Big Weekend Sale on All Astraware Games for iPad

Astraware iPad games

There are lots of iPad related sales coming up this Memorial Day weekend – on iPad apps and accessories as well.  Here’s a good one to kick off our coverage of some of those – Astraware are lowering prices on * all * their games and making some free as well.

From 12 noon BST (05:00 Eastern) on Friday 28th May to 12 noon BST (05:00 Eastern) on Tuesday 1st June 2010 all our games will be priced at 99c or lower – yes, some of them will be FREE!

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TypeDrawing for iPad – Typography Art & Big Fun

TypeDrawing app for iPad

TypeDrawing is one of those fun little apps that have somehow escaped my attention for a long while on the iPhone (where it’s been out for over a year, been an Apple Pick of the Week and ranked high up in US Paid Apps).  The new TypeDrawing for iPad did catch my eye last night, and I’m very glad it did.  Here’s its elevator pitch on its App Store page:

TypeDrawing is a really easy app to use, but it’s perfect for creating Typography art and watermarking photos. … Start by typing a sentence you want to say, and then just draw with your finger. This simple action leads you to make stunning typography arts and wallpapers.

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iPad in Canada: Rogers Posts Step-by-Step Guide for iPad 3G Activation on Their Network

Rogers iPad 3G Account Screen

Following the iPad’s launch in Canada, Rogers has posted a step-by-step guide to activating the iPad 3G on their network. 

The guide covers first-time activation, managing your account, and offers details on data usage limits, how to cancel a plan and more.

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iPad International Launch Brings More Long Lines, Crowds

Regent Street iPad lines

Apple once again caused a frenzy among consumers Friday, as people across the globe lined up to buy the company’s latest product, the iPad. But with demand strong, Apple continues to face supply issues.

Profiling the launch day excitement, Reuters reported Friday that hundreds of people were in lines in London, Munich, Paris and Tokyo. It noted that there remains concern that Apple may not be able to supply enough of the device.

Looks like absence (or on this case delay) has made the heart grow fonder -for everyone waiting on an iPad in the nine countries where the iPad launched today: Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, Switzerland and the U.K. 

The delayed international launch does not seem to have dampened enthusiasm or demand for the device – now the big question is how the supply side of things is going to hold up.

If you’re in one of the nine launch countries, let us know how your iPad acquisition efforts have gone today, and what you think of your latest new gadget.

Via: Apple Insider

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Suit You Sir! – Suits with iPad Pockets


I guess this was bound to happen – especially after Stephen Colbert did the ‘iPad out of a jacket’ trick at the Grammy Awards

The suits are made by a New York company called Mohan Custom Tailors. I think this just became Reason Number 577 I’m glad I never need to wear a suit.  I’ll stick to shorts, t-shirt and a good case thanks very much.

Spotted this via Gizmodo.

And for those of you who may have no idea what the ‘Suit You Sir’ phrase is all about, here’s a quick (probably NSFW) clip:


I used to love that show. :)

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New iPad Apps: Barnes & Noble eReader for iPad

B&N eReader for iPad

Barnes & Noble’s B&N eReader for iPad is the latest eBook reader plus bookstore app to hit the iPad.  It’s coming in over a month after the built-in iBooks app and Amazon’s Kindle app – but has a strong set of features, a big content library, and one unique feature that should be appealing for many users – the ability to lend books to others.

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Weather HD for iPad Updated – More Forecast Info & Options

Weather HD iPad app

Weather HD – the gorgeous weather app for the iPad – has been updated, to Version 1.2

Here is the brief list of what’s been added / changed:

> 7-Day forecast, up from 4.
➤ 3-Hourly forecast for the next 24 hours.
➤ Several bug fixes and improvements.

The first two are small enhancements, but welcome ones – providing more forecast details and options.

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Currys, PC World, Other Retailers to Sell iPad in the UK


Apple has signed an agreement with DSGi to sell the iPad in the U.K. at 139 Currys, PC World, and Dixons Travel outlet shops from launch, 60 days before rivals Comet, Tesco, John Lewis, and the Carphone Warehouse. The Times Online, citing an internal DSGi staff memo, reports that the iPad will go on sale at 9 a.m. local time Friday in 70 PC World stores, 28 Curry shops, 22 Dixons Travel outlets, and 19 combined PC World/Currys stores. The memo also said that “[d]emand is expected to be high, mirroring what happened in the US,” and added that a detailed list of which stores will be offering the tablet will be posted online this week

Good news for those of you in the UK looking to grab an iPad this weekend.  Now that international pre-order shipping dates are sliding back, chasing one down at a retail outlet may be the quicker path to iPad ownership.

I know (from site statistics) that we have some UK readers here.  Where / how are you all planning to acquire your iPads?

Via: iLounge

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NetNewsWirefor iPad Updated – Adds Very Little

NetNewsWire for iPad

NetNewsWire for iPad has had an update this week – to Version 1.0.3.  As you can see in the screenshot above, very little has changed.  Apart from some promised performance improvement and a single listed bug fix, the only features change is an added ability to sort articles by oldest or newest at the top.

So why am I mentioning this update at all?  Only because as a premium-priced app ($9.99 with plans to go to $14.99), NNW has a very disappointing record when it comes to updates.  For instance, it is now not far off a year (September 09) since NNW 2.0 for iPhone was launched and trumpeted its Google Reader sync support – but the app still does not support shared items at all.  This is a basic and popular feature of GReader, and one that many lower-priced RSS apps have had for ages.

NNW is a very solid RSS app (for the iPad and the iPhone) but its lack of support for some basic features, and increasingly bad reputation on updates, is going to make it harder and harder to justify its hefty price tag.

You can find the latest version Of NetNewsWire for iPad in the App Store now.

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iPads Showing Up Early for Some Lucky Europeans?


9to5Mac is reporting that at least a couple of lucky people – one in the UK, one in Italy – have received their lovely new iPads a few days early.  The lucky recipient in Italy has even done an unboxing video.

Roll on delivery company mistakes, as long as they’re this kind of mistake. :)

Hey – European readers – have any of you got lucky?

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Review – iPad Ultimate SleeveCase (with video)

iPad Ultimate Sleeve Case 

The iPad Ultimate SleeveCase is a Messenger bag style case for the iPad, from Waterfield Designs.  It offers complete protection for the iPad, with a fair bit of style thrown in. I’ve been trying one out for the last few weeks, and have found it to be a great travel companion for the iPad.

Read on for some thoughts on the iPad Ultimate Sleevecase, a couple more photos, and a little video walk-through as well …

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