Featured iPad Accessory: BookArc iPad Stand

BookArc stand for iPad

BookArc for iPad gives you a choice of four different positions. In “work mode,” iPad sits at an angle in both portrait and landscape positions, and provides access to the home button. In “storage mode” iPad sits upright in both portrait and landscape positions, perfect for charging and using your iPad as a stylish photo frame. No matter what position you’re in, you always have access to the charging port.

The new BookArc iPad stand from TwelveSouth looks quite good to me. I like the variety of positions offered and the ability to charge easily while in the stand.  It looks basic but solid to me – and I also like that it’s priced at $39.99, as opposed to some very slick looking ones I’ve seen that cost 1/3 to 1/2 of the cost of an iPad.

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Urbanspoon Now Has an iPad Version

Urbanspoon for iPad

Urbanspoon – the popular restaurant search app on the iPhone – now has an iPad version.

Urbanspoon shows you a wide array of choices of all types of places to eat in your area (or you can choose from its broad list of cities) and offers details including reviews from critics and users. You can filter by price, neighborhood, or style of cuisine.  Oh, and of course one of its distinctive features is that you can spin to get a random selection to fit your criteria.

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Featured iPad Accessories: Happy Owl Studios iPad Cases

Happy Owl Studio iPad cases

My good friend Judie at Gear Diary has a nice post up today showing off some very nice looking new iPad cases from Happy Owl Studio.  Apart from looking quite smart, the cases also offer pockets and storage for everything but the kitchen sink.

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Another Sales Boost: Oprah Praises the iPad


Winfrey praised the iPad, which she called "amazing," in a conversation on her show last week with tech analyst Omar Wasow. She highlighted the device’s abilities as an e-reader, noting that the its touchscreen allows books to "move," and proclaimed that Apple’s new hardware would "change the way kids learn."

Totally agree with Oprah on the above.  I think the iPhone OS is great for helping to make reading and learning fun for kids, and the iPad takes this up a notch. 

Given her huge fanbase, it will be interesting to see how much impact Oprah’s praise will have on iPad’s already strong sales.

Via: AppleInsider

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Facebook Videos Now iPad Compatible


Facebook videos iPad compatible

It looks like Facebook has made its videos (non-Youtube, general uploaded ones) iPad compatible.

Apparently they are not using HTML5 yet, but are instead transcoding videos to make them iPad compatible.

I tried giving this a quick test and it seemed to work OK – but I’m not a big Facebook fan at all and visit it very rarely, so please feel free to chime in with your results in the comments.

Source: macstories.net via 9to5Mac

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Simplenote Updated – Now Supports iPad!

Simplenote on iPad

Simplenote has just been updated – to Version 2.60 – and has added iPad support.

The update lists the new iPad support as ‘basic’ and says that it will be improved over time.

This is one of my favorite and most-used notes apps and I’d been looking forward to an iPad version of it.

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Best Buy Will Have iPad 3G Models This Friday


Steve Jobs is on the job again, answering customer questions.  In this case, confirming that Best Buy outlets will have iPad WiFi + 3G models available on the April 30th release day for them.

If you have local Best Buy this may be good news – though on the original launch day I believe they had very light stocks – around 15 per outlet, 5 of each size (16/32/64GB).  So if you’re planning to acquire one at a Best Buy outlet, you may want to get there very early.

Via: 9to5Mac

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Quick Look: Double Up, iPad Browser App Offers Side-by-Side Page Viewing

Double Up iPad browser app

Double Up is a new browser app for the iPad, that lets you view two web pages at once.

Here’s a little more on it via its App Store description:

‘Double Up’ is the only iPad browser that offers side-by-side webpages using one, streamlined, toolbar. The minimalist design includes all the features you would expect from a modern web browser with more on the way.

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Limera1n – New Jailbreak Coming Soon for iPads and all iPhones?


The upcoming  limera1n jailbreak should be able to jailbreak the iPad as well as all iPhone devices

Geohot – George Hotz – has been one of the leading iPhone jailbreakers and unlockers since the very early days of the original iPhone.  His most recent jailbreak apps have been super-fast, one-click sort of solutions, and they have used rain as the naming theme.  We’ve had purplera1n, blackra1n, and now rumors are heating up that we’ll see his latest and greatest – limera1n – in the next few days. 

Though Geohot has not made any announcements yet on what exactly limera1n will do, it is rumored to be a jailbreak for just about any iPhone OS device, running any OS version.  Here’s what our friend Sebastien at iPhoneDowloadBlog has to say on this, for example:

The questions on everybody’s lips is now when will GeoHot release LimeRa1n and what device will it allow to jailbreak? LimeRa1n should be available in the next few days and it should work on all devices, including the iPhone and iPod Touch 3.1.3, as well as the iPad.

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Finally a Good Use for a Hockey Puck – as an iPad Stand

    hockey puck iPad stand

Hey hey – here’s a use for a hockey puck that I can relate to.  It’s a bit of a ‘customized’ puck, serving as quite an effective looking iPad stand.  Here’s a little bit of the story behind it:

Canadian iPad user @canadianipad (Twitter) has created an extremely ingenious stand for their iPad. By spending $0.99 and utilizing some skill with a cutting tool, @canadianipad has designed an iPad stand made from a hockey puck!

I am a huge sports fan – football (of both the real, beautiful game variety and the NFL flavor), basketball, baseball, boxing, and lots more – but one I’ve never got into at all is hockey.  Partly because I could never skate to save my life so never played it as a kid, and also because I just never found it a compelling game to watch.  I do love this use of a puck though. :)

Via: iPad in Canada (who else?)

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iPad Camera Connection Kit: Works with USB Headphones and USB Keyboards


In addition to its intended / primary function (importing photos from iPhones and cameras), the iPad Camera Connection Kit can also be used to work with USB headphones and USB keyboards.

I don’t have a USB keyboard around to test with just now, but reports at TUAW, Apple Insider and elsewhere indicate that this is working.

I have had a chance to test out using the kit with USB headphones though.  Had a very good test chat over Skype – and it worked just fine.

I’ve also tried out a couple of old USB / flash drives (just to see if the iPad would see any image files on them) – but both just got an error saying the attached USB device is not supported.

What sort of results have you all been getting with your iPad Camera Connection Kits?

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