Contest – 4 Copies of Crosswords for iPad To Be Won

Crosswords app for iPad

Four Free Promo Codes for Crosswords To Be Won

Contest Deadline: Saturday, April 17 – 1:00PM US Central

I just reviewed the Crosswords app for the iPad yesterday.  I think it’s a great app, one I’m using every day.  So I’m very happy that the kind folks at Stand Alone have given us four promo codes for the game to give away here.  It’s a worth-every-penny $9.99 app – so a free copy should be a great result for four lucky readers.

Hit the jump for details on how easy it is to get entered for a chance to win …

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Review: Custom Hangman on the iPad

Custom Hangman on iPad

Custom Hangman is an iPhone / iPad app that gives you the classic Hangman game but with a couple of nice new twists.  It’s a universal binary – one app that includes versions compatible with the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

Though it’s compatible it is not a full iPad version (it will only show up under iPhone apps in an iTunes search) – so you can either choose to run it at its standard size, which will show up small and centered on the iPad screen, or scaled up in 2X mode.

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Twitterrific for iPad Startup Error – Everyone Seeing This?

Twitterrific for iPad startup error

Every time I launch Twitterrific for iPad I see the same error – the one shown above saying ‘Twitter API Error – The Twitter servers are currently unavailable. Please try again later.’

It’s a rogue error though.  I can jump to Tweetie on my iPhone or Mac, or Twitter via a browser, and see no connection issues.  Twitterrific itself also connects just fine of I hit the Refresh button on the main timeline immediately after OKing the error.  So, this is not a huge deal – but it’s annoying and obvously a major slow-down in seeing what’s new.

Anyone else seeing this?  I had a quick browse of App Store reviews but did not see this mentioned. 

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The First Crazy iPad App Rejection?

iPad Dashboard App

It didn’t take long for the iPad side of the App Store to see its first stupid app rejection by Apple’s reviewers.  The app pictured above is the Dashboard app, intended for the iPad – but rejected by Apple because it:

contradicted the iPad’s user experience

What does that even mean?  That’s not a reason I can recall hearing in amongst many crazy iPhone app rejections. It definitely sounds like another App Store decision ripe for reversal if the developer presses their case.

In the meantime, you can see a video demo of the app at Gizmodo:

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New iPad Market – Iggy & Colleagues


Ha – excellent video.  Smart cat.  My big goofball dog gives the iPad one good, long sniff per day, determines that it doesn’t seem easily edible, and ignores it. 

Anyone else have pets vying for iPad time?

Via: Gizmodo

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Review: Crosswords for iPad

Crosswords iPad app

Crosswords brings you a great, and continuously updated, selection of crossword puzzles to solve on your iPad.  It’s actually a ‘universal’ app – meaning that a single version of it supports the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

I’ve tried out Crosswords on the iPhone a long while back and it was a solid game – but I was hoping for more on the iPad, for something closer to the feeling of doing a crossword in an actual newspaper.

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Review: Tap Tap Radiation for iPad

Tap Tap Radiation, created by Tapulous, delivers their successful Tap Tap franchise to the iPad.  If you have ever played any of the Tap Tap game titles on the iPhone you will feel right at home.  The new version for the iPad takes full advantage of the larger screen’s enhanced resolution.  When you first launch the game, you are asked to complete a profile.  If you have already played a Tap Tap game before you can use the same username to log in. Continue reading

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Evernote Updated – Finally Runs on My iPad

Evernote for iPad

Hurrah.  The Evernote app got an update yesterday – to Version 3.3.2 – and now it will finally run without crashes on my iPad. Previously it was continually failing to launch after using it just a few times, crashing straight back to the home screen – even after a couple of remove and reinstall efforts.


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iPad’s International Launch Delayed a Month


Apple on Wednesday revealed that demand for the iPad is far higher than the company predicted, with more than a half-million U.S.-only sales in the first week. As a result, it has delayed the international launch of the iPad until the end of May.

Ouch.  I feel sorry for those of you who were just getting excited about getting an iPad in around 10 days, and now have another month tacked onto the wait.

Now a date to remember is May 10 if you’re looking to acquire an iPad outside of the US.  That’s when international pricing will be announced and Apple will begin taking online pre-orders. Apparently US 3G model pre-order deliveries are still on track.

Via: Apple Insider

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Hooked – on We Rule on the iPad

We Rule for iPad

Yup, i have to admit it – I am now well and truly hooked on the We Rule game on the iPad.

This is not the type of game I normally like at all.  My daughter persuaded me to try it out, and coached me on how to play and get through the first few levels.  She plays on her Touch and my wife is playing as well on her iPhone – and it’s all getting quite competitive and obsessive now. 

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What Do You Think of iPad App Prices So Far?


So the iPad has been out for around 10 days now – and we’ve all done a huge amount of browsing around, installing, and trying out iPad apps right? 

One thing that was clear as soon as we started seeing iPad apps hit the App Store is that they are priced a fair bit higher than their iPhone counterparts.  Many apps seem to be priced right around a mid-point between an iPhone app sort of price and a Mac app’s price point – much like the iPad itself is filling a space between iPhone and laptop / desktop.

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