Pocket Informant for iPad – Release Getting Close

Pocket Informant for iPad tweet

I just noticed this tweet in amongst all the iOS 4 and World Cup talk.  That looks like good news for those awaiting an iPad compatible version of the Pocket Informant (PI) app.

PI is a leading tasks and calendar management for the iPhone and many other mobile platforms.  I’m sure it will be a strong and popular app on the iPad as well, and it sounds like we don’t have much longer to wait before we see it.

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Recommended: Trashed iPad and iPhone Search & Rescue Mission Video


I enjoyed this video that recaps an iPad and iPhone Search and Rescue Mission by a poor guy who initially thought he left his iPad and iPhone out with the trash for collection by accident, tracked them via Find My iPhone to a local Hooters and elsewhere, and ultimately recovers his two iDevices, in somewhat less than pristine condition. :)

Thanks to Kyle and Eric for sending this in – and I really hope Eric found a way to replace or repair his devices.

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Google Earth App Adds Native Support for iPad

Google Earth app for iPad and iPhone

Google Earth is now a universal app, with newly added support for the iPad, which includes full resolution imagery and ‘an iPad-specific look and feel‘.  Here are some of the app’s key features:

• Navigate the world with a swipe of your finger
• Swipe with two fingers to adjust your view to see mountainous terrain
• Show the Panoramio layer and browse the millions of geo-located photos from around the world
• View geo-located Wikipedia articles
• Use the Location feature to fly to your current location
• Search for cities, places, and business around the globe with Google Local Search

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Find My iPhone App Now Available for iPad

Find My iPhone app for iPad

Alongside an update for its Mobileme service, Apple has released a free Find My iPhone app for the iPad and the iPhone on the App Store.

The Find My iPhone feature is the primary reason I’ve kept MobileMe, and being able to use it via an app on the iPad is a nice little extra.

You can grab the Find My iPhone app in the App Store now, and it is free – but of course requires MobileMe membership in order to make use of it.

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Crazy iPad Numbers – 1.2 Million iPads Selling Per Month


Monthly sales of Apple’s new iPad device have been rising steadily over the past several months, prompting the electronics maker to adopt a second supplier of 9.7-inch display panels in anticipation of strong fourth quarter sales that could top 6 million.

The Cupertino-based company is now producing 1.2 million iPads each month, up from 800,000-900,000 units in May, 700,000 units in April, 470,000 units in March, and 300,000 in February.

More crazy big iPad sales numbers from a report in Apple Insider.  It also mentions that according to one group of researchers, sales may shoot up to 2.5 million units a month by this year’s holiday season.  Not bad for a device that many thought was over-hyped and trying to slot into a space in the market that just didn’t exist.

Via: Apple Insider

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Apps Designed for iPhone 4 Will Fill the iPad Screen

iOS 4 apps on iPad screen

It seems obvious in retrospect to consider that apps designed for iPhone 4 will nearly fill an iPad display. Conversely, iPad apps will nearly fit into the new phone’s Retina display without modification.

The iOS app developer of Make Coffee depicts on its site how apps with a native resolution version designed for iPhone 4 will look on iPad (below); it’s the same as a pixel doubled version of a standard iPhone app, but in high resolution of course.

That’s very good news – as nearly all iPad owners I’ve talked to are not fond at all of current iPhone apps on the iPad, and most say they have very few non-iPad / universal apps left on their devices.  This should change that scenario quite a bit I think.

Via: Apple Insider

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Hell Hath No Fury Like an App Developer Scorned, and a Small Bit of Advice for Devs


Image Source: sharpandfabulous.com

Like many iPhone and iPad site owners, I get a lot of approaches about apps every day.  Some stand out and inspire a further look or even a download and tryout of the app, some don’t.  This week I got an email from a developer that is a unique one in my experience – an email (accompanied by a blog post) having a dig at my site and several others for failing to cover this developer’s app, after his approach to all of us last week.

The email and the blog post from the dev are quite bitter about the fact that all the tech sites they approached did not end up publishing anything about their app.  Their accusation seems to be that all of these sites (mine included) just don’t pay attention to apps that come from smaller, non-big-name publishers.  I know that is not true of this site and firmly believe it’s not true of most or all of the others either – and I have a suggestion to the dev concerned about how they might increase the chances of getting coverage for their apps in future …

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Solar Walk Contest – Winners


Another fun contest, and another with lots of good comments.  Thanks to all who took part, and huge thanks to Alena and the team at Vito Technology for sponsoring this one with us!

Our winners are:




Winners – please keep an eye on your Inboxes and spam folders, as we’ll be sending out your promo codes very soon.  For those who didn’t win this one, look out for more great contests coming soon here and better luck next time.

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OT: Slower Posting for a Bit


I won’t be posting much today or perhaps for a few days here.  Just found out this morning that my lovely Labrador, my Chief Deputy Dawg Editor here, has to be euthanized – probably tomorrow.

He’s not that old a dog (7.5 years old) but he’s been very ill for a couple weeks now.  I’m very shocked and very sad of course.  I’ve had dogs all through my life, but none as gentle and sweet (and wonderful with my daughter and kids) as this guy.  I’ll miss him tons.

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Foosball HD – Foosball on the iPad


This actually looks quite good, and is certainly well timed, as it was released on the same day the World Cup kicked off.

I like that is offers one and two player modes. 

You can find Foosball HD in the App Store now, priced at $2.99 – which is apparently a 40% off introductory discount which runs out today (June 15).

I discovered the app via Gizmodo

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iPad Apps Pass the 10,000 Mark

Featured iPad apps

Apple’s iTunes App Store now lists more than 10,000 universal and iPad specific apps, with nearly 1,000 more being added every week.

According to a report by Mac Stories, Apple’s iPad library includes over 2,100 games and includes a broad mix of content from digital books to productivity and news apps to rich media apps.

That’s from an article at Apple Insider over the weekend, that shares some impressive numbers from a couple of recent reports on numbers of iPad apps available and how fast the numbers have been growing.

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