide range of usage needs.  From students to plumbers, and everyone in between–people with a conversion need will appreciate how easy and fast Calvertr2 is to use.

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Keeping The Apple Pencil Handy


Apple Pencil handyI haven’t been using the Pencil as much recently. Part of that has to do with some of the newness dying down, but I still really believe in the Pencil’s utility. I love using it every time I pick it up. I attribute some of this decrease in usage to keeping the Pencil in my bag too often, and simply forgetting I have it with me. My Smart Keyboard is always attached to the iPad Pro, so it’s easier to whip the keyboard out and use it whenever I want to sit and type. If I could get the Pencil to that level of ready availability, I think I’d end up using it more often.

I’ve done a bit of research into different Pencil carrying options, and here are a few of my favourites:

Pencil Clips

One cheap solution is to add a pen clip to the Pencil so that I could attach it to the dedicated pen loops in my bags. This would help keep the Pencil more visible at all times. It’s an intriguing simple solution, but I’m a little worried about how that might scratch the Pencil up over time.

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Deals: AirStand Universal Tablet Stand at 25% off


Today’s featured deal is great for anyone who is looking for an easy and convenient way to prop up their tablet, but who also loves great design. With the AirStand Universal Tablet Stand, you will be able to watch TV, refer to recipes while you cook, and play video games all without having to prop up your tablet. With this special offer you can pick up an AirStand at 25% off! This is  a great deal that will run you only $59.99 – instead of its standard price of $80!  Here’s some info about the AirStand, and how you can take advantage of this deal while it lasts…

This universal stand lets you prop up your tablet so you can watch it anywhere, on any surface. With a full 360-degree angle adjustment, AirStand attaches with a special, reusable sticky pad that won’t budge. Angle it your liking so you’re never craning your neck to work or watch TV. It fits any tablet you’ve got using its high-quality friction hinges that will outlast even your longest show binge.

  • Includes rubber strip for optimal attachment
  • Allows for 360-degree angle adjustment
  • Crafted in gorgeous colored aluminum
  • Built w/ a completely washable sticky pad for continual usage
  • Works w/ almost all tablets & cases
  • Designed in Australia

Also available in silver!

To see more details, and to place an order, visit this iPad Insight Deals page.

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Experimenting With Slack for Casual Communication

Slack for casual communication

Slack has a killer reputation as a team communication tool, but since it’s free to use, my friends and I decided to give it a shot as a Google Hangouts replacement. We chat across OS X, Windows, Android, and iOS depending on location, so Slack’s multi-platform support was a huge selling point. There were also a few more advantages to Slack.

One of the big draws was that Slack has actual apps for every platform. Hangouts is clean, but it has to run in the browser on desktops, so you’ve got to pin a tab in Safari or use FluidApp to generate a dedicated window. Slack was also one of the first apps to embrace the iPad Pro’s screen size with a wider layout, which gave it big points for me as an early iPad Pro adopter.


If you haven’t used Slack before, here’s the quick primer. You start off by establishing a team (ex. and then inviting members to join that team. Slack has a very generous free tier for small teams, but the paid tiers allow for fancier integrations with services. You can run customer support and entire teams off of Slack, and the service has lots of little features (notification snooze and @mention notifications) that help it scale from teams of 20–200 people. We didn’t need to scale up because they only things we really send around are a few Dropbox links and images of our stupid faces. The basic tier was enough.

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