The WWDC Keynote in Under 5 Minutes


If you still didn’t get a chance to watch Steve Jobs’ keynote for WWDC 2010, or you just don’t have an hour and a half available to take it all in, the customary ‘Super Condensed’ version has now come out – so you can get the highlights and the gist of it in under 5 minutes.

I love these shortened versions of the Apple event keynote presentations.

Via: 9to5Mac

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Twitter (formerly Tweetie) Coming to iPad Soon

Twitter iPhone app

From Ars Tecnica’s post on Loren Brichter (creator of the Tweetie / now official Twitter app for iPhone) accepting his 2010 Ars Design Award:

That, of course, isn’t the only thing Brichter is working on. As many iPad users know, Tweetie/Twitter has yet to arrive on the iPad in native resolution, but Brichter says it’s coming soon and, in fact, it’s so great that he wishes he could share some of the iPad code back to the Mac. "The goal is to exceed the Twitter iPhone app in the iPad," he said. "I swear the reunification is coming between iPhone, Mac, and iPad."

That’s very good news – as I’ve still not seen a really outstanding Twitter app for the iPad.  Twitterrific is the closest, but it just doesn’t feel as well done as its iPhone counterpart.  I’m looking forward to seeing Twitter hit the iPad.

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Recommended – Kevin Tofel’s Video Review of Macally’s Bookstand Case for the iPad


Kevin Tofel, from the jkOnTheRun site, is one of my favorite tech bloggers.  Hi video reviews are nearly as good as his writing, and that’s saying something.  This one for a Macally iPad case with some nifty stand capabilities is well worth a watch.

The case looks very good and is priced well.  Kevin says it’s a ‘nice combination of protection, as well as fashion and functionality‘.  Check out the video if you’re on the lookout for a good iPad case that can be used as a stand as well.  I couldn’t embed it, so just click HERE or on the image above to see it.

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DashPad – $9.99 Web App Touted as Dashboard for iPad

DashPad iPad web app 

DashPad is a new (ish) web app that uses a tagline of ‘Dashboard for your iPad‘ – and carries a huge (for a web app) price tag of $9.99.  The web site for the app also claims that Apple is rejecting any native (App Store) apps that are ‘Dashboard like’.

In the interest of research and to be able to report to you here, I laid out $9.99 for this web app and have given it a go.  I have some thoughts on the app, and also a Dashboard-like app that somehow slipped through those App Store rejections.

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Contest – Win a Free SquareTrade Warranty for Your iPad


One 100% Free SquareTrade iPad Warranty To Be Won

Contest Deadline: Friday June 11, 2:00PM US Central

I recently posted about getting my iPad fully covered – warranty-wise – with a SquareTrade warranty that covers a lot of ground that Apple and others don’t.  Today I’m very happy that we’ve got one free SquareTrade warranty to give away to the winner of this contest.  These warranties normally go from around $95 and are really the best possible cover for an iPad or iPhone in my opinion – and as my recent post showed I have put my money where my mouth is on this subject.

Read on for details on how easy it is to enter for a chance to win …

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Video of Monday’s WWDC Keynote Presentation Now Out


Just in case you hadn’t already heard, the official Apple video of Steve Jobs’ WWDC 2010 keynote address is out now at the Apple site.  If you didn’t get enough news yesterday on the keynote and the new iPhone 4 announcement, or you just want to see how Steve coped when there were ‘network issues’ and his demos were failing, then you don’t need to wait any longer.

Check out the video at Apple’s page here:

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OT: 2010 Ars Design Awards for Mac Apps

Transmit 4

Because Apple is only accepting iProduct apps this year for the 2010 Apple Design Awards, Ars picked up the slack and is doing their own Mac software awards.

Great idea, and a very good set of winners.  Four of my favorite Mac apps were among the winners: Transmit 4 (a great FTP app) 1Password (best password manager on Mac and iPhone/iPad), Dropbox (best online file backup/sync app ever), and Tweetie for Mac (excellent Twitter client). 

Check out all the winners at Ars:

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Survey Says 80% of Citrix Business Users Plan to Buy and Support iPads

A survey conducted by Citrix of its existing customers indicates the overwhelming majority have plans to buy and support Apple’s iPad as a business tool.

This was only a survey amongst a few hundred Citrix customers – but Citrix are a pretty heavyweight name in the enterprise, so it’s surprising to see such strong interest in the iPad.

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Wired Magazine iPad Edition a Huge Hit, Set To Outsell Print Edition


After just nine days, Condé Nast’s magazine Wired is reporting an astonishing feat: the sales of its iPad edition are set to surpass those of its print edition. The New York Observer reports that just a little over a week after its initial release, the magazine’s iPad edition has already sold 79,000 copies. Considering that Wired’s newsstand sales average around 80,000 a month, it seems safe to assume at this point that the sales of the iPad edition will soon surpass those of the print edition.

It seems the debut issue of Wired Magazine for iPad is going from strength to strength. Even though the print numbers don’t take into account those who have subscriptions, that’s pretty amazing stuff.  Outselling monthly newsstand sales in just nine days – wow. 

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iBooks To Be Updated Today – Will Add Notes, Ability to View PDFs and More

iBooks app adds features

Today’s WWDC 2010 keynote address was focused very much on the iPhone and the new iPhone 4 in particular – but there were still some bits of good news for iPad owners as well, starting with the new iOS 4 that is due to hit the iPad in the fall.

There was also word that the iBooks app is due for an update today, and is adding some major new features:

Now you can make notes. In addition, we’ve added a control to just tap and bookmark a page — under ToC you’ll see all the notes, highlights, and bookmarks

We’ve added another big enhancement — the ability to view and read PDFs. So we’ve built that in. You can now view PDFs. We’ve put a little selector at the top — books and PDFs. You get a whole new bookshelf just for PDFs, they just look gorgeous.

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iPad News at WWDC Keynote – "Magical’ iPad Means It’s a Chick Magnet

iPad Gets girls

Steve Jobs started off today’s WWDC keynote presentation with an update on iPad.  He confirmed the 2 million sold number we already knew, and mentioned that means they’ve sold one every 3 seconds.  Perhaps more importantly, he let us know what ‘magical’ really means in the iPad’s description – it’s a chick magnet:

And it IS magical. I know it, because I got this email…”

Via: gdgt

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