iPad Art: October Tree

iPad Painting

Well, if this iPad painting isn’t a perfect image for Autumn and October and Halloween, then I don’t know what is. I love how the colors and the movement in the image evoke this time of year.

It’s titled ‘October Tree’ and is the work of Helene Goldberg – created with the ArtRage app. As always

You can enjoy more of Godberg’s lovely iPad paintings at her hgberk Flickr stream.

And of course you can browse through the beautiful iPad paintings of numerous iPad artists in our own iPad Art section.

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Deals: World’s Largest iOS 8 + Swift eLearning Bootcamp at 95% Off

iOS 8 Swift Bootcamp

If you fancy learning how to be an iOS developer, then today’s featured deal might be just the sort of thing to help you get started, or to hone your skills and learn Swift. It’s the iOS 8 + Swift eLearning Bootcamp – offered at just $99, 96% off the standard price of $2,956.

Here’s the quick intro on the bootcamp and its most notable features:

This is the largest iOS 8 course out there today.

You get access to 24 Swift/iOS 8 courses in which you will be guided along as you learn app design fundamentals and build over 70 working apps in Xcode 6. The apps you’ll build include a Twitter/Facebook app, several children’s educational apps, lots of productivity apps and much much more.


By taking the courses offered in this package, you get a ton of app creation experience. This course is 100% practical and is intended to make you a rockstar Swift developer. The lectures offer step-by-step instruction with video – no work is done off screen. Every app is built right before your eyes.

  • Build over 70 apps using Swift and Xcode 6 – Social networking, alarm clock, calculator, media player, educational, and productivity apps
  • 24 step-by-step courses
  • Over 80 hours of video content (1,000+ videos)
  • Great for coding novices and experienced programmers alike
  • Get tips on how to start your own business using Swift
  • Learn how to upload apps to the Apple app store
  • Learn app design fundamentals

You can see lots more detail and get your order in at this iPad Insight Deals page.

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iPad App Of The Week: Next for iPad


Who doesn’t like great iPad apps? At iPad Insight we definitely do. With that in mind, we offer up a quick review of an excellent iPad app, or a few great iPad apps, here each week.

Our weekly picks for Best iPad App of the Week are published here every Saturday. Check out all out picks below and you’ll soon have a collection of stellar apps for your favorite tablet.

This week’s pick is Next for iPad – Track your expenses and finances, a minimal expense app made by noidentity.

Here’s a little slice of the description on the App Store:

Next for iPad reimagines expense tracking on iPad.

With the iPhone version we changed how you track your expenses on the go. Now, thanks to iCloud Sync, you’ll get your expenses on your iPad too.

*The innovative zooming interface is perfect to gain a bigger picture of your data.

Start with your yearly data, zoom in to see all of its months and zoom even further to get a daily view of your expenses.

[click to continue reading…]

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My #1 Reason For Wanting A Next-Gen iPad: More Than 1GB Of RAM

iPad Air RAM

As Patrick mentioned, Apple’s upcoming iPad event will very very likely feature some new iPads to unleash on our unsuspecting wallets (Oh, who am I kidding, our wallets totally expect them). I haven’t even had my iPad Air for a full year but already my sense of Consumer Disgust is acting up. You know what I mean: that creeping feeling that makes you want to stop eating Sandwich 1.0 the moment that Baguette 2.0 is announced.

In this case, the #1 feature that could get me to upgrade to a next-gen iPad is something that Apple won’t even talk about on the stage: RAM. I just want more than 1GB, which is what we’ve had since the iPad 3. What RAMifications will this have on the iPad experience? It would absolutely improve the experience of browsing within Safari, allowing it to hold more tabs open at once without having to refresh them. The iPad is supposed to be this incredible browsing machine that chews up the Internet and spits it out, but what often happens is that the iPad loses its place after the first five tabs. I’ll surf for a little while, switch apps to reply to a message in Hangouts, and then return to Safari only to have the webpage reload right in front of me.

Put another way: it would feel strange to return to my desktop browser after doing some work in Excel and find half of my tabs refreshing themselves. We expect a sense of consistency when using a PC or Mac. Let’s hope this is the year that becomes true of the tablet as well.

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New iPad (and Mac) Event Confirmed for October 16

iPad Event 2014

Just as the rumors last week predicted, Apple has confirmed another special keynote event for next Thursday, October 16. As usual, the event invitation doesn’t give much away, but this is expected to be the event where this year’s new iPad models will be unveiled – likely alongside new Macs and  final preview of the latest version of OS X.

Here’s what 9to5Mac thinks in terms of iPad content at next week’s event:

We’re expecting new versions of the iPad Air and the iPad mini. The new Air will be slightly thinner, but come with a more efficient (and slightly snappier) A8 processor, new M8 chip from the iPhone 6, Touch ID, enhanced camera features, animproved screen design, and, of course, a gold color option. It’s likely that the new Mini will pick up some (if not all) of the Air’s new features. Hopefully at least the gold.

As the iPad mini is my preferred iPad size, I’m hoping it will get a similar level of refresh as the iPad Air. The good thing is, now there’s only a week to wait to learn all about this year’s new iPads.

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Giving Up On Evernote For Task Management

I just finished my major trial run of Evernote as a task manager. The service is really great, but I learned that there are downsides to having all of your notes and tasks in the same place. Evernote doesn’t make it easy to filter tasks by date, and I found it cumbersome to re-schedule tasks […]

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iOS 8 App Updates: PhotoToaster

PhotoToaster, one of the very best photo editing apps for the iPad, was updated for iOS 8 over this past weekend. The new version of PhotoToaster is 6.6.2 and here’s what it brings: Complete iOS 8 and iPhone 6 and 6+ support! We made a Preview video but in 30 seconds it’s hard to show […]

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iPad Art: Herb (Jurassic Park, the quiet movie)

Today’s featured iPad painting has got a title that’s as much fun as the image itself: ‘Herb (Jurassic Park, the quiet movie)’. It’s the work of Deborah McMillion, aka Hotel Midnight, who creates striking and lovely iPad art with some of the very best back stories and descriptions to accompany them. Here’s her story on […]

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App Store Featured Collection: Zombies

Never let it be said that the App Store doesn’t do its best to highlight topical and trendy subjects in its Featured section. This week one of the notable featured app collections is Zombies. I’d say we could almost call this a celebration of Zombie Season – what with Halloween a few weeks away and, […]

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