New iPad Apps: Dominion HD – Risk-like Strategy Game

Dominion HD iPad app

Dominion HD is new iPad game that reminds me a lot of Risk, the classic old board game where the objective was conquest and world domination.  Here’s a little slice of its App Store description:

Dominion HD is a modern take on the classic world domination game of strategy, risk and conquest. Players take turns building armies and seizing territory from their opponents.

Dominion HD benefits from Multiplayer functionality over WiFi or 3G so you can Challenge your friends locally or online, and Dominate the world!

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iPad Shipping Dates for New International Orders Moving Back Further



It looks like demand for the iPad is still outstripping supply – almost everywhere you turn.  There are numerous reports this week that nearly all US retail outlets are sold out of the iPad 3G models, and only very few even have WiFi model available.

This weekend we have further news that shipping dates for new international orders are moving back again.  Initial international pre-orders are scheduled to ship on May 28th – but for those who waited a little bit to order, the news is not great:

The first batch of orders had ship dates of May 28th. Then, a couple days after the May 10th pre-order date, ship dates were moved back to June 7th.

Now, the Apple website shows a pre-order ship date of just “June”.

The US Buy Now page lists 7-10 days as the shipping timeframe.  Here’s hoping Apple finds a way to flip it up a gear on the supply side of things soon.

Via: iPad in Canada

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iPad Plus Velcro – Perfect Partners?


Great video. It shows iPad + Velcro teaming up for a variety of basic (eg car mount) to madman uses (mounted on motorbike or recipe reminder inches away from a frying pan).

I have to admit, even the more basic usage examples are not for me – I need my little $700 baby wrapped in layers of strong protection. :)

How about you all?  Is there a Velcro plus iPad hookup in your future?

Via: Razorianfly

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Cydia Now Tells You When an App Is Not iPad Compatible

Cydia on iPad

I’m not sure how new this feature is, but it is one that I had not noticed before.  Cydia – the leading jailbreak app store – now lets you know when an app is not compatible with the iPad – and prevents you from installing when this is the case.

I have kept my iPad jailbroken and may soon start experimenting with some old favorite jailbreak apps, as I’ve recently seen more reports of some of these working OK now on the iPad.

For those of you who have jailbroken the iPad, how are you finding it so far?  How are your favorite JB apps performing?

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Twittelator for iPad Updated – Now Has Bigger Compose Window

Twittelator for iPad

Twittelator for iPad has been updated, to Version 1.2.  One of the most notable changes is a (much) larger tweet compose window.  That’s a good change I think, as the previous compose window was stupidly small (single line) – though I have to say I still find the app’s UI very odd.

Here is the change list for this new version:

Large tweet compose window
Search tweets in any timeline
Tap avatar to go directly to user’s details
Tap/Hold compose button to quickly choose a Draft
Option to get TXT/Email updates from new followers
Option to auto-refresh friends on tweet
List improvements
Stabilization and speed enhancements
Japanese Localization

You can find this latest version of Twittelator for iPad in the App Store now, priced at $4.99.

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iPad Satisfaction Ratings Through the Roof, Demand Growing


ChangeWave’s survey of 153 new iPad owners found that 74 percent said they are "very satisfied" with their purchase, and another 17 percent are "somewhat satisfied." Just 2 percent said they were unsatisfied.

"The iPad ratings are nearly identical to the highest rated Smart Phone among consumers — the Apple iPhone," the report said. "But we note that Apple has now reached these nosebleed levels with a brand new product."

Nosebleed levels is a great little phrase – and an appropriate one for a 1.0 version of a product with that stellar a rating, even amongst a pretty small sample group.

Another survey from ChangeWave shows that demand for the iPad has grown since it was first released. Apple better hurry up and get some iPads into their stores then, to satisfy some of that growing demand.

Via: Apple Insider

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Review: Art Authority for iPad – An Incredible Virtual Art Museum

Art Authority for iPad

Art Authority for iPad brings the world’s greatest artists to the iPad, offering not just an incredible virtual art museum, but also just the sort of intimate and personal experience that embodies what the iPad is all about.

I’d heard a few very good things about Art Authority around the time the iPad first came out, so my expectations were high for this app.  Happily, the app has exceeded all my high expectations …

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Now You Can Buy an iPad with Cash Money, Thanks to Diane


After a San Francisco, Calif., news report highlighted a woman who was denied the ability to purchase an iPad with cash, Apple has reversed its policy and rewarded the woman by giving her the hardware for free.

Thanks to Diane Campbell, and that local TV stations’ coverage of her complaint, we can all now buy an iPad with cash.  That always seemed a pretty crazy policy, nice to see it revoked now.

Via: Apple Insider

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Crazy Big iPad Numbers: Outselling Macs, Selling 200K a Week


Image Source:

Industry analyst Mike Abramsky of RBC Capital Markets is bullish on the iPad, noting that at this early date, Apple is selling more than 200,000 a week of the new device. By comparison, US sales of Macs are hovering at about 110,000 per week and sales of the iPhone 3GS are at about 246,000 per week based on first quarter 2010 sales figures.

The sales numbers for iPad are more impressive each time I see them.  Especially considering it is still only on sale in one country – with its first steps into international markets coming up in a little over a week. The same analyst quoted above has also raised his estimate for iPad sales this year from 5 million 8 million.  Seems like anywhere in that neighborhood would be a hell of a successful first year.


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Financial Times iPad Edition – Looks Good

Financial Times iPad Edition 

The Financial Times iPad Edition is the latest blue-chip newspaper title to come to the iPad.

I’m not a regular follower of financial news, but whenever I do fancy a look I’ve always found the Financial Times to be my favorite source.  I was happy to see their iPad edition is free (until the end of July) and have been browsing through it over the last day or so.

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New Official Twitter App for iPhone Released, No iPad Version Yet

iPhone Twitter app

As many of you probably already know, the brand new Tweetie-based, official Twitter app for the iPhone was released this morning. We knew this was coming when Twitter bought Tweetie, and now the new app is here. 

The app is now free, which is great, contains all the Tweetie goodness many of us have come to know and love, and some new features that look promising as well – a dedicated Retweet button just as one quick example.

Unfortunately, there is no full-on iPad version as yet, though the app is listed as ‘compatible’.  So it will run on the iPad in the same way nearly all iPhone apps will – at iPhone size or in the rather lame 2X scaled-up mode.

Here’s hoping the full iPad version is coming soon. In the meantime, you can find a few more notes about the new iPhone app over at our sister site.

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